Yorgh's Ring


"Ring of Sir Yorgh, who sought the blood of a dragon and invaded Shulva. Can deflect spells. When Sir Yorgh faced Sinh, the slumbering dragon, he drew blood with a flash of his steel, but Sinh responded by spewing forth the poison that had long brewed within him, blanketing the city in a miasmic cloud."

Yorgh's Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Players can equip up to 4 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. Some rings have upgraded versions, having a maximum of +3. Some can only be found in NG+. Rings can be repaired at a blacksmith, but not upgraded. Upgraded versions must be acquired throughout the game from corpses, chests, bosses, etc.


Yorgh's Ring Effects

Durability: 10





  • Has a chance to prevent any damage from spells that hit you.




Yorgh's Ring Locations


  • After the final boss fight. You find it on a corpse near to the portal, where you get the crown.






  • This ring gives all your actions ( attacks, spell casts, parrying, rolling, even drinking estus ) spell parry frames. Meaning, for example if you time an attack just right, you could hit the spell with your weapon and reflect it.
  • This ring also has a chance to deflect the projectiles from the Moonlight Greatsword, Drakewing Ultra Greatsword, and the Ice Rapiers strong attacks.
  • The rings durability will only go down with the automatic spell parries and will NOT go down when using an actually parry. (L2 parry)
  • If the ring parries a spell while you are using a Homeward Bone/Aged Feather you will complete the animation uninterrupted, but you will not teleport to the last bonfire.
  • Testing in the Shrine of Amana with multiple Amana Priestess' projectiles at once over the course of ~1 hour, the spell parry is almost certainly 50% (sample size of 2756 shots with 1374 automatically parried).
  • Interesting effects: If used together with the Immolation pyromancy, it has a much higher chance of reflecting spells.





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    • Anonymous

      The real reward for beating the sunken king dlc. Comes with a free crown! Also, the parry thing is working in Sotfs. I bounced ten shots with my mace of Insolence. I'm not that lucky to have 50% 10 times in a row. Trust me.

      • Anonymous

        So for me the red phantoms in frigid outskirts almost always get the rings effects. Idk what the true percentage is, but whenever Feeva or I tried to attack them with spells, they got deflected. Or it's just, "let's make the ****tiest area in DS history even more BS by adding spell resistant NPCs on NG+ cycles." And before you ask, I complete every NG cycle with all bosses, even Lud & Zallen so no evading that for me.

        • Anonymous

          "Grants the ability of spellparry for all weapons, shields and greatshield bash."
          This is completely untrue and was proven so 3 years ago. Why is it still here?

          • And you are right about it being a timer iv tested it as long as you see the radiation. Is a shield it deflects at times when the shield is at sertain spots

            • What about. Elena's hexes does it deflect them or are they not considered spells /hexes I'm kind of an exspert but I was wondering about this I dont want to wast my time aka effigies on her

              • Anonymous

                So, I'm sure you can see the faint pulse radiating from your character while the ring is equipped right? I have a theory that the deflection proc is based on a timer, linked to the pulsating effect. For example, it will proc and deflect a spell while the pulse is fading. Anyone understand what I'm suggesting?

                • I tested the fact if it would enable spell parrying on other shields, weapons etc. but tbh it doesn't seem to work so it would be smart to remove that line. :P

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