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Every character starts with 38.5 maximum equip burden regardless of stats, and is then added 1.5 units to the maximum for every vitality point up to 29. This is when diminishing return kicks in and you start gaining less and less with every stat point invested.
For example, a Warrior will start out with 38.5 + 6 Vitality (9) = 47.5 maximum equip burden, a Bandit will start with 38.5 + 11 Vitality (16.5) = 55 maximum equip burden.

You can increase your maximum equip burden by using:

These items will increase maximum equip burden multiplicatively (only tested with rings)
So a character with 25 Vitality will get an increase of 37.5 Equipment Load. (25 * 1.5 = 37.5)
Total: 76 Equipment Load
Adding a Royal Soldier's Ring(Increase Maximum Load by 10%) and Third Dragon Ring(Increase Maximum Load by 12.5%)
(76 * 1.1) * 1.125 = 94.1 Equipment Load (Exact was 94.05 but Dark Souls 2 rounds to the nearest tenth)

Another example to show round-off:
Character with 14 Vitality gets an increase of 21 Equipment Load
Total: 59.5 Equipment Load
Adding Royal Soldier's Ring(Increase to Maximum Load by 10%) and Second Dragon Ring(Increase to Maximum Load by 10%)
(59.5 * 1.1) * 1.1 = 72.0 Equipment Load (Exact was 71.995)

Your equipment load percentage is in the bottom right in the equipment screen.
  • The higher your percentage, the slower your stamina bar will recover stamina. The change appears to be linear.
  • The higher your percentage, the shorter your roll distance
  • If your equip load percentage is greater than 70%, your roll will be significantly slower. Up to 70%, all roll speed is the same.
  • If your equip load percentage is greater than %100, your walk, run, and sprint speeds become slower
Note: Decrease in walk, run and sprint speed become greater capping at over encumbered at 120% rendering you unable to run, sprint and use evasive actions. Combo attacks that utilize the roll and jump back. Can still be used at own risk.

Video demonstration about the difference between 0% - 25% - 50% - 70% equip load (also keep an eye on the stamina recovery time):

Video covering most (all?) of the effects of equip load:

A graph of the stamina recovery numbers from the above video:
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