Vorgel the Sinner is a phantom invader that appears after the Belfry Gargoyles boss fight. After going down the ladder into an area full of dogs he will invade. He is a warrior type character wielding a spear and shield with light armor. Vorgel is quite fast and can be difficult to block due to his heavily aggressive attacks but he is also very easy to stunlock. Vorgel is a Royal soldier, much like Masterless Glencour and Ashen knight Boyd, However Vorgel is hostile, and is believed to be a traitor. Vorgel Wears the Royal soldier helm, leggings, and gloves, but wears the hollow variant of the Royal soldier armor. Much like the (non-hollowed) soldiers encountered in the memories of giants, Vorgel wields a spear and uses the non hollow variant of the Royal soldier shield.

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