The Mines

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Bonfire Location:

Located in Harvest Valley.

In the tunnel after the wooden portcullis guarded by the two pyromancers there is a cave to the right which contains the bonfire and a bunch of poison pots.

Outside the cave are three crystal lizards with some mid tier loot.

There are some tunnels below filled with poison gas and containing a small amount of loot as well as skeletons.

From here there are two branches. One leads to a small pathway with three branches including an area with 4 Artificial Undead that you cannot leave (make sure to instantly run forward or you'll be trapped). The other leads to the large open poison pit.

In the small branched paths area, there is a bunch of loot.

The hex ogre guards:

  • Something, I don't remember. He can also break the wood behind him. Stuff there.

The 4 Artificial Undead guard:

  • 3 Green Blossom
  • 1 Simpleton's Spice
  • 5 Lifegem
  • 2 Large Titanite Shard
  • 1 Large Soul of a Brave Warrior
  • 1 Titanite Shard
  • 1 Skeptic's Spice

As you leave avoid the instant-death poison pit. On the ledge to exit is a:

  • Petrified Something

In the large poison pit area are two hex ogres which can be bypassed until you want to fish out the loot from the pit. Across the bridges are three entrances:

  1. To the far left is the Heirs of the Sun covenant.
  2. Straight across is the covetous demon.
  3. To the far right is a room with poison pots that leads to another small room which has a branching hallway which takes you to ANOTHER room with Lucatiel and a Pharros' lockstone chest.

In the large open poison pit are:

  • 3 Titanite Shard
  • 1 Titanite Slab
  • 1 Smooth & Silky Stone
  • 1 Chameleon
  • 1 Soul of a brave warrior
  • 1 Washing Pole

Off to the side of the pit in a small alcove:

  • 1 Large titanite shard
  • 1 Human Effigy

In the area with the covetous demon fog gate is a small platform you can (only) jump onto, slightly below the top level but directly above the bottomless poison pit. To land on it, your best bet is to go the landing right below the top, run then jump so that you start your roll on the landing and roll off it onto the ledge. If you try to jump directly onto the ledge you will almost always roll off into the poison pit. In this small area:

  • An Artificial Undead, a few Rogues and a plate/arrow trap
  • Some Titanite shards
  • Normal chest with Heavy Crossbow+3



Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:


Burning a bonfire ascetic here spawns the following new items/enemies:

  • Item
  • Item
  • Enemy
  • Enemy


Special Notes:


Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

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