Simpleton's Ring is a stealth and adaptability ring in Dark Souls 2.
simpletons_ring.png Ring depicting a simpleton's flower.
Wearer becomes invisible while rolling.

This ring was worn by the soldiers of
the Old Iron King, said to be blessed
with divine protection.

This ring only does one thing, but with
ingenuity it can be fearsomely effective.


  • Makes wearer "invisible" while rolling. You can still be tracked with lock-on.
  • Increases Adaptability by 5.
  • Durability: 120
  • Weight: 1.5


  • From the Upper Floor bonfire in Brume Tower, go to the circular room with the elevators. Enter the room and turn right, wait for the elevator to be on its way up and drop to it. When it is near the top walk into the passage to enter a room with a minotaur statue spitting fire. Kill the 2 Possessed Armor there. Go around the statue and roll under the fire. Open the metal door and walk to the ledge to pick up the Simpleton's Ring from the body.
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