Traps are generally environmental hazards which use surprise to kill or hinder the player. They can be considered things such as arrows that fire from walls, flipping platforms, spikes at the bottoms of pits, anything that is believed to not really be an enemy but something that is just triggered.

Trapped Chests

Arrow Chest
The arrow chest reveals a crossbow when opened, which shoots out a five-way spread of crossbow bolts in 3 seperate waves upon opening.

Poison Chest
The Poison Chest is a fake chest which may or may not actually contain items. Opening it releases a gas that poisons nearby players and the opener with a deadly poison that acts very fast. This is capable of quickly killing players whom which do not have curing items or spells since the poison can last for a good time and easily out damage the effects of healing items.

Radiant Trap Chest
The Radiant Chest is a chest with release a radiant trap, mostly same as Arrow Chest or Poison Chest, but it occasionally emits red mist which heals the player. It can appear in any trapped chest location, but it is incredibly rare.

Wooden Chest
Not technically a trap, but if a Wooden Chest is destroyed, the items it contains are destroyed with it, turning into Rubbish.

Explosive Chest
A chest containing a bomb. It will explode seconds after ignition, dealing fire damage. The blast will not destroy the chest itself.


Enemy disguised as a chest. High damaging series of attacks, often fatal. Mimics are rare, and can be wooden or metal chests. They can be identified by checking for a lock on the front of the chest - if the chest has a large lock on the front, this indicates a Mimic. Always test a suspected chest by smacking it from the side with a weapon or spell; it will trigger the mimic without risk of the player being grabbed by the initial attack, which is usually an instant kill. Mimics can also be tested by throwing a Lloyd's Talisman at them, which will make them yawn and fall asleep. The first 4 of the 5 Mimics in Dark Souls 2 contain pieces of the Dark Set.

Cursed Vessel

These stone jars are an irritating hazard that causes Curse buildup if you get too close. Their presence is always presaged by giggling and whimpering from their location. Ideally, break them from afar.

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