Did you ever try the sun sword? It's probably the best one hand sword you can get in the game and so early, simple titanite and you can easily upgrade up to +10.
This character it's pretty standard, enough hp, enough endurance. 30 STR and DEX for a good (for nothing) scaling and 31 VIT to get the full-fast roll meta, the total weight is 39,7.
Armor Set:
Alva +10 except for the guantlets, I use it a recolored version of the Havel because I'm stupid (this shit it's damn heavy, it's over 11 weight points).
Weapons set:
Pyromancy flame +10, sun sword +10
Green weed, and all the infusions.
Forbidden Sun (never get someone with this shit), Fire Snake (probably the best pyromancy ever, but easily dodgable) and Great Fireball (and do I think it's pretty basic for any pyro build)
Ring of blade +2, third dragon's ring, chloranthy +2 and the southern ring +2
(Guest Edit, sorry didn't know how to comment, feel free to re-edit: Instead of 40 Dex/Str, try a 50 Faith, 40 Attunement build. This allows you to imbue sunsword with lightning which will scale with your faith, providing 170 phys 170 lightning mixed damage (340 total only 10 less than 40 Dex/Str). Additionally, your faith spells will scale with faith unlike your fire spells which will not have int to scale with in this build. Finally, collect the Sunlight Blade buff, which stacks with your lightning imbued sword, and this greatly increases the effectiveness of your Sunsword in combat. Finally, you can hold chime of the dragons in your left hand, and imbue it also with lightning, which creates 287 spell power miracle catalyst, so you can heal and strike your foes from a distance or point blank with a Sunlight Spear ;3 I think the faith build complements this style a bit better than the straight Str/Dex)

Check the video bellow to understand the strategy:

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    • I respeced my main to theses stats and had extra left over to give him 50 faith as well( I don't suggest that to everyone but it's the character I've been playing since I bought the game he had all the gear already so I just respeced accordingly), people try to take it down with lighting and do ***** all damage, see a Mage? Dodge all his attacks no problem, full havels? Sun sword does all the quick punishing you need, in addition to fast heals and fast casts. People just don't know what to do. They've never seen such a tiny sword be so terrifying.

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