Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle

Soul of Alsanna, oracle of Eleum Loyce,
who prays in silent vigilance.
This child of Dark, in reverence of the apocalypse,
devotes herself to a ritual
in hopes of appeasing the raging flame.
The wonderous soul of this augur of fear
can be used to acquire numerous souls,
or to create something of great worth.


  • Trade 12,000 souls and the Soul of Alsanna to Ornifex to acquire Eleum Loyce (Curved Sword)
  • Consume it for 30,000 souls


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    • Anonymous

      I just farmed the required amount & also found out after the fact you can kill her but I'm not even mad that boss fight has been the highlight of my SOTFS platinum run, I originally went there to farm sunlight medals in co-op which turned out to be so much more, Highly recommend it as you'll be over leveled before you know it sadly.

      • Anonymous

        For those of you who are tired of farming loyce souls there are 2 ways to get 50 loyce souls without kill alsanna easy and you can do it on your own

        Method 1 : start the game offline and open up the cheat engine then change values of loyce souls to 50 and return to alsanna (this method is work 100% no ban)

        Method 2 : (if you don't have enough loyce souls to find the values in cheat engine) download the cheat table and start dark souls 2 offline and spawn(Item swap) 50 loyce souls(this method is also works 100% no ban if you do it correctly)


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