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  • Bosses: Aava, The King's Pet
  • Bonfires: Outer Wall, Abandoned Dwelling
  • Clearing this area opens ??
  • Must unlock ?? for multiplayer


Frozen Eleum Loyce Map

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Frozen Eleum Loyce Walkthrough

Entering a Winter Wonderland

To enter this DLC, get the Frozen Flower in Drangleic Castle, then head to the Shrine of Winter and interact with the structure there to get teleported to the Frozen Eleum Loyce. Head through the door a bit in front of you and up the stairs, to finde the first bonfire (Outer Wall bonfire) in this area. The first time you try to cross the bridge, a snowstorm will be blowing against you, with a voice warning to not enter Loyce, as the Old Chaos is still there. Stubborn as we are, we ignore all warning and enter Loyce anyway.

Going downwards

First, we want to explore the area on the right, so go down the stairs to meet our first new enemy, the Rampart Soldier. Entering the building at the end of the stairs, two more Rampart Soldiers are going to greet us. After taking care of them, loot the corpse on the left of the entrence for 4x Radiant Lifegem. Going down the stairs, another Rampart Soldier is going to wait around the corner. The way further inside this building is blocked by an elevator filled with coffins, so we are going to take the other doorway instead and take a breath of fresh air.
On the other side of the way, another Rampart Soldier is going to chase after us. On the way, we will find an enemy that shares some similarities with the Heide Knights back in Heide's Tower of Flame: the Retainer Rogue. As the mentioned Heide Knights, they will innitally not be hostile towards the player. They will only turn hostile once we offer our help to Alsanna, who we will meet later. When turned hostile, they will try to hide to backstab the player, for now though, they are not going to be a threat. Continuing going forward, we come across a corpse with 2x Goldenfruit Balm and a stairway downwards. Be carefull though, as another Rampart Soldier is trying to ambush us around the corner on the left when going near the stairway. Remember the Stray Hounds from The Lost Bastille? Going down the stairway, we will encounter 3 more of them, along with a corpse holding a Winged Spear +7. After that, follow the remaining stairs into a snow covered area. Turn around to see a corpse leaning against the stairway, containing 5x Torch.

The Frozen Fountain Area and the second Bonfire

Following the path ahead of us, we will notice some corpses with loot on the right of us, blocked by ice boulders, these can't be removed right now, so we leave them for now and continue forward, reaching an open area with a frozen fountain, populated by more Rampart Soldiers and Retainer Rogues. Be carefull while moving around this area, as the Rampart Soldier with the crystals on his back will shoot his magic projectiles at you from far away. While 2 more normal Rampart Soldiers can be spotted in plain sight, another one will be hiding behind the ice wall close to the where the Rampart Soldier with the crystals is. Going through the opening in the wall, another Rampart Soldier can be seen in front of us, be carefull though, as another crystal-back Rampart Soldier will shoot and charge from the opening on the left. After taking care of all of them, go into the opening to the left to find a corpse with 5x Small Blue Burr. Going outside again, move a bit forward and turn left again, to see another Rampart Soldier, shooting his magic at you. Either take him out with ranged attacks, or run around the little snowwall in front of you, to find the stairways up to him and another crystal-back Rampart Soldier.

Either way, after having taking care of all the enemies here, head into the building and up the stairs, into a room with many barrels and crates, as well as 3 more Rampart Soldiers and another Stray Hound. We have now the choice to go through the metal door on the right of the stairs or through the one on the other side of the room, behind all the crates and barrels. The door on the left leads us to more stairs and another crystal-back Rampart Soldier as well as 2 more Retainer Rogues. On the top of the stairs, a Rampart Golem is waiting for us. After dispatching him, we will find the 3 frozen chests he guarded, which we cant open right now though. Instead, we will go to the opening in the railing and drop down to the snow covered area below us. There, we will find two corpses and another Retainer Rogue; the corpse near the cliff containing 3x Monastery Charm, the one leaning at the tree containing the Dark Clutch Ring. Going up the snow near the tree, we will right back at the bottom of the building.

Through the other door, there are 2 more crystal-back Rampart Soldiers as well as 3 more Retainer Rogues are waiting for us as well as a 3 more possible ways. If you are in the need of a bonfire, go into the building to the right, where you can drop down to the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire.


(needs improving)
To enter this DLC, go to the Shrine of Winter and interact with the structure there. You will be teleported to a new snowy area. To your right is a set of stone slabs where players that don't have this DLC can place their summoning signs to be summoned to one of the DLC bosses.
In front of you is a big iron door that takes you to Frozen Eleum Loyce.
Go up the stairs and light the bonfire.
Head to the opening ahead, enter it then turn right. Down the stairs there will be a Rampart Soldier waiting, kill him and head through the doorway to find another one.
On the left there is a body holding 4x Radiant Lifegem.
A third soldier will be attracted by the fighting noises and will come up the stairs to attack you, kill him and go down the stairs on the left.
Another soldier will try to ambush you from the left, after killing him take the left exit (the other one is blocked for now).
Cross the path and kill the next soldier.
Pick up 2x Goldenfruit Balm from the body and head outside.
A soldier will come from the left to attack you, kill him and continue down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs,on the right, there is a yard with 3 Rampart Dogs and a body holding a Winged Spear +7.
Continue down the main path and when you reach snow covered floor, turn left and pick up 5x Torch from the body near the edge.
Take the right path now, you will see ice boulders blocking the path to some bodies holding items, leave them for now as you can only reach those and many other items/chests later in this DLC.
Continue ahead and you will see a frozen fountain on the left and a group of enemies.
After killing them there will be 2 more ahead waiting for you. Turn left and pick up 5x Small Blue Burr from the body.
Back to the main path, go up the stairs on the left and kill the 2 soldiers there.
Enter the misty doorway on the left and go up the stairs.
On the left there will be many crates, beware that behind them there is a group of enemies.
Open the door behind those enemies and go up the stairs ahead.
Kill the Rampart Spearman and the Soldier ahead.
Enter the building on the left and kill the weak enemy there. Break the crates and go down the icy path.
Enter the cave on the right and kill the Rampart Lancer. Further ahead another Lancer will emerge from the snow. Pick up the Old Bell Helm from the body.
If you're feeling froggy and don't need a bonfire yet, you can take on some tough enemies for the key to the DLC's optional area. Go back to the frozen path between buildings, follow it to the end, and light the four sconces to open the door (You cannot light the sconces until AFTER you've defeated Aava the King's Pet and spoken to the Oracle. Until then, the wind will keep blowing your torch out. So you cannot get the Garrison Ward Key until after Aava is dead) . Inside you will find a Flexile Sentry on the right, and a path up above the roomful of Retainer Rogues on bleachers. After eliminating the sentry and the rogues, you will find another sentry waiting at the far end of the stone auditorium guarding the Garrison Ward Key. Once all enemies are taken care of, collect the items littered along the bleachers, and check the left wall (while entering the cave) for an illusory wall leading up to a body with the Bone Fist. Optional objectives in hand, let's return to the main path.
Go back and now enter the building on the right.
Drop down to the lower level and light the bonfire.
Go outside and kill the Crystal Golem.
On the back left there is another Golem.
Go up the ramp, kill another Golem, go up the stairs and kill the soldier.
Another Golem will emerge below, go down and kill it.
On the right there is a path between the 2 buildings, follow it, turn left and pick up a Ring of the Embedded from the body. Go back, but instead of turning right to go back to the path between the buildings, go ahead and turn right on this path.
You will find a body holding the hex Dark Dance.
Drop down and go up the stairs.
Keep following this path and turn left when you see an opening.
A Rampart Lancer will be guarding a big metal door. Kill him and pull the lever to open the door.
A body nearby has 5x Radiant Lifegem.
At this point, you can make use of the previously retrieved Garrison Ward Key. (If you didn't retrieve it from the Flexile sentries earlier, then skip this section and continue with the main path.) With the key in hand, proceed through the large doors and turn left. Eliminate the Rampart Golem and the three kneeling hollows (they will get up and attack you from behind if you leave them) and open the previously locked door to find the Expulsion Chamber bonfire. Examine the nearby coffin to be transported to the optional area Frigid Outskirts.
Go through the door and turn right, going up the spiral stairs.
Kill the Lancer at the top, keep going forward and turn left.
Go inside the building and turn left again.
When you enter the next building, a soldier will attack you from the left. Enter that area and pull the lever. This will remove the stuff that was blocking a path very close to the start of Frozen Eleum Loyce.
Back to the main path, keep going ahead and kill the Lancer on the left.
Pick up 8x Green Blossom from the body.
Down the stairs a soldier waits for you, kill it and enter the doorway. Drop down and keep going forward.
Pick up a Crimson Water, and keep going down the stairs.
You will see a lit structure ahead, go there and pick up the Eye of the Priestess from the skeleton at the altar.
This item will allow you to see the invisible enemies and bosses that exist in this DLC.
Outside this building turn right and go down the path leading left.
Kill the warpick holding enemy and keep following that path.
On the way there are 2 bodies holding items, they are 5x Alluring Skull and a Skeptic's Spice.
Further ahead there is a fog door on the left, enter it and light the bonfire ahead.
Turn left (facing the bonfire) and pull the lever to open the door.
The next room has 2 Rogue Sorcerers and several soldiers.
Kill them and turn right after exiting the room.
Go up the stairs and pick up 2x Dried Root.
You will be invaded by a NPC called Holy Knight Aurheim.
Go up the next stairs and kill the sorcerer and soldiers up there. The three Frozen Golems in this room are surrounding a chest that contains the Curved Nil Greatsword.
Enter the left doorway and go up the stairs.
You will see many barrels in this corridor, one of them near the end is the invader in disguise, so destroy them all and kill the invader.
Open the chest at the end and pick up 10x Silver Talisman.
Enter the doorway on the right and go up the stairs.
At the top drop down to the lower path and you will be in the first area of Frozen Eleum Loyce again.
Turn left and enter the mist to fight the boss, Aava, the King's Pet.
After killing the boss, go through the doorway and up the stairs to enter the Grand Cathedral.

Finding the Eleum Loyce Knights

(needs improving)
After visiting the Cathedral, you need to return to the Frozen Eleum Loyce to find the Knights that will assist you before the final boss fight. Remember that when going through these areas that the ice have been melted a lot of places meaning that there will be a lot of loot available from unfrozen chests, the Retainer Rogues will get up and fight you and enemies killed near the Frozen Giants will wake them up and attack you(like the doors and giants in Drangleic Castle).

  • From the Outer Wall bonfire go to the frozen fountain area. Go straight ahead from the fountain, through the archway and down the small set of stairs ahead. You will need to cross the destroyed bridge by going all the way down to the ground and come back up on the other side.

    Enter the building on the right by the destroyed bridge and step on the elevator. At the bottom go outside and kill the three Rampart Hedgehog that are next to the two corpses with loot. Go left through the archway to an area with a lot of small pillars. Rampart Hedgehogs will be lying in wait as well as some corpses with loot. Keep to the left and you are now in a big open area with several Hedgehogs. Three Witchtrees will be attacking you from the walkway above and you will get invaded by the red phantom Hexer Nicholai. Keep to the right in this area and you will find a ladder going up on the right wall just before the huge metal gate.

    Go up the ladder and loot the chest nearby. You can enter the building near the chest, this is where you need to go, but if you backtrack along the walkway you will find another building with the Lower Garrison bonfire. Go inside the building near the ladder and the chest from before and up the stairs. You will see a white phantom. He will pretend to be friendly until he gets a chance to backstab you! Get rid of him and go up the stairs until you see a ledge outside. Go there an pull the lever. Drop down and go through the huge gates.

    At the bottom of the cave kill the white Covetous Demon and take the exit on the far right. A couple of Rampart Hedgehog are waiting for you in the tunnel. The end of the tunnel splits into two, the left leads to a door that serves as a shortcut and the right leads to an outside area with several Rampart Hedgehogs and four sleeping Frozen Giants. Go through the area, into the doorway at the end and step on the elevator. You are now on the other side of the destroyed bridge!

    If you turn left when leaving the building with the elevator you can fight three Rampart Golems (can kill/damage them with enviroment if you take the other path first) for Azal's Staff and some loot at the end of the bridge. Go up the hill, you will encounter a few Hedgehogs and Golems on the way to the top. In front of the door is a snow ball you can hit that will roll down the hill over the bridge and cover the whole in the middle of the bridge, opening a shortcut and damaging golems. (why would one need this shortcut is still news to me) Open the door at the building at the top of the hill and you will have freed one of the Loyce Knights.

  • From the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire go outside and up the snowy ramp on the left and up the stairs at the end. Go through the doorway on the left at the end of the walkway(You will now be at the short bridge with a Rampart Golem and the lever that opened the metal door was). Turn right, passing the circular room and go up the spiral stairs. If this is the first time you pass through this area after melting the ice you can enter the door before the spiral stairs to a circular room. There is a Rampart Soldier in here with several chests that can now be looted. Watch out as one of them is a Mimic!

    At the top of the spiral stairs there are three paths to take. This first is to the left, the one you took the first time you went through this area. The second is to the right and have two enemies stading by ballistas and a Pharros Contraption at the end. The third is straight ahead, take that one to get to the Knight. Go down the stairs and kill the Lancer. Exit the building, turn left and go down the stairs. Watch out since the two Rampart Soldier across the courtyard might be shooting at you.

    Enter the building, you will now be in a long hallway with wooden floors that have a lot of holes. There will be two Rampart Soldier and a Rampart Spearman in the hallway plus a third Rampart Soldier on the second balcony on the right(He can be sniped from the first balcony, which you can get to by simply running across the hallway when you enter. At the end of the hallway you will be in a small room with two ladders, one going down and one going up. Going up the ladder leads to a small room with a door you can open for a shortcut(the door at the small bridge that is just before the circular room with the chests and the spiral staircase).

    From the shortcut-door go down the ladder and down the next one as well. A Rampart Spearman will be waiting at the bottom. From where the Spearman was standing you can snipe a Rampart Soldier that is standing on the wooden floor in the hallway on the level below. Continue down the next ladder where a Rampart Golem will be waiting. Go down the hallway, to the left is a balcony with a corpse holding Ring Of Resistance +1 and to the right is a ladder leading down to the ground floor of the building. Four Rampart Stray Dog will come running to attack you just as you step off the ladder. Be careful not to run too much around in the hallway when fighting the dogs as three more dogs lie in wait in the opposite end of the hallway(the end where you originally entered the building). The small room where the dogs came from have a chest with some loot. Run to the end of the hallway(opposite end of the small room with the chest) and dispatch the three dogs. Go through the winding hallway that leads back outside.

    Follow the walkway past the building with the elevator(this leads back after you have freed the Loyce Knight). Before the end of the walkway you will be invaded by Castaway Witch Donna. Kill her and dispatch the Rampart Golem that waits at the end. Open the door and you will have freed one of the Loyce Knights.


  • Travel to the Inner Wall bonfire. This entire next section will be littered with slumbering Frozen Giants. These will come to life and attack you if an enemy is killed near them, so either kite the enemies away from the Giants or be ready when you wake one up.

    Go down the hallway to the room with the 2 Retainer Sorcerers and several Rampart Soldiers. There is also two Frozen Giants and two chests in this room(Watch out, one is a Mimic!). Turn right and go up the stairs and up the next set of stairs. You are now in the room with 3 slumbering Frozen Giants in the center, two Rampart Spearman and a Retainer Sorcerer that will attack as soon as you reach the top of the second set of stairs. If you don't want to wake up the giants you can kite the Spearmen and Sorcerer down the stairs and kill them in the big empty room.

    From the three giants go down the path that was blocked by ice earlier, you will now be in a long hallway with 2 sleeping Frozen Giants, a Retainer Sorcerer and a Rampart Soldier. At the end of the hallway turn right and the door on the left leads to the Loyce Knight. Passing by that door is a corridor with loot by the end and a secret wall to its right side in the middle. The stairs behind the Loyce Knight lead to a shortcut to the Grand Cathedral.


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