Velstadt, the Royal Aegis

HP 6290
Weakness Lightning, Magic, Strike
Resistance Dark, Fire, Slash
Immune N/A

Velstadt, the Royal Aegis is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Velstadt, the Royal Aegis Information

Velstadt, the Royal Aegis is a boss in Dark Souls 2. A knight wielding a great metal hammer, who defends King Vendrick's tomb inside the Undead Crypt...
This boss battle makes reference of the knight protecting Maiden Astrea in Demon's Souls, called Garl Vinland, he wears a similar helmet and has a massive hammer as Vinland did, plus his mission is to protect the King no matter where the king was heading to.

Velstadt was always at the King's side as if he were his lord's own shadow. After the King retired to the Undead Crypt, Velstadt followed, never to return. - Boss Soul description






NPC Summons

Grave Warden Agdayne can be summoned for this fight, provided the player exhausts his dialogue near the entrance to the Undead Crypt. His summon sign can be found along the left wall, behind the row of square altars.

Devotee Scarlett can also be summoned for this fight; she's behind a pillar all the way back in the room with two Dark Witches after the first Imperious Knight (SotFS only).


Strategy Tips

  • He has two phases. The first phase he primarily uses melee. For this either block or strafe around to the sides of him. At about 50% health he switches to his second phase and uses magic. In the second phase, he uses long cast time attacks, denoted by dark purple clouds. When they are used run up to him and pummel him.


    Take note when I fought him I was at SL 127 using a +10 Heide Sword and the Vengarl+1 set with my Stamina at 123 and using the Drangleic Shield+1.
    Soon as the fight begins keep your shield up and get close to him and keep circling to the right. After he swings his mace you can get in 2-4 hits keeping just enough stamina to block a counter-attack. Once his health drops to roughly 50% and he ups his dark resistance. Keep enough of a distance from his that he prepares to fire his dark orbs. As soon as he starts his animation you can sprint up to and behind him and get in 5-6 hits due to his long-winded animation. This route takes a bit longer than normal but it is a rather easy solo.
    Be sure to break in between strikes for just a moment to allow your stamina to get a quick recharge. The Chloranthy Ring+1 and a Green Blossom aids in this even more.


    All of Velstadt's melee attacks can be parried. His thrusting attack doesn't give the usual parry sound, however, if timed properly, you won't get hurt and he will be stunned as usual. After each successful parry, you have time to safely attack him with 3 swings from a long sword or one swing from a UGS. Instead of an additional attack, use the time to regenerate stamina. In his second phase and high Ng's, if you fail to parry his two-handed overhead swing, he will most likely one-shot you, so some practice is in order. His moves are quite predictable, and once mastered, parrying Velstadt over and over again can be one of the most satisfying things to do in DS2. Due to his wide sideway swings, you sometimes even can parry him while standing behind him.
    A note on co-op: The parrying player should wear the redeye ring. Even if parried, the sideways swings still seem to hit other players behind the parrying player (it looks like the swing is interrupted only graphically and still connects to everything on its way as unparried).


By standing far away after he is down 50% he will almost always use a long casting time ranged attack. You can run up to him and get a lot of hits in, then back off and repeat.

  • At 50% health Velstadt casts hex, which acts identically as Sacred Oath miracle. It grants him damage reduction by half and few new attacks. However, with proper timing and a bit of luck player can avoid his going to the second phase.
  • Weak to Lightning, Magic and Strike.
  • Resistant to Fire, Dark and Slash.
  • Most hammer attacks can be parried. This does not allow to perform a riposte, but stuns him for long enough to land 2-3 hits.
  • His dark orbs don't seem to follow you at close range, so when he is about to fire them you can get behind him and he should fire them completely in the wrong direction while you can get a couple of hits in.


Move Set

  • Hammer Slam
  • Hammer Swing
  • Dark Burst
  • Kick



  • This boss is modeled after Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls. Coincidentally, they both are defending a defenseless being.
  • Garl defends Maiden Aestrea, while Velstadt defends king Vendrick to prevent a greater evil from taking the throne.


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    • Anonymous

      17 Jul 2021 04:26  

      I find his backstory cool. The loyal protector of king vendrik and his cutscene was badass. It is one of the coolest boss fights in ds 2 and a bit annoying. Because you have to run through an army of extremely powerful enemies to get to him. His attacks are easy to dodge but he hits very hard. After he activates his dark magic he could one shot you with his hammer and he have a lot of health. So patience is the key so dont get greedy.

      • Anonymous

        06 Jan 2021 08:19  

        I’m pretty sure if you enter the fight wearing the Fume Knight armor set/helm he instantly goes into his Second Phase, I could be wrong though

        • Anonymous

          05 Jul 2020 11:59  

          I had used a bonfire ascetic to get a second mace of the insolent. So I got some experience fighting Velstadt twice. Agdayne is absolutely useless for this fight. Dies super fast and doesn't really do much damage. Sometimes he won't even follow you into the boss arena. He's really not worth summoning unless you just really want to. I recommend making sure your AGI is high and your equip load low. Dodging is your best bet for beating this guy. You need that agility because his hammer hitbox is crazy and will hit you unless you're careful. Weapon is up to you but I was doing around 400 damage per swing with a +5 black knight halberd. Just dodge, get your attacks in, read his movements. I never parried him but you probably would benefit from it.

          • Anonymous

            22 Jun 2020 08:20  

            For eaaasy access: In the great pillar room, kill the undead in the room right under the stairs, but DON'T hit the bell! Then quickly exit to the left and kill the undead that heads towards the bell. Enter bell room again and wait for the third undead to rise. Kill him as well without touching the bell. Now you have the whole hall without ghosts. Aggro the middle big boi in front of the fog gate with an arrow, he will come alone - and once killed, won't respawn. Now walk along the wall behind the pillars to the left until you are at the skeleton. If you want to summon help, you can now become human. The sign is two pillars further and you will aggro the two *****heads. Whether or not you summoned, run around the last pillar up the stairs and enter.

            • Anonymous

              13 May 2020 06:40  

              *****, i piss off the Grave Warden Agdayne by bringing a torch to his place, and now i cant summon him, and i burred a bornfire to farm those witch and now i have to deal with this strong ass mother *****er with no help, oh boy, i died so many time

              • Anonymous

                03 May 2020 13:24  

                I beat him FIRST TIME on SOTFS edition (PC) using THREE NPCs...Devotee Scarlet + Grave Warden Agdayne + another one with a name like "Funkilot", although not sure if that was a human phantom? Looked like a Jester... I just used Soul Arrows - the only downside distance attack cowardice meant Grave Warden Agdayne died :-((

                • Anonymous

                  20 Apr 2020 05:58  

                  As he is sitting with his back to the entrance and his face towards the stairs to the King, I guess he is rather watching him and preventing Vendrick from leaving as part of his oath to protect him. In his state, the King would harm or kill himself, so he is entombed with his dearest knight watching over him. I love this story and it fits perfectly in these sad little snippets the DS-Lore consist of.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Mar 2020 05:57  

                    Oh I can dance around him all day. But after 20 minutes of battle my shield breaks and I cant do anything. He is not weak to lightning or magic or poison. What can I do here?

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Feb 2020 23:41  

                      To get to the boss easier, run behind the columns along the edge of the big hall to avoid the sorcerers, then you just have to make one roll past the knights to get to the door. Sometimes they'll charge up the steps fast enough to interrupt you, but usually this gets you right past untouched.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Dec 2019 15:41  

                        Really fun boss if you didn't have to fight the *****ing velstadt gang chilling out front that can randomly summon like four other ghosties that just gangbang your ass..

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Aug 2019 14:53  

                          Remember to take your time. He can be quite the hard hitter so don’t get greedy. Do a couple hits, wait and then repeat!

                          • Anonymous

                            02 May 2019 17:05  

                            Machado de bandido +8 com resina eletrica. Fui com a armadura de alva numa run sem morrer e sem fogueira e sobrevivi

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Sep 2018 02:50  

                              Magic great club +10 w/ring of blades and 32 strength, along with 2 handing, I dealt just under 800 damage a hit.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Jun 2018 15:33  

                                By far the easiest boss I’ve faced

                                First try

                                +8 estoc (that I JUST decided to give a try. Normally I use smelt ham/craft ham/ rapier)

                                No help

                                No weapon buff

                                Guess I kinda had him figured from the hex throwing chick fight

                                If you can do both of them...

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