00 level 12 icon strength 9
icon vigor 4 icon dexterity 16
icon endurance 8 icon adaptability 6
icon vitality 4 icon intelligence 7
icon attunement 6 icon faith 22 5

Swordsman in Dark Souls II is a Starting Class. The Swordsman is meant for players who prefer low damage but fast mobility. It starts with a Scimitar and a Shortsword as its starting dual-wielded weapons. The Starting Classes of Dark Souls II will only give you a head start on certain stats. This is because you can freely change your playstyle and build as you progress throughout the game.


Finely skilled swordsman. Fights gracefully with strong weapons in both hands.

Swordsman Starting Equipment and Items

Weapons: Scimitar +1, Shortsword +1
Items: Lifegem (x10)
Armor: Wanderer Set


Swordsman Class Build for Dark Souls 2

The build that is listed below is a set of equipment and recommended stats that we see fit for the Swordsman Class in Dark Souls 2. For more builds, check out our PvE Builds and PvP Builds pages to find various builds that have been created by the Fextralife team and its community.

Dex Build

  • This is one of the good Swordsman builds you can find on the PVE Builds page of "Infinity and Beyond" which primarily focuses on intelligence. It's a pretty balanced build, easy to play, and even good for NG+. This build is mostly for in-game and offline play.


Armor (Judgment Set)



  • In the first few levels as a Swordsman, try to boost your Health and Stamina. VGR to 15 and END to 15. Then get your stats for the weapon you want to use. Then push your VGR and END to 20 at which point you CAN leave it if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, increase those two, but it's not worth going more than 20 into END since there is a break-point at which you will only get 1 Stamina for 1 LVL of END. It is also possible to leave VGR aside and go for END and weapon stats but I suggest pushing it to at least 12. At some point, when you get your Black Steel Katanas, for instance, it's wise to spec into some points of Vitality and Adaptability. I keep both of them around 20 but I don't go higher since it's not needed.


Notes and Tips About Swordsman

Notes: A class for those who like fast attacks with dexterity-based weapons or want to try out dual-wielding. You had better be good at dodging since the Vigor is very low. Needs 8 more DEX and 2 more STR to Power Stance the starting weapons making the dual-wielding abilities more powerful. If you can't power stance yet, you might want to temporarily replace the Shortsword with a shield. You can swap out the right-hand weapon for Rapier to retain the parrying ability upon power stance.

See builds for more information.


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    • People who say this class is a japanese weeb are stupid.
      Swordsman is clearly a saracen(arab). He has a curved sword and wears arabic clothes and he also dual wields weapons

      • Anonymous

        Switch hands and you have a decent parry tool + a good backstab/riposte weapon. Before powerstancing them you can try some combos like r1+l1+l1+r2.

        • Anonymous

          The only thing that stopped me from using this class is that scary low health. You could say I could never be gud enough for this class.

          • Anonymous

            This is probably my favorite class by far. I've always loved dex builds, and this class is perfect for that. I don't really care about power-stancing, so I just try to get the rapier as fast as possible, and man does it pay off. I also think it's the best class, but I haven't really played as the others so it's hard to say.

            • I decided to do something different this time and make a female character. Thin features about her face, vibrant orange hair. Her name is Effie Audhild. Swordswoman with a bittersweet past of a messy marriage that ended with her husband being killed for the wrong reasons. She seeks redemption, but that is difficult to find. Stoic, despondent and somewhat off in her own world, she's fixated on finding something she lost so very long ago. A powerful swordswoman in her own right who takes up Pyromancy and Miracles as just a distraction in a journey that seems to go nowhere.

              • Anonymous

                Best class in the game by far. Fashion Souls af, and overall a good base for quality builds. Buff str, get an estoc and decent shield (blue wooden is pretty solid) and you're golden.

                • Anonymous

                  Swordsman is hands down the best starting class in DS2. It has: - The best starting weapon out of all of the classes - The best endurance and dex, and a pretty good strength - The best starting damage output with the scimitar, the only one to oneshot the tutorial enemies Yes, it has a low vigor and vitality, but the difference in HP isn't very significant anyway and you don't need any vitality early on. I dump the first 10 levels I get on DEX and STR so I can dual wield with the starting weapons, which pretty much destroys all the regular enemies in one go. Actually, the scimitar alone does that too. When dual wielding keep the scimitar in the right hand so you get the better dual wielding moveset. Adaptability is also good to level up just a bit early on to make rolling better, then endurance and after that the rest.

                  • Anonymous

                    i think the swordsman is a underrated class. it needs more respect. i use this class all the time and i love it.

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