Updated Jan 30, 2015 11:43 pm

Strength Ring is a stat boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
strength_ring.png "An oddly deformed iron ring.
Increases the strength of its wearer.
The Old Iron King ruled over a great age of iron.
The King's power allowed him to mold iron freely, as if he held sway over the forces of life and creation."


  • Increases Strength by 5 points
  • Durability: 120
  • Weight: 1.5


  • Crown of the Iron King Dlc: After activating the elevators in the foyer, take the first elevator down and then the second one. While going down the second elevator you should see a smaller platform above your destination. Jump on this platform and follow the path to find an iron chest containing the Strength ring.
  • Location video

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