Skeptic's Spice


A spice exuding a peculiar aroma.
A spell demands devotion from the caster, but using this spice makes a chosen spell attainable with 1 less faith. Will only work with the assistance of a certain person.
The spice does not raise one's faith, but only obfuscates the requirement.

Skeptic's Spice is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2


  • Lowers FTH requirement for a miracle by 1, to a minimum of 10. (Similar to Simpleton's Spice for spells)
  • You can use spice multiple times on the same spell.
  • Can be used to lower the FTH requirement for hexes.
  • Affects all scrolls of a given spell. For example, it would lower the cost of all your Lightning Spear scrolls if you had more than one. (Does not affect spell variants such as Great Lightning Spear; this point simply means that it affects all copies of the same spell acquired through additional playthroughs or purchases.)
  • Talk to Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron Keep to use.



  • You can use as many spices as you want on one spell, until the spell only requires 10 Intelligence and/or Faith.
  • Reducing the requirements of a spell does NOT reduce its damage in and of itself. You will, however, have less faith, so the spells will do less damage than normal because your chime will have less damage coming from faith scaling.




Spice Farming with Bonfire Ascetic

  • 3 can be farmed in Belfry Luna but you must defeat the Gargoyle boss each time making this not only difficult but also time consuming.
  • 2 can be farmed in Harvest Valley via "The Mines" bonfire but you will have to defeat the Covetous Demon each time. You will also net 2 Simpleton's Spice, making this the most Bonfire Ascetic-efficient route in the game if you need both types of spices. (1 is located before the boss fog.)
  • 2 can be farmed in the "Tower of Prayer" bonfire in Shrine of Amana and only requires you to defeat Demon of Song once. It is possible to do this without drawing aggression from any of the enemies if you move slowly in light armor as to not produce sound. This is arguably the best and most efficient route to farm Skeptic's spices.
  • 1 can be perpetually farmed via the first bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora the but you will need to defeat the Magus Congregation each time. The spice, as well as a Bonfire Ascetic is found after the boss near Pardoner Cromwell's area.



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    • Anonymous

      as a first time player (str build) I found myself using this spice on homeward and the HoT spells like replenishment and resplendent life. Had I known about sacred oath earlier I probably would have spent a fair bit on that. Overall (as str build) I spent my skeptics spices on homeward and the HoT spells, and I spent my simpleton spices on Greater Magic Weapon and Homing Soul Mass. Had I known about certain spells and miracles earlier I probably would have adjusted my usage. Dark weapon is another contender worth spending spices on I think.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone know if any ncp sells it non limited or at least limited either way if they sell it I would like to know please.

        • Anonymous

          Essential if you only use the various healing miracles, since their usefulness isn't affected by your FTH stat.

          • Anonymous

            Easiest farming method (I've found at least). Join the Champion's Covenant and go to the Undead Crypt Ditch bonfire. Exit the ditch, go right, and smash through the gravestones to get to ladder in the rightmost corner. Ignore everything else. Climb it and beat the witch at the end to pulp. Collect what she drops, but don't warp back to the bonfire because you'll have to smash the grave stones again. Also the ladder can be annoying to use on the return trip as there'll most definitely be a hollow following you and blocking it off. Instead, drop between the archways to the side and smash through to the door on the left. Smash a path back to the bonfire, rest up and repeat (but faster this time as no need to smash!). Equip all your best item drop gear and you'll be getting either of the spices, a magic gem, an awestone, or any combination of the above. Since doing this I've only received those items. I got the ring, set, and 2 staves beforehand when going through the area for the first time.

            • Anonymous

              So I'm curious. What if I sold a Spell I used spices on, meaning I have no scroll of that specific spell anymore. If I buy another one, will it reset the requirements or stay like I used the spice?

              • Anonymous

                I have read a lot of conflicting info about the use of these things, people have even debated the interpretation of the info on this and other wiki pages and guides. I'm so confused and really only want to know one thing: does using this to minimize (lower stat) requirements weaken the power of the spell? Yes or no?

                • Anonymous

                  Why is the bonfire ascetic always the first suggestion for respawn farming? Company of Champions would be the better choice since you're not constantly powering up the enemies permanently. You can easily leave and rejoin at your convenience anytime.

                  • Anonymous

                    Getting the three in Belfry Luna *does not* require you killing the Gargoyles. You will, however, have to go up and kill the Bellkeeper NPC invader in order to leave.

                    • Anonymous

                      1 in Harvest Valley In the area with multiple Artificial Undead, and 1 in the small notch with the lone Poison Beetle before the Covetous Demon. I don't think it is there in Scholar. Area was redesigned.

                      • Anonymous

                        take note that healing spells have no scaling so you could potentially use great heal with very low requirements allowing your melee builds to take some along. Be careful with duration spells, they are often affected by the amount of int/faith you have.

                        • Anonymous

                          Who want to sit there, attune a spell, and have to remember to use a skeptic's/simpleton's spice before actually being able to cast it? If there's something I want to cast, I'll grind until I have the required faith/intelligence. I'm not going to worry about whether or not I have the right spice just so I can cast a spell.

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