Up Close And Personal

(Fist Weapon Build) Starting Class Deprived is preferred but doesn't matter.
VGR- 15
END- 20 (So you don't run out of stamina to fast)
VIT- 20 (Nice Amount of Equipment Load for Fast rolling and slight Health boost)
ATN- 10 (For a single slot for your Fireball, or other Pyromancy choices)
STR- 50 (For more damage on your melee attacks)
DEX- 20 (Enough to power stance Claws or Caestus)
ADP-15 (Just to have some resistances against Poison and Bleed weapons)
Gear- Just keep weight under 70% so use what you like. The gear obtained from Dragon Cov is very good for this.
R Weapon2- Pyromancy Flame (as upgraded as you can get it)
L Weapon1- Poison Caestus+10
L Weapon2- Magic Bow(doesn't matter what bow) +10
Brought To You By Cronolus (XBOX 360)

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    • Anonymous

      I'm planning on trying to optimize the heaviest possible armor and not plan on rolling ever. But I'm looking for suggestions that aren't too obvious since there's basic equipment that's obviously the best choice like the turtle armor and havels. Since the scholar of the first sin updates, the rebels great shield is 100% resistant to any element it's infused with and can be respawned with a bonfire ascetic in the right bonfire, I can't remember which exactly. Stone ring makes 1 or 2h katana seemi the most efficient but the right playstyle could use hand weapons really well

      • Anonymous

        I'm starting a build that focuses on exactly what you're doing here but I hadn't considered the hand weapons!
        I was considering heavy armor and katana counters since the game frees stun locks after hit #2 you want the counter, and followup but a 3rd swing is easy to parry.

        • Anonymous

          Adp adds i-frames to rolls but isn't necessarily important for a tank build. It is critical for nimble builds in competitive pvp however

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