Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
The Pardoner
Petrified Something

This swordsman is a reference to the Pardoners of Velka. This inhuman soldier wields two rapiers in the power stance.
Equipment: Wanderer Set/some equivilent or better set (light set) (Straid for cosplay)
Rings: Cloranthy Ring (get all of these) (stamina regen)
Stone Ring | (poise break)
Ring of Blades | (More damage)
Blue Seal | (PVP assistance)
Weapons: Left:Rapier/Scimitar (first thing to buy is
Right:Rapier/Sword/Short Bow 2 rapiers for fighting) (eventually get Ricards Rpier from the Copse)
Covenant: Way of Blue (Once I have gained power I will join the Blue Sentinals)
Soul Level:-----------------------------------12
Vigor(Health):--------------------------------4 (level this) (can never hav to much of this)
Endurance(stamina):---------------------------8 (and this)
Vitality(Load):-------------------------------4 (and this) (get to lvl 21-26) (These need to be Then level other stats)
Attunement(spell casts):----------------------6
Strength(str. weapon damage):-----------------9 (Brought up to par. at my own discretion)
Dexterity(dex. weapon damage):----------------16
Adaptability(move speed, evasion, resistance):6
(and this) (max at 39) Important for speed. (mostly dex and other stats)
Intelligence(magic/fire damage):--------------7
Faith(Dark/lightning damage):-----------------5
Spells: Magic Weapon Spells (not mandatory but, could help things)
Miracles: Healing Miracles (ng+ only)
Strategy: This is a punishment build. I am going to use this to harass enemies that make careless mistakes.
I will do this by useing speed and Rapiers to get quick hit's on enemies. This effective in one on one combat.
When fighting multiple enemies I will switch to scimitars and other swords.
1. When fighting new enemies circle them until I have memorized their movements and then harass their
careless movements while avoiding more lethal attacks.
2. If the the enemy is not a careless fighter (very few openings) use a bow to harass from afar until
the enemy is provoked into attacking.
3. When possible I should invest in weapon buff spells.
4. This build requires much farming.

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