Silvercat Ring is a fall damage reduction ring in Dark Souls 2.
silvercat_ring.png "Silver ring depicting a leaping feline. Reduces damage from falling.
Legend has it that when cats grow old, a force brews within them, and they are reborn as something new."


  • Reduces damage from falling.
  • Durability: 130/130
  • Weight: 0.2



  • You can use this ring to reach some treasures early, including the hole in Majula, the one that leads to The Gutter.
  • The ring allows you to safely fall into the salamander pit. Scattered around the pit are various pieces of wood and other refuse you can land on. The safest drop is in the top right corner after crossing the bridge below the Cardinal Tower bonfire. Be sure you have enough HP to survive the fall. If successful, loot the corpse and chest, just repeat if you happen to die to retrieve your bloodstain.
  • The effects of this ring stacks with other items that give reduced falling damage such as the Flying Feline Boots and the Lion Warrior Cuffs.
  • Using the Lion Warrior Cape, Lion Warrior Skirt, and 1200hp I was able to survive the Majula pit (with some HP to spare) without purchasing the Silvercat Ring.

    • Anonymous

      21 Apr 2017 07:51  

      You can go down the Fire Lizard Pit without the SilverCat Ring... Just plunge attack the Fire Lizard... Fighting the lizard is another thing tho... You can do cheap shots using Bow/Magic from above, then do the plunge attack for the final attack...

      • Anonymous

        12 Nov 2016 04:55  

        is there any way to reduce the cost? the first time i played through i swear it was 5600, and the next time it was 10050, and now its the full 13400. can you look into this?

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