giant dad build

simple build for pvp

not built to win however with skill this can win

necessary items
zweihander (any infusion)+10
blossom kite sheild+10
manikin mask+10
rusted mastodon armor+10
faraam gauntlets+10
faraam boots+10
red tearstone ring
ring of blade +1/2
third dragon ring
life ring+1/2

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    • Anonymous

      This is not a Giant dad build - its maybe more like a Giant dad cosplay.
      The real Giant dad is not the visuals, its the idear - to use the zweihander and be as cheap as possible. So for DS2 you want to obviously use these rings: Third dragon ring, Havels ring. Cause stammina health endurance and so on. For the extra slots we want Stone Ring, cause what does the Giant dad build? Staggering people to death with a *****ing chaos zwei, right? So stonering makes that possible - than add life oder blade ring for extra life/damage - both work.

      Then you want to stack poise and physical armor to trade blows - So something like full havels with the addition of the turlechest to be simply immun to backsteps - so no punishes. Do org. infusion for lower level pvp and spend all you'r stats on defense. When higher level pvp you want to buff damage on the zwei with str and so on as usuall. There you go. Zwei is cause of the moveset probably still the best weapon for that kind of play.

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