Sin Levels

  • "-" = 0 - 9 sin
  • "Sinner" = 10 - 99 sin
  • "Wretch" = 100+ sin

Note: Your Sinner level is displayed in the "player info" screen.
Alternatively, the Lost Sinner's Sword can be used to determine sin level below 10 points.

Gaining Sins/Penalties

Things that do add sins:

  • Sinning increases your chances of being invaded by arbiter spirits (Blue Sentinels)
  • Arbiter spirits can invade you after your sin level reaches "sinner" (10 points of sin)
  • When a NPC dies and souls are gained, no matter the cause, 1 point of sin is added.
  • Invading using the Cracked Red Eye Orb and successfully defeating the host adds 1 point of sin
  • Being killed by an arbiter spirit removes 1 point of sin
  • Dying with an Arbiter Spirit on the map removes 1 point of sin, regardless of whether your death was caused by the arbiter spirit
  • Sin does not reset after completing a play through
  • Cromwell the Pardoner does not reset your sin level. His pardon mechanic only removes the aggro from hostile NPCs. However, due to a glitch that erroneously caused sin in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC during Patch 1.08, Cromwell was changed to offer 1 pardon for free. Unlike the regular pardon described above, it completely clears all types of Sinner statuses. It can only be done once per character.
  • Using the Crushed Eye Orb to invade and kill Licia of Lindelt increases sin by 1.

Things that don't add sins:

  • Completing Royal Sorcerer Navlaans questline without killing the NPC's does not increase your sin level by 1 (Tested while hollow with Lost Sinner's Sword - completed by showing him all items)
  • Killing or attacking Vendrick or the Ancient Dragon does not count as sin.
  • Killing an arbiter spirit does not count as sin.
  • Dueling as a Dragon Remnant or Bell Keeper does not count as sin.
  • Causing other players deaths in a coop session through environmental means does not count as sin.


  • Can sin be lowered back down to "0" by getting killed by an arbiter spirit, while playing as a white/gold phantom?
  • Sin can be lowered by helping defeat a boss as white/gold phantom? *Had "Sinner 10-99" level, full hollow, did one boss fight as a White Phantom and had no sin and became human upon returning to my game. *Seems to be incorrect, tested with lost sinner sword and exactly 10 sin, tried to kill a boss as both a white and gold phantom with no decrease in sin.
  • When sin level is 'Wretch', you can go beyond 50% hp when fully hollowed.

    • Anonymous

      28 Apr 2019 11:36  

      So i want to become a wretch and always kill NPCs,HOWEVER i wear the agape ring while doing it. According to this,do i not get sins?

      • Anonymous

        25 Mar 2018 21:06  

        I just Killed the Ancient Dragon in my first NG and it does gives you sin (I'm playing SOTFS, PC). Cromwell is asking for 201000 Souls and this is the only NPC I've killed.

        • Anonymous

          01 Feb 2017 20:19  

          I'm kinda disappointed with this list because it says attacking an npc counts as sin but the wikidot page says only killing them counts as sin. So killing an npc would equal 2 points of sin?

          • Anonymous

            03 Dec 2016 09:39  

            "When sin level is 'Wretch', you can go beyond 50% hp when fully hollowed."

            I thought that meant you get a health bonus when you are fully hollowed. Just reach Wretch myself and now, to my surprise, when I get cursed or die a lot my max health goes all the way down to a tiny portion. Wearing the Ring of Binding helps, but its effect is also reduced now.

            Thanks Wiki.

            • Anonymous

              This isn't very accurate.29 Aug 2016 10:56  

              Both my scholar of the sin playthroughs, both platinumed.. Had never reached any level of sin and I killed all NPC for navlaans quest plus licia. No matter what my sin level has never had any number or symbol near it,so what you are stating doe not apply to every single player and is definitely not factitious. I have videos,pictures,whatever you need to see. I will kill an NPC on video and show you my sin level. My cost is zero all the time if I want to pay to cleanse my sins. This game is not as the original ps3 port was I'm sure. But get your facts a bit better here it is misleading.

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