Up Close And Personal

(Fist Weapon Build) Starting Class Deprived is preferred but doesn't matter.
VGR- 15
END- 20 (So you don't run out of stamina to fast)
VIT- 20 (Nice Amount of Equipment Load for Fast rolling and slight Health boost)
ATN- 10 (For a single slot for your Fireball, or other Pyromancy choices)
STR- 50 (For more damage on your melee attacks)
DEX- 20 (Enough to power stance Claws or Caestus)
ADP-15 (Just to have some resistances against Poison and Bleed weapons)
Gear- Just keep weight under 70% so use what you like. The gear obtained from Dragon Cov is very good for this.
R Weapon2- Pyromancy Flame (as upgraded as you can get it)
L Weapon1- Poison Caestus+10
L Weapon2- Magic Bow(doesn't matter what bow) +10
Brought To You By Cronolus (XBOX 360)

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