Stray Hound (Stray Dog) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Stray Hounds are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered beyond the Exile Holding Cells bonfire, beside a wooden watchtower.

Don't let the name fool you; this demonic hound is anything from ordinary.Whether this is the specis' natural state or a result of some darker power is irrelevant;it wants to rip your throat out

  • Stray Hounds are dogs that have turned hollow. Before the undead curse spread, these animals served some purpose relevant to their locations
  • Stray Hounds have meager HP and damage, but can outrun players and attack in quick succession. They are usually found in packs
  • Stray Hounds will attempt to chase, leap at, and bite their opponents. Their attacks cause bleed buildup,
  • Stray Hounds, although dangerous head on, are easily taken down when attacking from their flanks. They cannot turn very quickly.
  • Stray Hounds, like most undead, are weak against fire.

Strategy tips

  • Try avoiding their lunging/jumping attack
  • Shield yourself often, their attacks build up bleed pretty fast

NG: 190
NG+: 390
NG+7: 740
Location: Lost Bastille, No-man's Warf, Frozen Eleum Loyce
NG: Yes
Move set
  • Lunge: Sudden lunging attack covers quite a distance.
    • Inflicts Bleed
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked

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