Titanite Slab


Titanite Slab used to reinforce equipment. Reinforces equipment up to +10.

Titanite was discovered in an ancient layer of earth, and is said to be a gift of the gods. One of the original slabs that provided the world with all forms of titanite.

Titanite slabs were created to smith the weapons of the gods, or so the legends say.

Titanite Slab is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.




  • Reinforce standard equipment up to +10 (Only one is required)




Drops from


Sold by

Stone Trader Chloanne, (After obtaining the King's ring, only 1).

Weapon Cost:

Weapon +9 to +10

Armor Cost:

Armor +9 to +10



Bleed Stone  ♦  Boltstone  ♦  Darknight Stone  ♦  Faint Stone  ♦  Fire Seed  ♦  Firedrake Stone  ♦  Large Titanite Shard  ♦  Magic Stone  ♦  Old Mundane Stone  ♦  Ores  ♦  Palestone  ♦  Petrified Dragon Bone  ♦  Poison Stone  ♦  Raw Stone  ♦  Titanite Chunk  ♦  Titanite Shard  ♦  Twinkling Titanite

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    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2021 02:42  

      i carried around 99 of these at all times on my first playthrough because i farmed stone soldiers for souls

      • Anonymous

        24 Feb 2021 01:18  

        I killed the dragonrider in shrine of amana and received a titanite slab, twice in a row but not third, so they also have them in their loot tables.

        • Anonymous

          20 Oct 2020 11:20  

          I farmed the stone soldiers at King's Gate bonfire for a bit and got 4 or 5 in about 20 minutes, wearing Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1, Jester's Cap and Watchdragon Parma. 3 of those were in the same run, dropping one after another. I'm not sure if that says something about the item drop behaviour or not, but I found it noteworthy.

          • Anonymous

            10 Jun 2020 17:12  

            You don't need to spent 12K for Infusions. I just got the slab after talking to him without even one infusion. Sotfs Edition.

            • Anonymous

              20 Aug 2019 04:55  

              Using Bonfire Ascetics at "The Mines" Harvest Valley bonfire, you can acquire 99 of these. For infinite Ascetics, see Memory of Jeigh, Vammar & Orro guides on YouTube.

              • Anonymous

                05 Jul 2017 19:04  

                & what about the Titanite Slab by The Mines bonfire in Harvest Valley? It's in the poison mist near the big dudes that shoot black orbs.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Jun 2017 01:02  

                  I feel like chunks are harder to come across than slabs, it takes 6 chunks for 1 slab yet finding 6 chunks is difficult

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