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Full Shulva - Sanctum City Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details. 

After opening the door with the Dragon Talon, you will enter Shulva, Sancum City. Keep moving forward and as you pass a doorway look left and there will be a body with 3x Dragon Charm. Keep walking and you will find a dragon sleeping. As you approach him he will wake up and fly away, so keep moving forward until you see a bonfire, the Sanctum Walk bonfire.

To the left of the bonfire there is a stair leading down, at the end of the stairs there is a body that holds 3x Old Growth Balm (?x in NG+), after the body you will find a dead end, so go back to the bonfire and this time follow the main path. Shortly you will see a Sanctum Soldier pretending to be dead, he will get up and attack you as soon as you approach him.

Further ahead you will see an obelisk and a group of enemies down the path. Hit the obelisk and a small structure will rise where a group of enemies is. 3 of them should die or be heavily damaged. Kill those enemies and 3 archers after them. Loot the body next to the archers for 5x Lifegem and hit the obelisk nearby. Quickly drop to the top of the rising platform. From here you can see an item in a body on a top of another platform. Jump there to get the Dark Quartz Ring+3 from the body. Jump down and hit the obelisk again.

Drop down the hole and head right. Kill the Sanctum Soldier, go left and kill the other one before looting the body for 1x Poison Stone. Head back and hit the obelisk. Jump on top of the structure as it rises and pick up a Long Bow+7. Jump down and go up the stairs.

Kill the archer and the 2 other enemies that are ahead. On the left you can see a lot of red egg clusters inside a building, go inside and kill the 3 Corrosive Egg Crawlers and pick up the 3x Goldenfruit Balm from the body. Go through the exit on the left and hit the obelisk, a structure will rise allowing you to enter the next building. Inside is a Sanctum Soldier waiting, kill him and go up the stairs. Kill the Egg Crawler that ambushes you and pick a Poisonbite Ring+1 from the body nearby. Go back and instead of going in the building with the egg clusters, go around it, drop on the ledge and pick up 3x Old Growth Balm run and jump to the stairs.

Go back up hit the obelisk under the ledge where the archer was. Go back up the other stairs and into the building on the right, exit through the other door and hit another obelisk. Cross the new path and hit yet another obelisk. Drop down and break the vases blocking the new path, enter the building and go up the stairs. There will be 4 Egg Crawlers there, kill them and go to the window ledge, pick up a Elizabeth Mushroom and shoot an obelisk you can see before an archer, it will be below the floor level of that area. That will bock the archer view when you go to that area. Run and jump from the other window and go down the stairs.

Nearby a corpse contains Lightning Urn x5, and you can pick up 20 x Throwing Knife next to the Poison Statue Cluster (NOTE: Poison Clusters are on the backs of crablike creatures and can be killed by shooting them at the base) and 5x Cracked Red Eye Orb. On the left after the statue there is a Sanctum Soldier in a dead end. Kill him so he won't follow you later.

Go back and go down the next stairs. In the main path you will see another obelisk, hit it to raise a platform. There will be a Sanctum Soldier on the floor that will rise when you get near and behind him an archer. Above the archer there is another Soldier and 2 more archers. After dealing with them loot the bodies in the area for 3x Twinkling Titanite (?x in NG+) and 3x Lloyd's Talisman.

On the path up there is a corpse with Magic Bolt x30. Up the stairs there is a Sanctum Soldier and a corpse with a Dried Root. Further along the prior path there is a small building with a Poison Statue Cluster inside, go around it and hit the obelisk. Go back to the front of the building and you will see a cave, look a bit down to the left and you will see a set of red eye statues and an obelisk behind them, Use either great arrows of a spell to break the statues and hit the obelisk. If you don't have any of these, then look down and you will a structure. Drop down to it and from there shoot a normal arrow to the obelisk, the angle from down there will allow to hit the obelisk without breaking the statues. In the middle level of the structure (you will be one level above if you jumped down to hit the obelisk, so just fall to the entrance of the cave and walk back) there is a body holding 5 x Torch. Going inside the cave you have to pass 3 Poison Statue Clusters, inside there is a weird tree and 2 bodies, they hold a Notched Whip+7 and Hex, the Promised Walk of Peace. You can kill the tree by hitting its eyes, it will drop 3x Dried Root, but it you hit it with any whip it'll completely restore the durability of all of your items currently equipped. Oddly, if you hit the the tree with curved sword Eleum Loyce it'll also steal the health from the tree.

Go back to start of this area, near the first obelisk. Make sure the first platform is down, if it isn't, hit the obelisk. Walk to the top the third platform. Jump to the platform on the left and pick up 2x Darknight Stone. Now hit the obelisk with an arrow and has the platform rises jump/roll to its middle level to pick up a Thunder Quartz Ring +3. From here shoot an arrow to the obelisk that controls the third platform to lower it, jump on hit, hit the same obelisk again and cross the platforms into the building on the left to find a bonfire, the Tower of Prayer bonfire. Exit through the other door and drop down on the left side. Pick up 1x Dried Root from the body, enter the building and kill the Sanctum Soldier, exit to the ledge and walk all the way to the right to find a body that holds a Sanctum Mace. Go back to the building and to the ledge you dropped on, now drop down to the right side. Go down the path and there will be a Soldier on the left, kill him and cross the bridge on the right, enter the building in front of you and pick up 10x Rusted Coin (?x in NG+) from the body. Get out and go to the bridge with 2 Soldiers.

The first time you go to this area Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon will show up and shoot 3 fireballs towards the bridge killing the enemies. Don't step on the bridge yet, break the vases on the other side and go around to find the sorcery Focus Souls on a body. Go back to the bridge and kill the 2 Soldiers (if they are still alive). Enter the building and you will arrive at the Dragon's Sanctum.

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