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The First Pugilist (Character Build)

PSN: goku579

Soul Level: 150

Starting Class: Warrior

VGR: 48

END: 20

VIT: 20

STR: 40

DEX: 40

ADP: 20

Armour: Old Knight Set

Head: Old Knight Helm +10

Chest: Old Knight Armour +10

Hands: Old Knight Gauntlets +10

Legs: Old Knight Leggings +10

Weapons: Dual Caestus 'Power Stance'

Left Hand: Caestus +10

Right Hand: Caestus +10

The First Pugilist shunned the use of blades, pole arms and the soul arts. He saw them as a dishonourable means to end a life and preferred a dual by fists. It is said he was the greatest fighter and was sought after by Lords throughout the lands as any who had him on there side were guaranteed victory. He would charge into battle with a set of Stone Armour carved out from a mountain by a great giant blacksmith for him to protect him from the blades of his enemies, his weapons a pair of caestus to pummel his foes into dust. During a great battle between giants and men the Warrior disappeared and was never heard from again. Many an era have passed and reports of sightings of this knight have been few and far between. Time is warped and distorted in the now named land of Drangleic, where any warrior may roam.

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