Stone Ring is a poise damage boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
stone_ring.png "The beloved ring of the gallant Shieldless Lothian, formerly of Forossa. Hits greatly reduce enemies poise.
The effect may seem trivial, but for those who comprehend how critical it is to exploit a hole in enemy defenses, the significance of this ring will be clear."


  • Additional reduction of enemy poise (Adds 30 poise damage.)
  • Durability: 110
  • Weight: 1.5



  • It also affect Sorceries. This is due to a previous patch that reduced the poise damage of Sorceries, so this ring is a means of getting that poise damage back (which means you need to wear this ring if you want the same effect you had before the Sorceries got nerfed in this regard).

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