Shortcuts are Secrets in Dark Souls 2. These are areas that quickly take you directly through the points of interest in the game, allowing a shorter traveling time or playtime. These may be alternate or less known routes from the original path of the game that were discovered by players. Players who want to be thorough may opt for an ulterior route since shortcuts may bypass some content in the game. hortcuts are those who seek speed running, an easy/quick play-through or to gain access to later areas early in the game. These areas or passages are not well known to most players or must be thoroughly explored in order to be encountered in the game. Any notable areas that may be deemed as shortcuts or alternative routes can be added here. 


Other Secrets in Dark Souls 2

  • Illusory Walls: Are hidden passages disguised as walls that are hidden throughout the different Locations. These walls will reveal a path when "action" is pressed near them (PS3/Xbox: X/A)
  • Pharros' Lockstones: Items that interact with Key Mouth contraptions to reveal secrets and trigger effects
  • Pharros' Contraptions: These are the Contraptions that require Pharros' Lockstones to reveal its effects and secrets
  • Crystal Lizards: These are enemies that will run away and disappear as you come near, but if you manage to kill them will yield precious ore
  • Rare Items:  Weapons and armor that are harder to come by and rare enemy drops.
  • Traps: Locate each trap and their tricks and counters.

Other Hidden Content in Dark Souls 2

  • Unused Content: Players may be interested to learn about some cut items and content that was cut that exists for this game, including items that once were included but are only accessible in the game files not through normal methods of play.
  • New Game Plus: Ensure you do not miss any key points of interest after your first playthrough
  • Invisible Hollows:  Hidden hollow enemies introduced in the Scholar of the First Sin Edition.
  • Hidden Moths: Scattered all around Drangleic in the Scholar of the First Sin Edition. (List WIP).


Shortcuts of Dark Souls 2

Forest of the Fallen Giants

  • After entering the Cardinal Tower Bonfire, there is a wall to the right of the ladder going down that can be blown up by bombs or a heat fire. If you are on the other side you can throw a firebomb or use a flame weapon to explode the barrels, revealing the shortcut to the bonfire. If you are on the bonfire side, then just throw a bomb at the wall where the barrels will be on the other side. This shortcut will allow you to skip the beginning part of the tower, up until your first encounter with the Pursuer. (Video demonstration for wall shortcut please!)


Shortcuts Notes and Tips for Dark Souls 2

  • Notes and Tips go here



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