Sun Seal is a covenant in Dark Souls 2.
"Ring of the Heirs to the Sun covenant. Slightly increases miracle attack power.

Worship of the sun, now a lost belief, was once widespread amongst great warriors.

Members of this covenant can leave their golden signs to be more easily summoned to join their brethren in jolly cooperation."
Praise the sun.


  • Covenant ring for Heirs of the Sun. Increases the strength of Miracles by 5%
  • Durability: 100
  • Weight: 0.2


  • In Harvest Valley, take the righthand path in the area past The Mines bonfire. Cross the first bridge across the poison below. Fight the enemy with the large hammer. Before venturing inside, head down the earth path to the left. Beware of the enemy with dual sickles. Past the enemy, follow the path the to left. The altar is bathed in sunlight on the righthand side at the end. Join the covenant to obtain the ring.


  • The 5% effect seems to not only scale with lightning damage and is affected by the tier of miracle used. For example Great lightning spear gains ~100 damage with 187 lightning damage and 53 faith using the dragon's chime fully upgraded but Sunlight Spear gains ~230 damage. (if it was only a flat 5% the expected damage increase would be between 25-60 damage). Overall a great ring even in NG++. (Gonna need more information and sources regarding these tests. I did my own testing and the results were consistently a 5% increase of damage regardless of the tier of miracle used. I can't provide video/screenshot proof myself but I did my own testing and recorded the numbers obtained multiple times from various end-game enemies. Without a source on that scaling/tier damage bonus there's no reason to believe that the damage boost is anything but a flat 5% increase. It might be different for PvP but it doesn't change that I was not getting a damage bonus higher than 5% against enemy mobs. This was tested on the PC version after v1.03 release.)
  • Effect stacks with Lightning Clutch Ring.

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