Upper Ramparts

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Bonfire Location:

Located in Belfry Luna.


Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:

  • Boss: Belfry Gargoyle
  • Dark Spirit Vorgel the Sinner
  • Dark Spirit Bell Keeper (offline only)
  • 3x Skeptic Spice
  • 2x Radiant Lifegem
  • 2x Twilight Herb
  • Enchanted Falchion

Burning a bonfire ascetic here spawns the following new items/enemies:

  • Defeating the Gargoyles will award a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +2
  • Enemy
  • Enemy

Special Notes:

You must defeat Lost Sinner prior to burning an ascetic here.

Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

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