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Memory of Vammar Map



  1. Captain Drummond
    • This NPC will give player Drangleic Helm if you kill Giant Lord and exhaust his dialog.




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Memory of Vammar Walkthrough

This memory can be accessed near the area where you first meet Mild-Mannered Pate. Its through the doorway adjacent to the room with five ballistae, then go to the right.

Note: You will need the Ashen Mist Heart to access memories.

After entering, go down the long hallway into an area with several dead soldiers and Captain Drummond. Exhaust Drummond's dialogue to learn the 'Hurrah!' gesture. Talk to him after you have killed the Giant's Lord to gain Drangleic Helm, and in a wooden chest there will be 5 Smooth & Silky Stones and a Petrified Something.

A giant will break the door but cannot reach you. It is possible, but very difficult, to run past every giant in this area, although it will take several tries and possibly several deaths to get all the items. Giants are vulnerable to backstabbing and poison/toxic, so utilize these to your advantage.

At the end of the hallway with the first giant is a corpse with a Fire Seed. Then you will find a room with a Club Giant and a Sorcerer Giant who uses poison. Ranged attacks are quite effective especially if you use fire arrows. On the left side of this room there is a pathway going up the wall with another corpse and Large Soul of a Brave Warrior. Glitch: If you draw the Club Giant towards the hole to the hallway with the first giant, there is a chance that the Club Giant will "trip" on the terrain.

Continuing down the next hallway you will come into a large fight with 7 or 8 giants and several Drangleic soldiers. All of the soldiers will die and possibly several of the giants. There is a ladder on the right that goes up to the rooftop but there are two sorcerer giants on the left rooftop that will immediately assault you with fireballs so this isn't recommended.

Be careful of the warrior giant (holding two clubs) as his attacks will go through your shield. After clearing the area (or sprinting through it) there is a corpse on the right before you get to the tower with a Giant Warrior Club on it. Continuing to the left of the tower will earn you an iron chest with a Blossom Kite Shield. Inside the tower is a ladder, you can climb this to get to the opposite rooftop with the two sorcerer giants. There is a corpse with a Bonfire Ascetic behind them in the corner.

Go through the back room of the tower and take a left; there is another corpse in an alcove with a Crimson Water, and up the stairs is another item and a warrior giant. Again, be cautious as his attacks will go through your shield. There is an item on the edge of the platform, and then check the dead giant slumped against the door for your Soul of a Giant.

It is also possible to run through the area only killing two Giants. Start with killing the first Giant in a long hallway, then run past the two giants (Club and Sorcerer with poison) in the next yard. After that, get to the next area where Giants are fighting with Soldiers and climb up the ladder, run till the end of the roof and jump down, head straight to the door. It may be easier to stick to the left here, as you will avoid the chance of getting hit by the fire-slinging giants. Just stick to the left building, sprinting when needed, and you can get past. As a bonus, most likely both fire-slinging giants will have dropped down, giving you the freedom to collect the Soul of a Brave Hero on their roof! If you are inside - you are safe. Now go and kill the last Giant (with two clubs) and claim Soul of a Giant.

It is possible to run through the area only killing one Giant using the same method as above. When you reach the last Giant with two clubs, pull him down the stairs. Once he has followed you down there, sprint passed him and claim the Soul of a Giant.

It's also possible to run through this area without killing any Giants at all. To avoid killing the first Giant (who breaks through the door), once he has broken the door, back off behind Drummond and the Giant will begin to retreat, giving you ample room to sprint around him. Couple this with the above methods, and you can avoid all combat whatsoever. You can also wait a couple seconds before running down the starting hallway to Drummond. The first giant seems to get bored and wander down towards the hole instead of smashing and camping the doorway.

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