Updated Nov 5, 2014 5:39 pm

Character Building is about coordinating your stats, equipment and magic with your play-style. It is recommended to decide on a few factors before thinking of a build:

1. What is this character for? PvE? PvP? Will it co-op?
2. What kind of role will this character play? Offensive? Defensive? Balanced?
3. What Soul Memory will this character play at? Is the gear you want available in NG or NG+?
4. Is this build for beginners, intermediate or advanced players?

Once you have this general idea, you can think about the equipment you want to provide for your character in detail. You should consider stamina, poise and other mechanics outlaid in the Combat page before deciding. You may also want to visit the wiki's PvP forum to see other builds and strategies too.

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    • Anonymous

      Wtf is this? This isn't helpful in the slightest, I was hoping to find something more informative than "level up the health and stamina stat"...

      • Anonymous

        So one of the things the game doesn't tell you is that the speed in which you use items and the number of i-frames you have for your roll dodge are both affected by your AGL stat. You up this by putting points into ADP. It's also affected by ATN but not by much. AGL doesn't need to go much past 110 for i-frames but that's still going to be a fair number of levels. Luckily levels don't matter as much in this game compared to 1 or 3.

        • Anonymous

          This is not much help. I assume that is the point of Dark Souls so you can do almost anything with your character but a little more guidance would be nice. I mean should i try and raise stats so i can make miracles or raise my stats so i can use soul arrows. or both and would that spread me to thin or would it be nearly impossible to advance very far without the ability to heal without a estus flask. If you haven't noticed this game has made me a little crazy

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