The unstoppable melee dark warrior build

Become the ultimate dark warrior with this build rulers sword +5 with flame weapon on it + as much souls you can carry to boost the damage of the does 800 damage each light attack and 900 Heavy attack. Then the plus 5 scythe of want for backstabing which takes away 1897 of the opponents health when ever you get a chance to block break the critical damage is staggering and is an instant kill.i also wore the mad warrior armour to make my character look very evil if you do not have the mad warrior set you can try to farm it at the belfry sol approch at the iron keep but the drop rate is very also need to be in the bell covenant in order for the red phantom mad warrior to spawn.CAUTION!-this may take you up to 5 hours to farm if you do not get lucky with the drop rate.if you do not want to try this farm find the most evil armour you have and equip it Rings-ring of blades+2 cloranthy ring+2 3rd dragon ring and the ring of steel protection +2
Enjoy and praise the sun !

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