Sir Alonne

16%20 %20Sir%20Alonne
HP 10,140 | 14,196 (NG+)
Weakness None
Resistance Fire, Bleed, Poison
Immune None
Respawns YES

Sir Alonne Information

Sir Alonne came to this land from the east, chose to serve a little-known and unestablished lord, and helped him become the Old Iron King.
Then, at the very peak of his sire's rule, Sir Alonne set out again, in search of land yet unknown.

Sir Alonne is the boss of the Memory of the Old Iron King






Attack Name Attack Description Counter Measures
Katana Lunge He points the blade to the ground and subsequently lunge and go for uppercut slash.  Prepare yourself when he points his sword to the ground. If you can dodge the charge, there's lots of time after his swing for you to attack.
3 Hit Combos He swings his katana for three times, two horizontal slash and third swing will be either a lunge or a horizontal slash.  
Dark Wave He swings his sword horizontally, launching out a wave similar to the wave charges seen on the Dark Greatsword.  Like the charged stab, this attack has an identical sound cue, and the beam can be easily avoided by sidestepping when distance is adequate.
Life Drain He charges for a second before stabbing you and draining some health and buffing his sword, it only activates when the host is stabbed.
This attack cannot be blocked and is extremely hard to dodge.
 There's a sound cue when he charges up the stab akin to a high-pitched ringing. When you hear it, be ready to dodge.
Katana Jump Stab He jumps high into the air and comes crashing down, deals high damage. It occurs more often when he has half health left.  
Parry/Riposte He will hold his sword to his left and pointing forwards and to the right for a while. Attacking him during this state will result in your attack being parried and he will stab you while you're on the ground. Don't attack him while his sword is on his left.

There are 2 summons avaiable for this fight : Travelling Bladedancer Aidel and Lorrie Steelwill. Their summon signs are right at the start of the memory.


STR/Heavy Tank Solo Strategy

This is a rather simple strategy for heavy builds: equip Havel's Greatshield and an Ultra Greatsword/Hammer buffed with what you have and with a sweeping roll attack, like the Greatsword, Fume's Sword or my personal choice the King's Ultra Greatsword. Wear light armor and/or the Soldier Ring to get below 50% equip load. This is crucial because you will roll a lot. You block every close range attack while circling him left, he usually does not more than three strikes which Havel can handle well. The exception is the Life Drain pierce attempt, this can not be blocked and should always be evaded, same for the magic attacks. Never let your shield down except for Stamina Regeneration after an attack series and raise the shield immediately when you see that he's attacking again, even if the stamina bar is only half full. The only time where you can safely attack is when he glides from the other side of the room to you in an instant and tries to pierce you with the Katana. You have to roll sweep attack through the attack just right before he begins to glide, which damages him while you are safe. But remember to roll from behind the shield, because if you're only a fraction of a second too late, he will stop your roll attempt - either by piercing into your shield or your flesh. There are two timings for the glide attack: a quick one where he just pulls the sword horizontally back, and a slow, trickier one where he pulls the sword slower and in a slight sweeping motion back. I prefer to block the later because when you roll too early you die.

And that's it, you only have to learn the timing of one attack. If you manage to roll through his glide attack you can also safely heal. It's the safest spot to heal in the fight, because he is locked for 2 seconds after the glide attack and he always jumps back when you're in his back, which gives you 3-4 seconds to heal. Also beware that this will be a long fight, Dexterity Characters might find more safe spots to attack and end the boss quicker, but for a slow tank with UGS and Havel's shield it's safest to exploit the window after his glide attack.

Dodging Strategy

If your build is a power stance dodge build, the fight can be a breeze if you simply keep dodging to your right, as well as hitting him while he's positioned on your left. His swinging arm is his right arm, meaning he usually swings from his right to his left, giving you an edge in the fight. This goes for his lifesteal attack wind up as well, because if you roll to your left, he has somewhat better tracking than if you roll to the right (he missed me with every single lifesteal wind up this way, whereas he landed a couple on me if I rolled to the left). A single roll to the back usually messes up his tracking on sliding attacks, although you can opt to roll forward and to the right, getting behind him for a couple free hits - this takes practice however. Try to close the distance at least a little when he jumps backwards, this seems to prevent his sliding wind ups most of the time (needs more testing from other sources).

Great Heal Strategy

If your build has high attunement and faith, you can summon two white phantoms and leave the job to them, stand next to the phantoms and heal them with Great Heal miracle constantly while blocking or dodging Alonne. Since Alonne is distracted, it'll dispatch him painlessly provided if you can dodge the Katana Jump Stab.

Video Strategy:

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  • High resistance to non-physical damage (highest to Lightning, lowest to Dark) and Slash.
  • Medium resistance to Thrust and weak to Strike.
  • You can buy his armor set from Magerold Of Lanafir at Iron Keep. One random of this armor set is a reward for phantom for killing Sir Alonne.
  • It is possible to empty the rooms leading to the boss by killing the Alonne Knights and Flame Lizards 12 times.
  • Player's attempting to solo this battle can still use the NPC phantoms to help clear the level of enemies. The phantoms may be sent home before entering the fog wall by using the Black Separation Crystal.



  • Sir Alonne is one of the few bosses that is capable of parrying player.
  • Sir Alonne has a special death animation where he stabs himself if you defeat him without taking damage.


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    • Anonymous

      Me *presses circle while my character is in a different zip code than his sword*

      Sir Alonne: "Heh heh...Nothing personnel, kid..."

      • Anonymous

        Despite being at best mediocre boss, it’s not saying much as most DS2 bosses are pathetic or like this guy were it’s like they have a cool move set but do half your health in a few attacks and spam air (his thrust might as well be aoe). Not impressed, bosses look cool and sometimes have unique patterns are hampered by the overall generally poor game design of DS2.

        • Anonymous

          If you are having problems with the stab attack catching you, even when you visibly roll behind him. Roll to his right instead. I did this and i can dodge the attack 100% of the time.

          • Anonymous

            Found a Reddit post months ago where a Sunbro mastered this guy with simple backsteps (title: "Sunbro adventures: healing to draw aggro and save the host vs Sir Alonne"). I tried it out and works like a charm! :) Most of his attacks can easily be avoided with a well-timed backstep and you don't need to bother with the directions.

            • Anonymous

              Just fought him for the first time, fun fight. Not sure why everyone hates the run-up so much. Maybe it's my full Havel and GS build but it seemed pretty easy for me. It's longer and there are more enemies than most pre-boss areas but if you're fighting them 1v1 and not aggroing the whole group I don't think it's a problem. I guess if you have to face him multiple times it's a pain but my 2 runs through were just fine. Used 1 estus each time in front of the fog

              • Anonymous

                Why are people complaining about then run-up? Just run past all the enemies lol. Worked perfectly for me. The knights start backing off at the fog door and you can heal up/buff up there. Sometimes 1 guy stays and shoots arrows at you but he can be dealt with.

                • Anonymous

                  overrated as ****, repetitive attacks, grab that doubles as a buff, shitty hitboxes, let's not mention the runup and uninspired design. i think he would be an alright boss in DS3, where he would most likely be parriable/ripostable, and i really wonder why he isn't to begin with

                  • Anonymous

                    Currently on my first DS2 run, I tried various strategies for clearing the enemies before him, but ended up just sprinting past them all and rushing the fog. Usually only took one lifegem to heal and Alonne gives you plenty of time to heal once you enter his room. Way better than slogging through all those copy-paste-paste-paste knights

                    • The following route will allow you to get through the run up to Alonne with minimal fuss. It takes about 4-5 minutes.

                      Kill the first Alonne Knight, then run up enough to aggro the next one and lure him back towards the stairs, out of the path of the fire. When he's dead, run into the door on the right and kill the fire salamander. As soon as it dies, walk forward and drop into the main chamber. Two Alonne knights will be following right behind you, and you can turn around and dispatch them safely in this wide open area.

                      Next, run up the left side of the room until the Alonne Knight in the center (near the captain) aggros. Kill him, then walk a little bit forward until you can see another Alonne Knight across the hall in the doorway leading to the right-side salamander. He will walk over to you. You know what to do. Now run up the center passage just enough to get the captain's attention (or shoot him if you like) and lure him towards you. He'll do his predictable attack. Roll through it and try to backstab him. Failing that, just pound him into the dirt.

                      Now for the lizards. Run across the hall and into the last room on the right. Kill the beast, then walk forward, turn right, and follow the long hallway to the second lizard's butt. Smack it. Drop down into the hole and you're in part two.

                      Run down the stairs and through the doorway, but then immediately backtrack into the stairwell. Two knights will show up here. Take em out single file. Once they're dead, leave the room and walk straight forward to the pillar directly ahead. Wait there for a second. On the left side, one of the bowmen will start rushing forward. When he gets to the corner of the alcove on the left, run over there and fight him in it. Chances are, another knight will show up a few seconds after he dies. Kill him, too. Careful not to knock them into the hole in the floor -- it just makes things annoying. Pop out (stay on the left side up here) and see if there are any stragglers left. If not, continue forward on the left to the next alcove which has stairs going down.

                      This next part is optional. You can just go straight to Alonne now if you don't want to clean up the three remaining enemies below.

                      In the hallway at the bottom of the stairs, you will see a knight with his back turned to you. If you try to backstab him, you will get a faceful of greatarrow from the guy across the hall, so just get his attention and run back up the stairs. Kill him. Run back down, the bowman may or may not have followed. If he did, great. Kill him. If not, run into the center of that hallway and hide behind the pillar. He'll draw his sword and then you can just take him out. Walk into the doorway he was guarding and circle around the final lizard's butt. Stab stab stab.

                      Everyone's dead and it was (relatively) painless. Yay! Now kill Alonne or you'll have to do it all over again.

                      P.S. - I actually advise against taking the summons. They're a nuisance and they only make things harder (especially the boss!) Alonne becomes ultra powerful with them in the fight, and they always get hit by his dark sword move -- so he's constantly buffed and shredding everything.

                      • Anonymous

                        The run up and the boss made me lose all of my effigies, so I alt+f4'ed and uninstalled the game. The next day I beat him second try. 40% weight, Chloranty Ring +1, Life Ring +3, Third Dragon Ring, Soldier's Ring +1, Velstadt's Set, Estoc +10, and that floral shield everyone loves. Rolled to his left hand, poked him twice, rinse and repeat.
                        He is on the faster side as a boss, but he is manageable, granted you have the stamina.
                        The run up could be made easy. Bait the first knight, kill him. Take the hallway to the left that faces the first lizard. Walk, don't run. Backstab the weeb. Jump down, WALK further, kill the aggroed weeb, the one behind the column should remain unaggroed. Kill him too, and stick to the left wall. The archer should get aggroed and run towards you. Kill that ass. Bait the elite weeb, go back, kill him. Bait the lizard so it shoots, wait and run, jump down.
                        On exit from the hallway, two weebs get aggroed, go back inside and kill them. Run to the right wall/pocket. Weebs will come aggroed one by one, or some will remain with bows, it is inconsistent. Heal and go to the boss.

                        • Anonymous

                          Boss is ruined with that absolute mongoloid of a run up. Whoever the **** at From Software thought it was a good idea putting that many enemies before a boss deserves to be shot in the foot and fired.

                          • Anonymous

                            What is up with this guy's aggro? The two NPC summons can be glued to him, constantly attacking him and yet he would rarely focus on them and instead would constantly target me, a squishy sorcerer.

                            • Anonymous

                              Amazing boss. Probably the best in the whole game. Shame the run up is horrible, but you can fix that by savescumming in front of the boss gate.

                              • Anonymous

                                sir alonne actually has about 3-4 different death animations, they depend on when he is killed and what motion he’s in sometimes.

                                • Anonymous

                                  While it's a whole different story in NG+ cycles, with the right approach, this boss can become pretty easy in NG. Slap great magic shield into yourself to block his fast weak attacks with no problem to your stability or stamina and negate the bleed buildup completely. Carry a big stick (fully upgraded great clave) and give a single slap on him after big openings, don't get greedy. When you see he entering in stance and a black aura in his katana .... that is his grab attack, that is unblockable, do massive damage and will buff his attack and defense after. Roll toward his left foot (your right lower side when locked on) . After he is down to <30% of life, he will stagger, giving you some free hits. After this point, he will do the grab attack more constantly and do a new jump attack that needs to be dodged by rolling away.

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