Skeleton Lords

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HP: xxxx (Standard Game)
Souls Awarded: 7500 (Standard Game) xxxx (NG+
Drops: Skeleton Lords' Soul
Clear bluestone ring +2 (NG+)
Armored Skeleton minions can drop human effigies

Location and Battle 16 min into video


Attack Name
Attack Description

Attack Name:

Attack description

Attack Name:

Attack description


The skeleton lords are easily one of the weakest bosses in Dark Souls 2. the skeleton lords have low health and even lower damage, and can even be stun-locked. There are, however, some trickeries in defeating them.
There are three skeleton lords in total: two on the side attacking with scythe; one in the middle attacking with pyromancy (and melee if you get close). They will be seen spawning once the player enters the fog wall and are totally vulnerable during this period. Use this to your advantage by rushing to one of the skeleton lords and bursting him down. Once a skeleton lord dies, a group of lesser skeletons will spawn in the area. The scythe using skeleton lords will spawn skeletons with a sword and shield; the pyromancer skeleton lord will spawn bone wheel skeletons. (unlike the ones found in the caves of huntsman's copse, these skeletons will not respawn after death) Therefore DO NOT kill more than one skeleton lord at once--you will be overwhelmed by the horde of lesser skeletons to come.
Video Strategy (skip to ~xxxx):
Drunk Souls - The Skeleton Lords
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You can use the pillars in the area for cover from the pyromancer.
The skeleton lords can be easily staggered if you use a melee weapon.
You can also use Alluring skulls or the spell Yearn to group lesser skeletons in a group and use AOE spell to easily wipe them out.

    • Anonymous

      15 Apr 2017 02:41  

      Also those skeleton wheels are easier to defeat near the water puddle by the center they wont be able to rush at you there

      • Anonymous

        11 Dec 2016 18:58  

        There are three Lords. One is a magic caster (center) a scythe user (left) and another melee Lord (right). Kill the center Lord last. Once he's defeated, he'll spawn the skeleton wheels. Killing the others will spawn easier skeletons which you can take care of easily. -Carson

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