Minimalist spoiler walkthrough by Meeseeks

Each section is done step by step as to how I approached each location, starting from the first location and going step by step will be the easiest way to locate all the loot.
(BF - Bonfire) (FFG - Forrest of Fallen Giants) (HTF- Heide's Tower of Flame)

Forrest of Fallen Giants

From Majula BF, take the narrow passage leading into a room with a stone wall ending in a large stone column.

Bonfire to Bonfire

1. Exiting the stone corridor from Majula into the FFG cross the first bridge and exit the tunnel. Go directly to the right into the river, follow the river down heading towards the Hollows, while following the river down there will be a small duct off area on from the right of the river; this is your first bonfire in FFG.

2. Head directly from BF1 across the river onto the road again, from here head further down towards fallen tree acting as bridge, crossing the river towards the Hollow that is shooting arrows to his left will be a ladder, head up the ladder; from here we will head into the fog door near the far left of the giant tree, follow this path either heading into the broken wall or taking a left at the end of the walkway, you will come to a set of stairs heading up with a hollow archer, follow the ladder up past the hollow archer, BF2 is inside the metal door to your right of this area along with a merchant.

2(A). Head down the ladder from BF2, head towards the door to your left and into the fog wall, go up the fallen tree to the top of the wall, you will see lots a wooden barricades up here, at the end of the walkway right before the stairs heading down to a lower section stop here. Before the stairs look from the left corner at the wall you will see a large amount of boxes and barrels, using any flame weapon or exsplosive you can destroy this wall by attacking the barrels gaining another access point to BF2.

2(B). From the area of the wall you broke to gain another access point to BF2, follow this path down the set of stairs, go down the ladder, head towards the Turtle knight and enter the doorway he was guarding. From here follow the path heading towards the large fallen stone sword thats acts a bridge of sorts, and enter the door opposite the giant sword to the left, you will come back to the area with the closed gate heading up to BF2, you can now open the door allowing easier access to this room and BF2.

3. From BF2 head down the ladder and into the room that connects toarea with 3 rooftops you must travers, before entering the room with the rooftops there is a door on your right, open this door and follow this path all the way down turning left to another door, open this door and walk across the wooden planks, staying on the grass ledge in front of the building, you can jump to the other side of this area or go through the hole in the building near the large wooden gate, on this side of the area there is another building with a large hole in its wall, inside is BF3 the last bonfire in FFG.

Loot Locations 1.Rusted Coin – From Majula's BF head down the narrow path into a stone corridor on your right is a wall with a giant pillar at the end, go around the pillar head back up towards the entrance you will see a metal chest.
2.Human Effigy x1 – Exiting the stone corridor that leads into FFG, pull the lever to have a large gate open, you will come to a bridge with a river flowing underneath, cross the bridge and the narrow plank (Very easy to lose balance here) open the wooden chest. From here you will a body with an item on it to your left, do not attempt the jump there is an easier way.
3.Homeward Bone/ Soul of lost undead – Exiting the cave you entered from the stone corridor take a right and follow the flowing river back up to another open cave take another right over some small rocks whence inside the cave, this is the item you saw earlier from loot #2.
4.Lifegem x1 – After exiting the cave from loot #3 follow the river directly down on your right just before BF1 it is on a corpse leaning on a tree.
5.Soul of lost undead x1 – follow the river all the way down to its end past the fallen tree that acts as a bridge, on a corpse to the left lying in the water.
6.Human Effigy x1 / Lifegem x1 / Broken strait sword – After climbing the ladder to the top with the Heide Knight leaning around a massive tree these 3 items will be on 3 separate corpses surrounding the massive tree and the Heide Knight.
7. Soul of a nameless soldier x1 / Throwing knife x10 – Looking directly at the Heide Knight or from the ladder you climbed from BF1 go right into a large stone archway covered in moss, you will see an item far down on an edge, you probably saw this item from BF1, take a running jump and you will make it, they are on a corpse sprawled out on the ledge.
8.Soul of a lost undead x1 / Short sword – Going back to the archway from loot #7 climb the ladder to your left, follow the path to a brake in the walkway where the archer hollow was, take a running jump these are on a corpse at the end.
9. Heide Knight sword – This can be a bit tricky, this item is dropped from the Heide Knight sitting below the massive tree talked about in loot #7/8 There are 3 good ways I can think of killing him. (A) His moveset it pretty simple dodge and attack, pulling of 3 successful hits should stun him giving you time to evade, recover your stamina and repeat. (B) From the area where you found loot #8 fall into the small brake in the path onto a ledge, bathe him in a sea of arrows! (C) Lure him into attacking you and wreck him with some good ole soul arrow.
10. Wood bolt x20 – Enter the fog gate to your left from loot #9-6, follow the path into the broken wall, break the book case near the open door.
11. Buckler – follow the path from loot # 10 all the way up to the top of a stone wall, head towards the very back of this area around where the firebomb throwing knight was, it's in a dip in the ground near the broken parts of the wall.
12.Witching urn x5 – Head up the ladder near loot # 11, you will come up to a higher section of the wall before will a stone building with a metal door the your right, ignore the door and go straight to the end of the wall, it will be on a corpse leaning the edge of the wall.
13.Small leather shield / Repair powder x1 – From loot #12 head into the metal door containing BF2 and the merchant, take the stairs to a door that says Locked if tried to open, this door can be broken with any weapon. Open the wooden chest in this room.
14. Hand axe / Radiant Lifegem x1 – in the same room as loot #13 on a corpse behind the large wooden cart.
15. Estus Shard / Small white soapstone – Open the wooden door in the room loot # 13/14 is located, in a metal chest on your right.
16. Divine Blessing x1 – From loot # 15 drop down from the hole in the wall onto a branch f the giant tree directly above BF2. This can be very tricky and the drop can kill you early game if you're low on health.
17. Human Effigy x1 – From BF2 head directly straight out to door and fall onto the wooden ledge below, you will see a corpse near the end stuck halfway on a stone ledge in front of you, make a running jump and loot him.
18.Soul of a lost undead x1 / Torch x1 – from loot #17 go directly straight towards a large fallen tree you can walk on, this leads to a lower wooden ramp section continue down, from here there is another fallen tree leading to the ground floor loot the corpse in the middle of the tree on your way to the ground floor.
19.Lifegem x3 – from the ground floor walk all the way towards the rubble with a large fire behind it, on a corpse sprawled out to your right.
20.Fire longsword – Enter the cave that's on the ground floor where loot #19 is, decently down there is a door to your left with a metal chest. For some reason opening to door negates any of the fire damage so don't worry about being killed as long as you open the door before the fireball comes.
21. Soul of a proud knight x1 – This is the item on the skeleton corpse right before the door entered to get loot # 20. Be careful as the fireball can hit you from here.
22. Soul of a lost undead x1 – From BF2 head down the ladder and across the small stone bridge, this is on a corpse leaning on the wall in the area before the locked door to your right.
23. Human Effigy x1 – From loot #22 take a left into the open archway, head into the fog gate, from the large fallen tree go up maybe an inch and drop to the floor level, take the ladder up the roof and follow this a wooden walkway onto another roof, make a running jump to the next wooden platform, drop from this platform to another wooden platform and enter the cave to your left, surprises await, this is on the corpse you saw while entering the cave.
24.Majula house key – From loot # 23 follow the path up and talk to the NPC digging around in the dirt, exhaust his dialogue and he will give you this key.
25. Amber herb x1 – from the left of loot #24 this is on a corpse at the end of the path.
26. Torch x1 – head back out of the cave from loot# 24/25 and go up the ladder located on this wooden platform, this will lead up to a wall, follow this path all the way down it will lead you to the very first roof you accessed from the ladder on the ground floor of this area. Head back to the second rooftop and up the wooden planks to your left that drops into a circular stone room, it is on a corpse leaning on the circular wall.
27.Titanite shard – roll through the door on the left of loot # 26 back to the ground floor, once again head back up the ladder and make your way to wooden platforms directly past the first roof, take a running jump into the small break of rooftop #2, from here fall down onto a lower wooden platform, this wooden platform has two paths one that goes left towards the wooden gate this is where the shard is, the right path will take you back to the ground floor where the ladder to access the first rooftop is.
28.Green blossom x1 – from loot #27 take the path back to the ground floor, for the very last time thank god, climb the ladder that bring you up to rooftop #1, take a right a drop down to the area where the large fallen tree is and head on up, follow this path all the way down to a ladder that leads to another ground floor with a large whole in the wall to the right, and area to the left, and Pate the NPC sitting on some boxes from the stone platform your came down on from ladder drop down instead of going down the stairs it is on a corpse.
29. Large soul of a lost undead x1 / Blue wooden shield / Great soul arrow / Titanite shard /Sorcerers staff / Amber herb x2 / Cloranthy ring / Titanite slab / Life ring / Large Titanite shard – All of these are located in the room with the ballista's near NPC pate. The first 3 items are on corpses in this room, the shard is in a trapped chest on the bottom floor of this room you can get to via a ladder behind the ballistae. The next two items are behind an illusionary wall to the right of the ladder you climbed down but on the first floor of the room. The cloranthy ring and Titanite slab are behind the pharos lock, the life ring and Titanite shard are behind the locked door that you can break down with your weapon.
30.Aromatic ooze x3 – Directly from pate enter the area he talks about with the raised metal gate, the gate will drop once you enter, from here go into the small door at the end of this area at the very end of the hall before the stairs it is on a corpse.
31.White soapstone – Follow the path from loot #30 all the way to the end drop off to the area in front of NPC pate, talk to him again and he will give this to you.
32. Light crossbow - from pate enter the area where you see the large turtle knight at, go right and clump the ladder that is on your right this takes you to the upper wall across from where you dropped down from loot #31 and the item is on a corpse.
33. Soul of a nameless soldier x1 / Torch x1 / Mail breaker / Infantry helm - enter the door at the end of the wall from loot #32 from this area you will see the first two items on a wooden ledge jump to it and loot the corpse; the other two items are in a metal chest below this platform.
34. Large soul of a lost undead - dropping back down to where the turtle knight was, head towards the large tree in the back this soul is behind the tree.
35. Lifegem x1 / Homeward bone x1 - head into the door the turtle knight was guarding and take a right and go up the stairs it is on a corpse.
36. Amber herb x2 - from loot #35 head all the way to the end if the room it is behind the pillar right after the large fallen stone sword.
37. Halberd / Soul of a nameless soldier x1 - from loot #36 go up the large fallen stone sword it is behind the hollow knight.
38. Fire arrow x10 - enter the fog gate near loot #36/37 take the path on your left to a locked gate it is on your right near the edge.
39. CRYSTAL LIZ - from the fog gate in loot #38 take a right into the open doorway it is right as you enter.
40. Large leather shield / Lifegem x1 - from loot #39 it is in the same room down the stairs.
41. Ring of restoration / Torch x3 - Using the soldiers key obtained from killing the last giant boss, head back towards the ladder that brings you to BF2 from the ladder go across the small stone bridge and unlock the previously locked wooden door and open the wooden chest. This is also the door across from loot #39/40 if you need another reference point.
Salamander Pit Loot
Firstly, to access this area there is about 3 ways. The worst way would be to use the silver cat ring and jump down onto the junk near the left side of this area from the ladder at BF2, the second way also not so easy is to head back to the salamander at loot #20 (fire longsword) and attempt to jump through the hole were the salamander is, the best way however is to head back towards the fog gate where the Last Giant boss was, right before the fog gate is a locked door on your left using the Iron Key (from the Iron Keep BF1 this is the item underneath the first fire breathing horse statue right after you cross the bridge and enter the keep)
On to the looting!
  1. Firedrake stone – On a corpse on the ground level on the pit.
  2. Soul of a proud knight x1 – a skull on the ground level is holding this.
  3. Hawk ring – a skeleton in the corner of the pit holds this item.
  4. Flame quartz ring +1 – In a chest near loot #3.
  5. Cracked red eye orb x2 – In the lower area of the pit on a corpse.
  6. Rebels greatshield – Located near the last salamander on a skeleton.

You've now looted the entire FFG, let's go wreck Heides Tower of Flame!

Heide's Tower of Flame

Bonfire to Bonfire

1. From the Majula BF head towards the Covenant of Champions stone, however take a left into the stone passageway instead of following the grassy hill to the Champions stone, follow this pathway all the way down to a water gate, raise the gate by using the chain above on the left and continue down the passageway, you will arrive at a very narrow stone walkway with a large circular area ahead, to the right of this area are small stone steps leading to BF1.

2. Starting from BF1 head into the circular area, up the steps paste the iron door and into a very large circular stone building, from inside the building enter the left doorway and continue up the stairs following the path, you will come to yet another circular area this time with the railing and a massive knight overlooking the area below, killing him raises a lever pulling the lever drops the bridge, head up the bridge and you will come to a fog gate, enter the fog gate successfully completing the fight will open the back of this cathedral for us to explore. Heading towards the back of the cathedral before you enter the open area with the halberd wielding NPC take a right down a stone passageway to reach BF2.

3. Starting from BF2 head back to the very large circular stone building from before, this time take the right doorway (The one directly in front of you coming from BF2 doorway) follow this a series of downwards stairs and another fog gate, enter the fog gate after successfully completing the fight it to will open an area in the back of this arena, there will be a small stone doorway enter it and go left up the flight of stairs to meet yet another NPC and the finale bonfire, BF3.

Loot Locations

From the Majula BF head towards the Covenant of Champions stone, however take a left into the stone passageway instead of following the grassy hill to the Champions stone.
1. Crimson Parma - from the spiral staircase leading down to HTF look left just before the first water gate it is in a narrow opening inside a metal chest.
2. Soul of a lost undead x1 / Broken thief sword - from loot#1 icon continue forward, open the first water gate and it is at the end of the waterway on your left beside the narrow passageway on your right.
3. Sublime bone dust - after the area banner appears the massive knight wielding a large mace will drop this when he is killed, note he does not respawn so kill him and pick this up you will loose the chance if to both die at the same time.
4. Soul of a nameless soldier x1 / Human effigy x1 - the corpse to the right of the massive knight that dropped the sublime bone dust hanging of the railing.
5. Lloyd's talisman x1 - from loot #4 this item is directly behind the large iron door tucked in the corner.
6. Divine blessing x1 - from loot #5 head towards the large circular stone building, take the left archway from inside in front of you will be a set of stairs, before going up them look left to a set of stairs leading down that leads to the ocean, the edge is a corpse with this item.
7. Old radiant Lifegem x1 / Ring of binding / Human effigy x5 - continue up the stairs from loot #7 you will come upon another massive knight over looking the area, killing him releases a lever, this lever will drop the bridge, go up the bridge on your left will be a corpse and metal chest.
8. Old Leo ring - obtained after entering fog gate and successfully completing this fight.
9. Cracked blue eyed orb x3 / Heide knight iron mask / Tower shield - from loot #7 enter the fog gate ahead, after the fight head toward the back of the cathedral towards A halberd wielding NPC, to his right and left are chests.
10. Green blossom x3 - from loot #9 head back towards the large circular building you entered after loot #5, head into the door to the right we passed over earlier to a set of downwards stairs, on your right is a wooden chest in a small circular platform.
11. Sunlight medal x1 - obtained from successfully completing the fight after entering fog gate by loot #10.
12. Saints set / Idol's chime - from loot #12 enter the doorway to the back of the area and head up the stairs the NPC here will give these to you free of charge if you have 30+ faith. (Official wiki says 30+ I received with a char at 40 faith but did not try it earlier)
13. Monastery charm x1 - from the NPC in loot #12 go left into the doorway of a large stone buildig with a down ares spiral staircase at the bottom go left and circle around the stairs to find this on a corpse.
14. Human effigy x1 / Dark troches x1 / Soul of a proud knight x1 / Old knight halberd - from loot #13 enter the stone walkway instead of going right to the large opening fallow this all the way down these items will be on 3 corpses in the same area.
15. Knights set - from loot #17 go back into the large opening we passed up and head down take a right from here you will come to an elevator take it below and you will come to a flooded passage, go forward you will see another large opening to your left go throughout the door here and up the stairs take a right and you will come to a metal chest.
Youve now looted all of HTF, congratz go chug some hard earned estus!

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