Ultimate Whipping Butterfly

This is a PVP build that revolves around the tactic of not only pressuring your opponent with whippy status conditions, but looking absolutely fabulous while doing so!

It's recommended to upgrade you DEX as high as it will possibly go (for extra bonuses to poison and bleed). Once you're there feel free to upgrade your stats as you see fit (personally i use Faith as well for extra lightning speary fun).

Suggested Equipment is the full Moon Butterfly Armor, but you may wish to sub the headgear for the King's Crown for that ultimate Royal Look!

As for Weapons, you will need the Spotted and Notched Whips and you must Fully Upgrade them. These will be your bread and butter for the build. You could also use Dual fist weapons for keeping close for the poison effect.

Rings should include the Third Dragon ring for the HP and Stamina. The Crest of Blood for Bleed attack, the Rat Crest for Poison attack, and then another ring you want to wear (ring of Blades is a good idea for an attack boost).

The main aim of the build is to Dual wield your whips and pressure your opponents at a slightly comfortable range. If the opponent tries to move away, dash forward and use a running attack, as this will put you in close and will hit anyone going sideways. The poison pressure from the armor should heal keep opponents wary of approaching too closely, allowing you to whip away at their sheilds to inflict some tasty bleed and poison.

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