Vendrick's Blessing


Once the player has acquired the 3 Crowns of the Lost Kings ( Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, Crown of the Ivory King) and the King's Crown, then they may travel into Vendrick's memory to receive some new dialogue, a short cut scene, and a blessing from the King. In the cut scene Vendrick appears to infuse the crown your character is holding with a new power. This gives a new bonus to the King's Crown and the 3 DLC crowns where, if worn, the player can no longer hollow or be cursed, similar to if they were wearing a Ring of Life Protection. Did the King find a 'cure' to the curse that he had been fighting for so long, or is it just another illusion...
  • Effect doesn't carry to next NG
  • While the blessing prevents hollowing on death it doesn't keep your collected souls on death (similar to losing as an invading red phantom), causing you to still have to recover your souls.
  • After getting Vendrick's blessing in NG+, the crowns from the last playthrough also regain their special abilities (tested with my already upgraded and blessed Crown of the Old Iron King)
  • It is to be noted, this effect is NOT a buff. Means, you will actually have to wear one of the three DLC crowns before you die, otherwise you will turn into the hollow

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    • Anonymous

      13 Jul 2021 03:12  

      The blessing is great for PvP as a host. Wear one of the crowns and feel free to summon any red or dragon spirit, you only losesouls if you die, and assuming you fight at the Iron Keep bridge, it's very close to bonfire, so it's guaranteed you recover your souls upon death.
      The blessing doesn't give much for PvE, but it's handy for PvP when you didn't git gud enough.

      • Anonymous

        28 Jun 2021 06:32  

        Why doesn't it carry in ng+ ?

        i mean you get it so late in the game, and all the bosses you had to kill just to get it. All that just for it to begone when you go in ng+.

        I mean yes you can get it back in ng+ but it's only by repeating the same thing to get it again. It's tideous.

        I thought you can now start a new game without having to use human effigy's again. And i mean the buff only works if you have one of the crowns on so it's not that broken to be honest.

        So why even make it so you can't carry it in ng+ doesn't make any sense.

        • Anonymous

          13 Apr 2021 20:56  

          I killed all bosses in the game it didn't work. I did put vendricks area into ng+1 via bonfire ascetic so maybe that's why it isn't working?

          • Anonymous

            23 Feb 2021 17:17  

            just beat Ivory King and spoke to Vendrick. I don't have the King's Crown, yet he still gave me the blessing. Is this a bug or intended?
            Ver. 1.11, not SOTFS

            • Anonymous

              30 Jan 2021 06:53  

              I feel everyone is missing the fact that this is scholar of the first sin and vendricks brother has been pushing you toward vendrick and his knowledge of the soul and curse all so you could get the crown, let the flame fade, and rule the dark as the true monarch and the only one able to keep their humanity and immortality

              • Anonymous

                11 Jan 2021 05:14  

                So I had got all 4 crowns, and the kings crown, and went through the animation to revive his blessing. But when I put on a crown I’m still hollow. I’m still in the original new game. Please help?

                • Anonymous

                  03 Jan 2021 03:04  

                  It doesn't end the curse, you'll still respawn after death. I guess that's immortality for the bearer of the curse.

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Oct 2020 21:20  

                    well this was pointless i though that if i get the king blessing , i shall not be hollow anymore but seems to be very useless cause i think that wearing , ring of binding was no longer needed... damn i hate to hide my ugly hollow ass face with a bag of paper .PD actually a syans helm Llewelyn armor judgment gloves velstad leggins.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Sep 2020 02:56  

                      Do i need to collect all the crowns again on NG+ ? Because i don't get the blessings on NG+ aft i talked to him

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Sep 2020 14:21  

                        What's even the point of having this at the end of the game? You'll hardly have something to do when you get this

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Aug 2020 14:14  

                          I guess you are supposed to boss rush the dlcs doing only the main bosses and then once you have the blessing you can do lud and zallen, aged smelter, etc

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Aug 2020 12:23  

                            what's the not lore point in doing this if it won't carry over since you will probably have done everything by the time you get this

                            • Anonymous

                              05 May 2020 19:42  

                              Guess this is usefull for PVP as it lets you host infinite invasions, if you also summon some friends they become the king's guards protecting from invaders, could be fun if i wasn't so late to play this game online, at least on PS4 its freeking dead even with the corona out there

                              • Anonymous

                                29 Apr 2020 00:38  

                                Surprisingly I’m not the only one playing this years later lol. Lost interest after the 1st dark souls. Pandemic made me dust off my old 360 and continue dark souls 2.

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 Apr 2020 04:57  

                                  To all who said this was dumb, vendrick's blessing prove that the king has the immue from being hollowing though we found him hollwed, wandering round. The power is serve as a plot, an iceberg.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    21 Mar 2020 11:05  

                                    Did you just complete the game and have nothing else to do in it? Cool here's a power up that doesn't punish you for dying while aimlessly wandering around. Just don't take it with you into a new game, that would be silly.

                                    • 02 Feb 2020 05:44  

                                      It's absolutely ridiculous that you have to recomplete the DLCs on NG+. What's the point of a "no hollowing" buff when you have, at most, optional bosses and the last encounter left? I basically don't give a crap if I'm human or not then anyway and would take the armour aesthetic over the effect anyway.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        12 Jan 2020 13:47  

                                        Crap I can’t continue my seigmire cosplay but I want to wear the crown onion hat or crown what should I chose

                                        • Anonymous

                                          11 Jul 2019 17:10  

                                          "Effect doesn't carry to next NG" So what's the point knowing we'll get that at the very very very end of the game after tons of efforts??

                                          • Anonymous

                                            27 Apr 2019 09:51  

                                            Between this n actually being able to fix the rings of life protection, at a certain point in the game there’s really no reason u should be loosing souls

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