Taking The Black (Game of Thrones - Nights' Watch) PVP Build

This build focuses on using the Llewellyn armor set and creating a character that is pure melee with fast attacks. There are some strict rules to follow with this build and are outlined below:

1. Weapons can only be infused with Raw or no infusion.

2. No resin uses except poison, fire and dark are permitted.

3. You must always wear the Llewellyn Armor.

4. Arms, legs and head can be outfitted as you wish, but keep it inline with a Nights' Watch feel. i.e. No Havel helms, Looking Glass Knight helms etc.. Keep the helm simple… or if you're feeling like a true ranger, then no helm at all!

5. ABSOLUTELY NO MAGIC WHATSOEVER!!! The only "magic" you have are urns and bombs.

6. No weapons that have innate elemental damage or weapons that can self buff. NO MAGIC PURE AND SIMPLE!!

7. No Black Dragon Weapons!

Below are the weapon classes that are acceptable and not acceptable compiled into separate lists.

Acceptable weapon classes:

Daggers, Straight Swords, Greatswords, Thrusting Swords, Axes, Hammers, Spears, Halberds, Bows, Crossbows, Small Shields and Shields.

Unacceptable weapon classes:

Ultra Greatswords, Curved Swords, Curved Greatswords, Katanas, Great Hammers, Lances, Reapers, Whips, Claws, Great Bows and Great Shields.

Some weapons of note that may be used despite the above rules:

Barefist, Caestus, Zweihander, Archdrake Mace, Drakekeeper's Warpick, Stone Twinblade

…And some that may not be used:

Avelyn, Binoculars, Shield Crossbow, Channeler's Trident

Everything else is pretty much up to you. The Raw infusion rule does make things tough but you are a member of the Nights' Watch. Be creative! Use knives, items and skill to win the day.

Below I have formulated an example stat investment, but feel free to adjust it to whatever weapon takes your fancy. Just remember the rules!

LEVEL: 150
VGR: 82 / END: 30 / VIT: 20 / ATN: 6 / STR: 20 / DEX: 8 / ADP: 25 / INT: 6 / FTH: 6

The equipment I use with the above build:
Drakekeeper Helm (cool looking and kind of fits the feel),
Llewellyn Armor (of course),
Havel's Guantlets (the only piece out of this set that looks ok),
Drakekeeper Boots (for more black badassness).
Drakekeeper's Sword, Dagger, Llewellyn Shield, Third Dragon Ring, Ring of Giants+2, Life Ring+2, Stone Ring.

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