Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
The Stargazer
Seed of a Tree of Giants

A low weight, low poise "ranger" character wielding a Longsword, A Longbow and an Iron Parma. Generally 2hands Longsword, But can switch to the Parma when needing to block. Wears the Imported set, which is given to you at the beginning of the game. Utilizes the Longbow, throwing knives, firebombs, witching urns, and many other ranged consumables when dealing with ranged attackers. Since this build requires very little time to create, it can be tweaked to any playstyle. Wears the Stone ring to deal extra poise damage, which can be found after defeating the first giant monster in Things Betwixt. This Character is a challenging, but rewarding build if mastered.

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