Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls 2.
"A medal depicting the sun. Offer it to the altar to strengthen bond with your covenant.
The slight warmth of the medal makes valor brim within one's bosom. The brave fighters who bore these medals are gone, but the sun never sets. On this day begins the contest to find the Sun's truest son."



  • Random drop from the Banediggers in the Harvest Valley area (Confirmed drop, rare)
  • Random drop from Falconers in first area of Things Betwixt (NG+ or beyond) (Confirmed drop, rare)
  • Random drop from Falconers in Shaded Woods (Confirmed drop in NG)
  • Random drop from Falconers in Brightstone Cove Tseldora (Confirmed drop in NG)
  • Can be obtained by helping another player beat a boss while in the Heirs of the Sun covenant
  • Can be obtained by defeating a boss with a player who is in the Heirs of the Sun Covenant (Currently there is a bug where you may not receive any Sunlight Medals after defeating the boss.)
  • Can be obtained as a phantom after summoning time limit expires (Phantom Duty Fulfilled, you must use the large soapstone not the small one)


  • The easiest way to obtain sunlight Medals is to put your sign outside of the Demon of Song entrance. The fact that Felicia the Brave can be a hassle to keep alive through Shrine of Amana in order to help you defeat the boss will make placing your sign here very fruitful.
  • Another good spot to farm for medals is the Guardian Dragon boss fight. I, personally, was able to farm 20 medals from the fight, and was even getting summoned after completing the game with tier 32 Soul Memory.
  • Another lucrative area for medals is in Huntsmans Copse, at the Bridge Approach bonfire, most players are happy to have a hand for the Undead Chariot boss fight (and the trip there.) Typically short wait times for summoning.
  • For late game sunlight medal farming, the bonfire before Nashandra is a good place, since you can be summoned to Nashandras boss fight, Throne Guardians boss fight, Aldias boss fight or to the Dragonrider Twins boss fight.
  • You cannot drop these with a phantom present (need confirmation, got one from a Banedigger while a white phantom was present in my world).
  • To get these early in the game, defeat the Dragonrider immediately and give Licia 2000 souls to access Huntsman's Copse. Defeat the Skeleton Lords and then run to the Altar of Sunlight. Join the covenant and place your sign in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Many people will summon you for help with either the Last Giant or the Pursuer. When soul memory gets too high, progress normally through the game until you start getting summoned more frequently.
  • Another option is to rush straight to Straid and purchase Agape Ring. Once you get this, proceed with the previous note. You will be able to indefinitely farm medals at The Forest of the Fallen Giants.

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      RIP offline cleric builds. Idk what devs were thinking when they put both sunlight spear and wrath of gods locked as PVP covenants reward

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