Vendrick's Blessing


Once the player has acquired the 3 Crowns of the Lost Kings ( Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Ivory King) and the King's Crown, then they may travel into Vendrick's memory to receive some new dialogue, a short cut scene, and a blessing from the King. In the cut scene Vendrick appears to infuse the crown your character is holding with a new power. This gives a new bonus to the King's Crown and the 3 DLC crowns where, if worn, the player can no longer hollow or be cursed, similar to if they were wearing a Ring of Life Protection. Did the King find a 'cure' to the curse that he had been fighting for so long, or is it just another illusion...
  • Effect doesn't carry to next NG
  • While the blessing prevents hollowing on death it doesn't keep your collected souls on death (similar to losing as an invading red phantom), causing you to still have to recover your souls.
  • After getting Vendrick's blessing in NG+, the crowns from the last playthrough also regain their special abilities (tested with my already upgraded and blessed Crown of the Old Iron King)
  • It is to be noted, this effect is NOT a buff. Means, you will actually have to wear one of the three DLC crowns before you die, otherwise you will turn into the hollow

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