Items you can offer:
  • Small Smooth & Silky Stone
  • Smooth & Silky Stone
  • Petrified Something
  • Prism Stone

Random Rewards: ( Note: Petrified Something has the highest chance of giving you a higher tier item)
  • Fading Soul
  • Soul of a Lost Undead
  • Soul of a Pround Knight
  • Titanite Shard
  • Titanite Chunk
  • Twinkling Titanite
  • Titanite Slab
  • Petrified Dragon Bone
  • Boltstone
  • Magic Stone
  • Firedrake Stone
  • Poison Stone
  • Bleed Stone
  • Darknight Stone
  • Rubbish
  • Orange Burr
  • Small Blue Burr
  • Raw Stone
  • Faintstone
  • Old Mundane Stone
  • Lifegem
  • Crimson Water
  • Divine Blessing
  • Amber Herb
  • Human Effigy
  • Cracked Red Eye Orb
  • Cracked Blue Eye Orb
  • Old Whip
  • White Ring
  • Demon's Great Hammer
  • Channeler's Trident

The crows will only take stones in single drops, (have to test with others besides prism stones)(Add: Cannot drop healing stones in multiples. They give dialogue saying they don't want it like that) , they give a different dialogue if you drop more than one of an item.
If you receive an item not on the list please add it.

Thank you for your contribution and praise the sun!

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