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Stamina is a game mechanic that controls how much activity you can do before needing to rest. It's represented by a green bar on top of the hud. Stamina Recovery is an important part of balancing your combat and gameplay.


 Stamina Amount

  • The Endurance stat governs the amount of stamina the character has.
  • The maximum stamina of 200 is achieved at 99 Endurance. (You gain 2 stamina going from 98 to 99.)
  • Stamina can be increased over the maximum by wearing Dragon Rings.
Endurance: 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 99
Stamina: 80 100 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200


 Stamina Consumption

Stamina will drain when you perform an attack with a weapon, block with a shield or cast a spell. Running, rolling and jumping also consumes stamina. The amount of stamina consumed by blocking is reduced when blocking with a shield or weapon with higher stability.

  • Thrown items (consumables) do not consume stamina. Your stamina will actually recover while you use them, which can be used to your advantage.


 Stamina Recovery

Stamina recovery is determined by your equipment load, the higher the equip weight the larger the reocery penalty becomes.

  • Blocking with a shield has a large negative impact on recovery.
  • Standing with a bow drawn will pause stamina recovery all together.
  • Base Stamina recovery speed appears to be 52.6 stamina per second. (0% Equipment load)


 Stamina Equipment Load

By increasing the equipment load by 10% increments these are the results compared to 0%.

  • 0% equipment load: 0% slower stamina recovery => 52.6 base stamina recovery
  • 10% equipment load: 3.5% slower stamina recovery => 50.82 base stamina recovery
  • 20% equipment load: 5.0% slower stamina recovery => 50.1 base stamina recovery
  • 30% equipment load: 10% slower stamina recovery => 47.82 base stamina recovery
  • 40% equipment load: 17.5% slower stamina recovery => 44.77 base stamina recovery
  • 50% equipment load: 30% slower stamina recovery => 40.46 base stamina recovery
  • 60% equipment load: 40% slower stamina recovery => 37.57 base stamina recovery
  • 70% equipment load: 55% slower stamina recovery => 33.94 base stamina recovery
  • 80% equipment load: 65% slower stamina recovery => 31.88 base stamina recovery
  • 90% equipment load: 80% slower stamina recovery => 29.22 base stamina recovery
  • 100% equipment load: 100% slower stamina recovery => 26.3 base stamina recovery
  • 110% equipment load: 125% slower stamina recovery => 23.38 base stamina recovery
  • 120% equipment load: 150% slower stamina recovery => 21.04 base stamina recovery


Stamina Recovery Bonus

gives a 15% bonus.



Since everything stacks here are the approximate values of each combination of stamina recovery.

  • Ring - Shield - ~28% faster stamina recovery
  • Ring - Shield - Shield - ~33% faster stamina recovery
  • Ring - Shield - Shield - Blossom - ~46% faster stamina recovery
  • Ring - Shield - Blossom - ~43% faster stamina recovery
  • Ring - Blossom - ~40% faster stamina recovery
  • Shield - Blossom - ~20% faster stamina recovery
  • Shield - Shield - Blossom - ~25% faster stamina recovery


 Stamina Royal Soldier's Ring

Although 20% bonus equipment load from the +2 version of this ring seems to be a good idea for increasing stamina recovery (it is actually). It will unlikely ever beat out the Chloranthy Ring + 2 if you're picking between the 2. If you had a max weight of 100 units and used the Royal Soldier's Ring, you would have to be originally at 70% Weight to get a 25% faster stamina recovery just to be even with the Chloranthy ring + 2.


 Stamina Blocking

Needing a lot more testing here but from a quick test I did, it took me just under 13 seconds to recover 100 stamina using no bonus stamina recovery. This is roughly 7.5 stamina per second while holding your shield up but I believe there is a variable with this depending on either the original weight of your shield, the class being either small shield, medium or great shield, or possibly with stability. More testing to come. The Chloranthy Ring does increase how fast stamina recovers while blocking but using a stamina shield did not seem to effect the recovery.



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    • Anonymous

      Shame that they added stamina cost to spells too, unlike DS1. I mean, you already have a damn limited amount of casts, now some spells cost a frickin ton of stamina. Oh well.

      • Anonymous

        For the equipment load stamina recovery, is it tier based (by 10%) or incremental for the changes? I would assume incremental

        • Anonymous

          Blossom Kite Shield, Shield of the Insolent, and Slumbering Dragon Shield all give 5% stamina regen according to their respective wiki pages here.

          • Anonymous

            Be careful as in the Latest sofs version on ps4 the boss can still kill you after you deplete it’s Hp for one of the clones can finish doing an attack as it is vanishing (learned this the hard way)

            • Anonymous

              I noticed that attacks becomes slower if you attacked with almost nothing left in your stamina bar, tested with scythe of want

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