Cosplay PVE Build

icon-lvl.png 253 icon-vigor.png 45 icon-endurance.png 45 icon-vitality.png 30 icon-attunement.png 50
icon-strength.png 22 icon-dexterity.png 20 icon-adaptability.png 35 icon-intelligence.png 4 icon-faith.png 55

This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.

  • Build Name: The Lighting King
  • Starting Class: Cleric
  • Starting Gift: Any
  • Build Focus: PvE


 Build Equipment

  • Right Hand 1: Great Lance
  • Right Hand 2: Defender Greatsword
  • Right Hand 3: Bow of Want
  • Left Hand 1: Kings Shield
  • Left Hand 2: Dragon Chime
  • Left Hand 3: Hand 
  • Head: King's Crown
  • Chest: Llewellyn Armor 
  • Hands: Forlorn Gauntlets 
  • Legs: Forlorn Leggings 
  • Spells: Sacred Oath, Sunlight Blade, Sunlight Spear, Wrath of the Gods
  • Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Chloranthy Ring +2, Stone Ring, Ring of Blades +2

 Build Strategy

Revolving around lightning based combat, this could easily be one of the better builds as lightning is the best element for poise damage. Remember to always have your weapons enchanted with Sunlight Blade for maximum damage as your faith build excels with lightning enchanted weapons. 

For ranged attacks, always have Sunlight spear at the ready and Wrath of the Gods as a backup for when the fighting gets up close and personal.


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