The White Archer

This Is my first build that I have published may not be the best but I like it.
This build will be focused on using a bow, killing bosses and normal enemies at long range and using a shield and a spear for close quarter combat

  • Starting up: So at the character creation screen I picked the bandit since he/she starts with high dexterity which will be needed to wield a bow properly, you can pick any starting gift. I picked the healing wares, just so I know I wont run out of healing items

  • Stats: You'll mostly be focusing on five of the attributes, mostly dexterity
  • VGR: 35
  • END: 35
  • VIT: 20
  • ATN: 2
  • STR: 20
  • DEX: 40
  • ADP: 5
  • INT: 1
  • FTH: 8

  • Equipment: The armor, shield, bow and the rings will take a you through most of the game before you can acquire them. Obviously upgrade them to the max for the most efficient damage

  • Weapons and shield:
  • Winged Spear
  • Hunter's Black bow- I mostly use fire arrows (Brought from Weapon smith Ornifex) and poison arrows (Brought from Gavlan)
  • King's Shield

  • Rings:
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Hawk Ring
  • Ring Of Steel Protection+2
  • Third Dragon Ring
You can change these more to your taste, these are just what I find the best for this build
  • Armor:
  • Head: Nothing
  • Chest: Heide Knight Chainmail +10
  • Hands: Heide Knight Gauntlets +10
  • Legs: Heide Knight Leggings +10

So that's it, with most bosses you deal a lot of damage with the bow, when they get to close for comfort bring out the spear and shield, hide behind it and land the finishing blow. Always remember to look out for your stamina, the bow takes a lot of it, so be careful switching out to the spear, if it is low, retreat, let it build up again and get back in the fight.

And remember PRAISE THE SUN

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