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Belfry Sol Map



  1. Head Bell Keeper Puppet
  2. Drifter Swordsman Aidel (NPC Summon)




  • Bell Keeper Doll / Puppet Phantom
  • Mage Phantom (Does not respawn)
  • 2x Ultra Greatsword and Greatshield Phantoms (Do not respawn)
  • Dual Avelyn Phantoms (Does not respawn)
  • Bell Keeper Invader
  • Mad Warrior (Respawns, rare)

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Belfry Sol Walkthrough

Area is accessible through Iron keep via a Pharros Lockstone Hidden Wall (see Iron Keep for details) . The Bell Guardian leader will be sitting there with a fog gate next to him. Talk to him if you want to join the Bell Keepers Covenant. Through the fog is Belfry Sol. If the Bell Keeper is dead, there will be a gravestone next to the fog gate asking for an offering of 4,500 souls.

Note: A scripted Bell Keeper Invader is triggered shortly after entering. This Dark Spirit NPC spawns at the bell lever.

Immediately after entering through the fog you will be attacked by two puppet phantoms and a normal sized Mage Phantom, which uses a form of pyromancy when jabbing with the staff. The puppet phantoms have a rare chance to drop Fire Whip. Further ahead is another puppet and an Ultra Greatsword Phantom. Head straight towards the ballista and make a left and run towards the towers on the far wall. In the small tower to the right is the lever to ring the bell. In the left tower is a ladder to the rooftops. Behind the left tower is a corpse with a Simpleton's Spice. A phantom wielding double repeating crossbows is here. Defeat him and head along the roof to reach a corpse holding Simpleton's Spice x1. To the left is a doorway blocked by gated walls when you were on ground level. From here head down to take out the Ultra Greatsword Phantom and the puppets. To the right of the door is a corpse holding another Simpleton's Spice x1. Through the door is a chest containing the Immolation Pyromancy Spell. Head down the stairs and turn around at the bottom to find a corpse holding Human Effigy x1 and Triclops Snake Troches x1. Go through the doorway to return to Iron Keep via a small ledge. On this ledge on the right wall is an Illusory Wall which opens up to a room holding two chests, one containing Black Knight Greatsword x1 and the other containing Protective Chime x1 and Grand Spirit Tree Shield x1. Find the  Belfry Sol Bonfire. Ladder up to Belfry Sol. Showing the local area at the top is the Bell Keepers Covenant Leader.


  • A rare black phantom NPC called the Mad Warrior can spawn in the corner in front of the tower with the ladder used to access the rooftop. He is a very rare spawn, and he can drop the Mad Warrior set as well as the Berserker Blade, both with a rare drop rate. In order for him to spawn, one must be a part of the Bell Keeper covenant. See the Mad Warrior page for tips on farming / encouraging him to spawn. This NPC can be used to help level the Bell Keeper Covenant up.
    • The dual wield avelyn Phantoms do not respawn and have a chance to drop the Black Witch Domino Mask. You can reset them by using a Bonfire Ascetic.

  • This is a highly active PvP area, entering it online WILL result in at least one invasion, with potential of three (two gray invaders and a red or blue).

  • You may co-op in this area by placing your sign quickly, then moving back into a 'safe' zone such as the end area through the fog.

  • You can skip this area and return to the ledge before the bonfire by climbing the ladder, standing on the side opposite at the top and walking forward angled to the right of the ladder. This is only useful if you decided to skip the Smelter Demon and need another bonfire since the area in itself is optional or if you are unable to wade through the sea of invaders.

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