Hey all. I would like to showcase you a build I am enjoying in PvE and PvP.

The goal : *extreme* single hit damage. I am talking about 1000-1200 a hit with a buffed weapon with a R2, with instant kill backstabs, while still being able to move swiftly with high amount of stamina regen.


I picked Explorer as starting, because it seemed the best starting class for this build it starts with 12 ADP and has only 5/5 INT/Faith.


Stats and why


Vigor = 50, nice having a high health pool

Endurance = 45, Heavy weapons consume fair amount of stamina, with high amount of stamina this allows you to pool more stamina while being under 50% equipment load so you can roll more often as well.

VIT = 39 With 39 VIT you can pretty much wear alot of good / semi-heavy armor and still be below 50% equipment load.

ATN = 20, which gives you four spell slots gives you some variation with different kind of Pyromancy spells.

STR = 20, 18 is required to 2-hand the Malformed Skull. 20 is required to wear Havel, if you don't want to wear Havel you can go with 18.

DEX = 7, You need 7 DEX for the Malformed Skull

ADP = 12 (Base)

Faith/Intellect = 5 (base)


The Gear


Right hand

+10 Fire infused Malformed Skull 514+171 damage

+10 Mace - backup weapon

Left hand

Blossom Kite Shield - roughly 5% stamina regen, 4 weight, worth it imo.

+10 Pyromancy flame

No head piece - I don't wear a headpiece, because that lets me stay below 50% equipment load, also I like to see my character so that's the second reason for not wearing a headpiece.

Smelting Demon's Armor, Looking Glass Knight Armor, or Old Knight Looking Armor - I picked Smelting Demon because it looks the nicest to me. Looking Glass Knight is heavier and has abit more defense, Old Knight Armor is lighter and could score you 1-2 more END or ADP, how you wanna put it.

Havels Boots + Gloves - Most poise per weight, don't look too bad with SD.Armor

Third Dragon Ring/Royal Soldier's Ring +2 - to achiev 50% equipment load

Cloranthy ring - Gives roughly 8.5% Stamina regen, worthed period.

4th ring - Up to you I swap between Knuckle Ring +2 so Malformed skull doesn't break to fast, since it has only 20 durability. Life Ring +2 is also an option, can never go wrong with more health otherwise you can use an elemental defense ring if you don't like above mentioned rings.

This puts me below 50% equipment burden, able to recover stamina relatively fast for a heavy armor/weapon build also don't forget about Green Blossoms!


Flame Weapon

Great Combustion

Chaos Storm

Warmth or Great Fireball. I personally pick Warmth while invading and Great Fireball otherwise.

General explanation
1. Buff your weapon with Flame Weapon

2. Use Green Blossom

It's a hard build to play, very open to backstabs and punishment.

A rolling R1 will hit people 800+ damage, a forward R2 1000+. Backstabs will almost always 1-shot people if you are buffed up, and if they aren't stacking HP/50 Vigor.

This build also crushes PvE. Every hit is 1000+ on bosses, it 1-shots almost every enemy in the game. Again, be very careful of the low durability of Malformed Skull in PvE as it tends to break fast. If you use this weapon in PvE farm multiple Malformed Skulls or heavily stock up on Repair Powder.

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