Weapon Attack Speed

Disclaimer: It is not 100% accurate, since testing with metronome is always prone to human error. However it is definitely an accurate indicator for which class swings faster than the other.

Two Handed:

Rapier: 94 BPM

Dagger: 90 BPM

Curved sword: 90 BPM

Fist: 90 BPM

Claw: 90 BPM

Straight Sword: 88 BPM

Axe: 85 BPM

-Gyrm Axe has a swing speed of around 59 BPM

Hammer: 79 BPM

Reaper 73 BPM

Greatsword: 69 BPM(standard horizontal swing)

- Moonlight Greatsword's vertical swing significantly slower, Loyce Greatsword also slower

Katanas: 68 BPM

- Bewitched Alonne Sword and Washing Pole abit slower, around 65 BPM

Spear: 66 BPM

Halberd: 62 BPM

Lance: 60 BPM

Curved Greatsword : 58 BPM

- Curved Nil Greatsword is faster, around 61-62 BPM. Also murakumo feels close to 59 BPM but i am not sure

Greataxe: 53 BPM

Ultra Greatsword: Vertical swing 53 BPM, Horizontal swing 48 BPM

Greathammer: 45 BPM

- Sacred Chime 43 BPM, Giant Warrior Club 40 BPM, Smelter hammer even slower, but cannot determine the speed since it combos

Whip: 45 BPM

One Handed:

Rapier: 97 BPM

Dagger: 97 BPM

Claw: 90 BPM

Straight sword: 88 BPM

- (one of the occasions that creates the illusion that is faster that the 2 handed, just because it attacks faster from first hit to second, while it delays significantly before the new pair of attacks starts again)

Curved sword: 82 BPM

-Warped sword is faster, swings at 90 BPM

Reaper: 78 BPM

Hammer: 76 BPM

Axe: 75 BPM

Fist: 75 BPM

Greatsword: 70 BPM

Curved greatsword: 66 BPM

-Curved Nil Greatsword is faster, around 70 BPM

Katanas: 66 BPM

-Bewitched Alonne Sword around 57 BPM, Washing Pole around 61 BPM

Spear: 66 BPM

Lance: 60 BPM

Ultragreatsword: 53 BPM (horizontal swing)

Halberd: 53 BPM

Greataxe: 45 BPM

Greathammer: 45 BPM

-Sacred Chime, Giant Warrior and Smelter hammers all slower

Whip: 45 BPM


Straightsword: 82 BPM

Katanas: 82 BPM

Rapiers: 73 BPM

Spears: 66 BPM

Axes: 62 BPM

Hammers: 60 BPM

Lances: 60 BPM

Greatswords: 53 BPM

Reapers: 53 BPM

Ultra Greatswords: 49 BPM

Curved Greatswords: 49 BPM

Halberds: 49 BPM

Greataxes: 45 BPM

Greathammers: 45 BPM

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