An attribute that determines your maximum equipment load.
  • Raises equipment load: 1.5 equip load per point (0-29), 1 equip load per point (30-49), 0.5 equip load per point (50-70), 0.5 equip load per two points (71-99).
  • Raises physical defense: (see **Strength for physical defense details)
  • Raises poison resistance**
  • Slightly increases HP for each point: +2 HP (0-20), +1 HP (21-50), +0 HP (51-99)
  • The Swordsman begins with the lowest Vitality at 4 and the Bandit starts with the highest Vitality at 11.
  • In order to maintain a fast roll your current equipment load must be 70% or less.
  • Maximum equipment load can be increased further by wearing the Royal Soldier's Ring, Dragon Rings, Sinner's Mask or Aurous Set.
  • Base stat at SL 0 is 31.

    • Anonymous

      03 Nov 2019 05:48  

      Is there a negative backlash for raising your vitality too high? Like, if your Vitality is past 30 points, then do you become slower no matter how much equipment you have on?

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