Sir Alonne

16 - Sir Alonne.jpg
HP 14,196 (NG+)
Weakness None
Resistance Fire
Respawns YES

Sir Alonne Information

Sir Alonne came to this land from the east, chose to serve a little-known and unestablished lord, and helped him become the Old Iron King.
Then, at the very peak of his sire's rule, Sir Alonne set out again, in search of land yet unknown.

Sir Alonne is the boss of the Memory of the Old Iron King






Attack Name Attack Description Counter Measures
Katana Lunge He points the blade to the ground and subsequently lunge and go for uppercut slash.  Prepare yourself when he points his sword to the ground. If you can dodge the charge, there's lots of time after his swing for you to attack.
3 Hit Combos He swings his katana for three times, two horizontal slash and third swing will be either a lunge or a horizontal slash.  
Dark Wave He swings his sword horizontally, launching out a wave similar to the wave charges seen on the Dark Greatsword.  Like the charged stab, this attack has an identical sound cue, and the beam can be easily avoided by sidestepping when distance is adequate.
Life Drain He charges for a second before stabbing you and draining some health and buffing his sword, it only activates when the host is stabbed.
This attack cannot be blocked and is extremely hard to dodge.
 There's a sound cue when he charges up the stab akin to a high-pitched ringing. When you hear it, be ready to dodge.
Katana Jump Stab He jumps high into the air and comes crashing down, deals high damage. It occurs more often when he has half health left.  
Parry/Riposte He will hold his sword to his left and pointing forwards and to the right for a while. Attacking him during this state will result in your attack being parried and he will stab you while you're on the ground. Don't attack him while his sword is on his left.

There are 2 summons avaiable for this fight : Travelling Bladedancer Aidel and Lorrie Steelwill. Their summon signs are right at the start of the memory.


STR/Heavy Tank Solo Strategy

This is a rather simple strategy for heavy builds: equip Havel's Greatshield and an Ultra Greatsword/Hammer buffed with what you have and with a sweeping roll attack, like the Greatsword, Fume's Sword or my personal choice the King's Ultra Greatsword. Wear light armor and/or the Soldier Ring to get below 50% equip load. This is crucial because you will roll a lot. You block every close range attack while circling him left, he usually does not more than three strikes which Havel can handle well. The exception is the Life Drain pierce attempt, this can not be blocked and should always be evaded, same for the magic attacks. Never let your shield down except for Stamina Regeneration after an attack series and raise the shield immediately when you see that he's attacking again, even if the stamina bar is only half full. The only time where you can safely attack is when he glides from the other side of the room to you in an instant and tries to pierce you with the Katana. You have to roll sweep attack through the attack just right before he begins to glide, which damages him while you are safe. But remember to roll from behind the shield, because if you're only a fraction of a second too late, he will stop your roll attempt - either by piercing into your shield or your flesh. There are two timings for the glide attack: a quick one where he just pulls the sword horizontally back, and a slow, trickier one where he pulls the sword slower and in a slight sweeping motion back. I prefer to block the later because when you roll too early you die.

And that's it, you only have to learn the timing of one attack. If you manage to roll through his glide attack you can also safely heal. It's the safest spot to heal in the fight, because he is locked for 2 seconds after the glide attack and he always jumps back when you're in his back, which gives you 3-4 seconds to heal. Also beware that this will be a long fight, Dexterity Characters might find more safe spots to attack and end the boss quicker, but for a slow tank with UGS and Havel's shield it's safest to exploit the window after his glide attack.

Dodging Strategy

If your build is a power stance dodge build, the fight can be a breeze if you simply keep dodging to your right, as well as hitting him while he's positioned on your left. His swinging arm is his right arm, meaning he usually swings from his right to his left, giving you an edge in the fight. This goes for his lifesteal attack wind up as well, because if you roll to your left, he has somewhat better tracking than if you roll to the right (he missed me with every single lifesteal wind up this way, whereas he landed a couple on me if I rolled to the left). A single roll to the back usually messes up his tracking on sliding attacks, although you can opt to roll forward and to the right, getting behind him for a couple free hits - this takes practice however. Try to close the distance at least a little when he jumps backwards, this seems to prevent his sliding wind ups most of the time (needs more testing from other sources).

Great Heal Strategy

If your build has high attunement and faith, you can summon two white phantoms and leave the job to them, stand next to the phantoms and heal them with Great Heal miracle constantly while blocking or dodging Alonne. Since Alonne is distracted, it'll dispatch him painlessly provided if you can dodge the Katana Jump Stab.

Video Strategy:

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  • High resistance to non-physical damage (highest to Lightning, lowest to Dark) and Slash.
  • Medium resistance to Thrust and weak to Strike.
  • You can buy his armor set from Magerold Of Lanafir at Iron Keep. One random of this armor set is a reward for phantom for killing Sir Alonne.
  • It is possible to empty the rooms leading to the boss by killing the Alonne Knights and Flame Lizards 12 times.



  • Sir Alonne is one of the few bosses that is capable of parrying player.
  • Sir Alonne has a special death animation where he commits seppuku if you defeat him without taking damage.
  • His armor piece is similar to Shiva of the East from Dark Souls. Both hail from "the East".


    • Anonymous

      19 Apr 2019 10:52  

      Between this guy and the Fume Knight I can't deny that the iron king DLC redeemed this entire game for me. What an incredible pair of bosses, almost flawlessly fair and intensely difficult. Everything I want from a souls game.

      • Anonymous

        20 Mar 2019 22:27  

        NG++, when summoning 2 NPCs, lightning is most effective with jump attack (INT64, FTH41, STR60). The information seems to be different from the game and my version is Sotfs.

        • Anonymous

          16 Mar 2019 02:51  

          This is the 5th time I've fought with Mr. Alonne. The boss has become stronger and I cannot defend his attack with the King's shield. Why is he stronger and you're weaker than him? If you ask why not dodge, I will say that this is the 5th time and repeating the same way to boss is too boring. usually other games, you will be stronger if you play NG++ and here you are weak. When you summon 2 NPCs to assist, your attack will weaken and your attack will only reduce the HP of the boss by a few millimeters. This is really too boring. I only use greatsword+10 for the duration of the game because I don't like using other weapons and there are actually no better weapons. I want to use magic but bad thing is the time to eat to recover too long and the time to use magic is too slow (the character's INT is 54). Bombs and knives are useless. Just 2 slashes is my character will die even if VIG 60, VIT 51. I went to the 5th time but I always felt my character was weak when I compared to the enemy and That disappointed me. The game's design limits your ability and there is too much imperative. This feeling is like the online game Soldiers Inc that I used to play. This is just my feelings when playing. I play a game based on the feelings it gives me. The highest level is 838 even if the stats are 99, it is no better than in the beginning. I'm git gud.

          • Anonymous

            07 Mar 2019 15:16  

            Sir Autistic Hitbox, idk why the community regards you as a good boss but I think there is no boss deserving the title of most tilting boss than you. If sekiro ends up having a bunch of "katana" users like you I am srsly gonna suicide.

            • Anonymous

              28 Feb 2019 12:36  

              I just beat him using katana (two katanas actually. Powerstanced Manslayer and Uchigatana) as well, which is the type of weapon I almost never used before. And for some reason I find the fight felt more awesome than it should be.

              • Anonymous

                04 Feb 2019 20:14  

                I noticed that when the boss was close to death his speed increased, 2 times I dodged and stood on his back to use estus... and I got hit. I used the king's shield to block the boss's attack and tried to get close to the back of his back waiting for the opportunity to attack. I see clearly that my character dodged the boss's Life Drain, but one thing my character was sucked into the sword and was pierced through...??? This is similar to Pursuer's cursed stab. This is a bug or design?

                • Anonymous

                  20 Oct 2018 22:36  

                  Hands down the hardest fight in all of ds2 imo. He's simply too fast for the game, will almost always hit you while you are healing. Managed to beat him on all playthroughs, but with bow only (150 dmg each shot lol) I just can't seem to do it. Got him to 2/3rds of health and ran out of estus. An amazing fight nonetheless

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Oct 2018 20:27  

                    Anyone able to help me with this boss! I’ve struggled for awhile now, I’m on PS4 Quikyjames any help would be appreciated!

                    • 07 Feb 2018 03:59  

                      I have defeated him in less than ten tries. Used a Dark enchanted Lost Sinner long sword. No shield, just dodging his attacks. Timing is essential. I’m on level 345. Good luck !

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Feb 2018 04:56  

                        Fun fact: He, like Velstadt, will kick at your shield if you try to turtle him too much or block too often. Like other guardbreak attacks, it does heavy stamina damage and is almost guaranteed to drain all of it if you use a lighter shield or have less stamina.

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