Physical Attack: The level of physical damage inflicted

Magic Attack: The level of magic damage inflicted

Fire Attack: The level of fire damage inflicted

Lightning Attack: The level of lightning damage inflicted

Dark Attack: The level of dark damage inflicted

Poison Effect: The strength of the poison effect. The higher this number, the more the enemy's poison meter will build up per hit. When the meter is full, the enemy is poisoned.

Bleed Effect: The strength of the bleed effect. The higher this number, the more the enemy's bleed meter will build up per hit . When the meter is full, the enemy will receive bleed damage.

Counter Strength: The level of counter damage inflicted on the enemy.

Poise Damage: Strength of impact disrupting opponent's poise. (Need to maybe more clearly define what counter is)

Shot Range: Maximum distance achieved by ranged attacks. Measured in X

Casting Speed: Speed at which spells can be cast. Measure in X

Physical Reduction: The percentage of physical damage reduced when using item to block

Magic Reduction: The percentage of magic damage reduced when using item to block

Fire Reduction: The percentage of fire damage reduced when using item to block

Lightning Reduction: The percentage of lightning damage reduced when using item to block

Dark Reduction: The percentage of dark damage reduced when using item to block

Poison Reduction: The percentage of poison damage reduced (after poisoned?)

Bleed Recudtion: The percentage of bleed damage reduced (after bleed?)

Petrify Reduction: The percentage of petrify damage reduced (this makes no sense at all because petrify is instakill)

Curse Reduction: The percentage of curse damage reduced (only one here that makes any relevant sense)

Stability: Reduces consumption of stamina when taking attacks. The higher the stability the less stamina is consumed during a block.

Durability: At zero, items break and become ineffective. Durability is restored by resting at a bonfire, but a broken item must be repaired first.

Weight: Weight of the item. Movement becomes sluggish if your load is too heavy (eat less protein in that case)

Strength required to equip item

Dexterity required to equip item

Intelligence required to equip item

Faith required to equip item

Influence of Strength on Physical Attack: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Physical Attack: Strength]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher the player's [Strength] stat, the higher the [Physical Attack Bonus: Strength] (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Physical Attack: Strength]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X".

Influence of Dexterity on Physical Attack: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Physical Attack: Dexterity]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher the player's [Dexterity] stat, the higher the [Physical Attack Bonus: Dexterity] is (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Physical Attack: Dexterity]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X".

Influence of Intelligence on Magic Attack: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Magic Bonus]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher the player's [Intelligence] stat, the higher the [Magic Bonus] (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Magic Bonus]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base magic attack of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X" on the Magic Attack line.

Influence of Faith and Intelligence on Fire Attack: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Fire Bonus]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher both the player's [Intelligence] and [Faith] stat, the higher the [Fire Bonus] (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Fire Bonus]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base fire attack of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X" on the Fire Attack line.

Influence of Faith on Lightning Attack: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Lightning Bonus]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher the player's [Faith] stat, the higher the [Lightning Bonus] (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Lightning Bonus]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base lightning attack of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X" on the Lightning Attack line.

Influence of Faith and Intelligence on Dark Attack. It scales with the lower of these two attributes: The scaling multiplier applied to the [Dark Bonus]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E. The higher the player's [Intelligence] or [Faith] stat, the higher the [Dark Bonus] as long as the other stat (either [Intelligence] or [Faith]) is higher. The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Dark Bonus]. This resulting bonus damage is added to the base dark attack of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X" on the Dark Attack line.

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Things Betwixt


After the opening cinematic, you find yourself in a stone gazebo surrounded by grass as a deprived undead. As you walk forward you come up to another grassland where there are feral cats running quickly around. They do not attack you and tend to flee as you come near. They will attempt to remain hidden in the tall grass and will not follow to areas in which they're exposed. They will retaliate if you attack however, and drop 30 souls when killed. Heading to the right in this area, there is an arch of stone. Walking through this leads to a cliff area where you can find a corpse with a rusted coin. If you continue straight ahead you come to a wooden bridge. Heading left before the bridge, there is a hidden cave, covered in brush. Entering this leads to a pathway where you will find a Cyclops guarding a corpse. The corpse is holding a Gold Pine Resin x1. The cyclops drops the Stone Ring when killed. Continuing along this path leads to a smaller wooden bridge crossing a stream. You can choose to cross the bridge and fall down a small ledge (bringing you to the other side of the first bridge) or walk into the stream. Heading to the right in the stream leads to a waterfall. You can slowly walk off the falls and land on a ledge below where a corpse is carrying a small Smooth & Silky Stone x1. A path behind the waterfall will return you to the first wooden bridge but on the other side. You can access the small smooth & silky stone by using this path rather than jumping down the ledge. Heading straight across the first bridge leads to a house. Entering will trigger a cutscene with the three firekeepers. The cutscene ends with you being asked your name, and upon entering a name for your character, another cutscene occurs where you are given a Human Effigy. After her allusion to the effigy resembling you, you are then brought to the character creation screen and completing it earns the trophy/achievement Self Recollection. After character creation you start off in the main room of the house with your starting gear and gift equipped. There are four women present, three elderly and one younger, named Milibeth. Speaking with Milibeth sheds some insight into story. Two of the firekeepers alternate laughing and silence when spoken to. One of the firekeepers seated at the table tells you to go on your journey and invites you back. Her implication of clean slate is in reference to the Soul Vessel which you will discover later. If you go up the stairs there is a chest with a Human Effigy x1. Walking out the door, you encounter a stone sign and a bonfire to the left. To the right of the door there is a cart and behind it a corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead x1 and a Torch x1. Lighting and sitting at the bonfire brings up the bonfire menu, where you can initiate travel, attune Spells, burn items, and access item box. Toggling at a bonfire will allow you to use a torch, which in turn can be used to light sconces later in the level.

Go through the wooded tunnel straight ahead from the house and you come to a path with several mists on either side. The player can choose to enter the mists at this time which provides access to the game's tutorial. Each mist leads to a tunnel with several lessons inscribed in stone for the player to practice.

The first mist door on the left teaches the attack function, target lock, dash, and critical hits from behind The player winds through a short tunnel in the roots of the trees and out the other side. It is protected be several hollows. Climbing the small hill here leads to a corpse with a dagger. The player returns inside the tree where they learn to roll in time for the first hollow archer. Another stone will indicate how to switch weapons. A ramp is followed by a stone telling you how to backstep followed by two hollows, one of whom is an archer. A corpse carrying a Lifegem x1 is found in this area and another stone with instructions on how to use an item. A mist door follows which leads out of the tree to a higher level. A stone shows you how to use your camera. Using the camera reveals a ledge you can fall to with a corpse carrying a Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1. Another stone tells you to "light sconces with a torch." Jumping down brings you to the main path in the tutorial Following left instead leads to Silky the Crow's nest where items can be traded. A ladder right next to the nest can be kicked down which brings you back to main path in the tutorial.

Entering the second mist, on the right, illustrates how to two hand your weapon in the right hand, then the left hand. The player again finds themselves in tunnels within a large tree. A stone tells you how to jump from a dash. Crossing a small gap in front of this stone leads to a corpse with Amber Herb x2. Crossing the gap again, you will see a ladder near the stone with the jumping instructions. Climbing this leads to a a ledge with three tutorial stones that instruct you to parry, execute a plunging attack and guard break. You can jump off the ledge opposite the ladder you came up and practice the plunging attack on a hollow below. Another is waiting to ambush you. A stone in this spot instructs you on doing a jumping attack. A wooden door off this room leads to small dead end room with a corpse with a Cracked Red Eye Orb x1. A mist door exits the main room and brings you to a bridge that crosses the main path in the tutorial. It terminates in a balcony with a sconce which will allow you to bring light to the next tutorial area. However, you will need to return to the bridge to jump down to the main path.

Jumping down will lead you to the third and final tutorial section. You will find yourself in a large chamber (that you were just overlooking). A chasm in the middle separates you from an archer who will try to harass you with arrows. A stone near the chasm and a suspicious looking tree advises you to "search your surroundings." Naturally, this is a prompt to examine the tree which allows you the option to knock it down, crossing the chasm and allowing revenge on the archer. A hole in the floor allows you to fall below where a hollow is waiting in a pit for you. There is an archer above so take care of the first one quickly. A small ladder allows you out of the pit to finish the archer and exit the tree via a mist door. Proceeding around the tree will lead you back to the main path via another tree shortcut. This is protected by one hollow. There is also the option to visit a small beach before leaving this area. It is protected by two Cyclops guards. The only thing of note on the beach is a coffin that is partially submerged. Examining this coffin prompts the character to enter inside. The game cuts to a loading screen and when it returns you exit the coffin. With one small difference. Your character has now changed gender.

Once back on the main path continue on and you will come to the oceanside hub town of Majula.

  • This is a limbo. A link between Drangleic and the outer world. Fair traveler, I know that you must have a story. Why else would you visit such a place. This lost, decayed kingdom.
  • My name is Milibeth. The old women were once Fire Keepers. I am here to look after them. It is what my mother did, and her mother before her, and so on.
  • The old women were keepers of the fire. But now, the fire shows signs of fading...And the beset by Hollows…
  • The old women are sisters. I am told there was a fourth. Long ago, Fire Keepers were commonplace. But now they are lost, scattered to the winds

  • Drops Human Effigy x3 when killed.
  • Firekeeper by fireplace just cackles “hah hah hah” and “...”
  • Firekeeper seated at table: You must go on a journey without rest. Well...I suppose, if you find yourself at an impasse...But if youre will is yet unbroken, then you may return here. To start again, with a clean slate...Hah, hah, hah… / Now, go along, go along… Heh heh…
  • Other firekeeper at table alternates between “hah, hah, hah” and “...”

  • More talkative firekeeper drops Human Effigy x6 when killed. Other two drop nothing

Silky the Crow
  • Begins talking when player approaches nest. Asks for items that are "smooth" and "silky" (needs quotes)
  • Use command "leave" item while in nest to drop presents for Silky. Silky will immediately respond after the inventory menu is exited and let the player know if the item was silky enough.
  • Quit/Reload is not necessary. If Silky says item was silky then you can immediately proceed to pick up the item you receive in return
  • Trading results so far:
    • Small smooth & silky stone (from tutorial waterfall): Demon's Great Hammer
    • Petrified Something (starting gift): Twinkling Titanite
    • Small smooth & silky stone (from No Man's Wharf, one of three): Titanite shard (why didn't I write this down? will check my inventory ASAP). Tried a second and received Amber Herb. Human effigy. More souls.



You enter Majula down a path lined with stones on either side. Continue down the path to the large archway and you come into the town portion of Majula. Straight ahead is a bonfire and the Emerald Herald stands next to a tree. After talking to her, she moves to the bonfire and she will provide leveling and estus flask upgrade services. Behind that is a statue where Crestfallen Saulden sits and to the left are several houses. Blacksmith Lenigrast sits outside his workshop, unable to get in without Lenigrast's Key which can be purchased later when you encounter the merchant Melentia, another house is home to the cat Sweet Shalquoir who sells items and provides info on covenants, another mansion is locked for the time being and another house is home to Maughlin the Armourer who sells armour and related items. The merchant Melentia moves to Majula after meeting her in the Forest of Fallen Giants and sits down along the wall near the bonfire. Later on Majula will become populated by other NPCs as you encounter them. After encountering her in Heide's Tower of Flame, Licia of Lindeldt moves below the town, near the contraption that does not move on your first inspection. She can open a path to the Huntsman's Copse for 2000 souls.

Killing the Emerald Herald nets 0 souls. She drops an Aged Feather and this likely screws up your game just a little.

In Maughlin's house, if you go up the ladder there is a chest with Titanite Shard x1. Killing Maughlin gives you 900 souls and he drops his armor the Tseldora Set.

In the corner by the house, is a mud patch where 3 pig like animals are. They are immediately hostile when approached and have a chance to drop cracked red eye orbs.

In front of the locked mansion is a well. Hitting the rock makes it drop into the well, raising a corpse with an Estus Flask Shard x1.

Right outside Shalquoir's house, there is a corpse with a Lifegem x1. Attacking Shalquoir leads to her taunting you. She cannot be hurt and will not aggro. She will interact normally after being attacked.

Along a rock by Lenigrast's workshop is a corpse with Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1 and Lifegem x3.

Along the cliff by the bonfire is a ledge that can be dropped down to, followed by another short fall. The drop location is shortly before a broken stone archway. A corpse carrying a Morningstar and Cleric's Sacred Chime will be behind the player character after a second jump. Continuing along the path leads to another corpse where the Binoculars can be found. The path leads back near the Majula bonfire.

Going up the stairs to the statue you encounter Crestfallen Saulden who gives you information about the world and some backstory. He warns you of invaders and invites you to join the Way of Blue covenant to receive help from the Blue Sentinels. He will also teach you the gesture “Welcome” and gives you light directions on how to get to the Forest of Fallen Giants and Heide's Tower of Flame and points out other elements of Majula's geography, such as the pit in the middle of the town which is not accessible at the start (he suggests a ladder will be needed). He also briefly explains the bonfire, messages, and summon signs. Killing Saulden yields 800 souls. He drops the Ring of Steel Protection.

Go past the bonfire and up the cliff on the right, where you will approach a large stone. A corpse to the left has Homeward Bone x5. Standing in front of the Victor's Stone stone prompts you to kneel and you can enter the covenant Company of Champions, and offer awestones to increase covenant rank.

To the left of the cliff where the Victor's Stone is, there is a large stone archway, with a staircase going down a tunnel. Coming to a circular room, there is a pillar in the center with a symbol on it. Examining it mentions that the the contraption does not move. Licia of Lindeldt is able to later open a path to Huntsman's Copse after encountering her in Heide's Tower of Flame. Going to the right down the hallways to a spiral staircase, on the left there is a chest with Crimson Parma x1 and continuing down the stairs takes you to a room with a large door. Upon entering the room and staying to the ledge on the left, at the end is a pull chain which opens the door. Going through the door leads to a waterway, and up the stairs is another pull chain to open the door should you wish to go back and further on a corpse with Soul of a Lost Undead and Broken Thief Sword. Going down the hallway takes you to the entrance of Heide's Tower of Flame.

On the other side of the stone wall that lines the entrance path, along the cliff, marked by a sconce is a path that leads down to an underground stone rampway. To the right of the main path in, is an iron chest with a Rusted Coin x1. Proceeding down the hallway, there is a dead end to the right and to the left a large gated door. Pulling the lever to the right opens the gate. The path opens up to a cave with a wooden bridge that spans a stream. Once past the bridge going to the right leads to the Forest of Fallen Giants and to the left there are two long planks to a large stone with a chest that contains Human Effigy x1. Beyond in the stream is a corpse with x CAN CONFIRM WITH TEST CHARACTER

If you are coming into Majula down the path from Things Betwixt, taking a left after the stones end and going up the hill takes you to a cave whose tunnel leads you to a room of archways. Going into the last open archway brings you down a leaf littered path where you encounter an NPC sitting by a column, holding a blueish greatsword. This character is named Benhart. Killing him nets 2000 souls and he drops the Bluemoon Greatsword. Ahead of him is a structure with a doorway whose lever's use is blocked by a statue. Before entering the structure, to the left of the stairway is a corpse with Lifegem x3 and Homeward Bone x3. Inside the structure you come into a round and open room, with a doorway straight ahead and one cell each to the left and right. The lever to operate the doorway is blocked by a statue that appears to be a petrified woman. Upon examining, you are told that a statue blocks your way. From the cell to the left, a festering hollow with a bloated stomach paces back and forth and will burst through the gate after some time. It wields a poisonous axe like weapon made of bones. In its cell is a corpse with Lloyd's Talisman x3. The other cell holds an unarmed festering hollow who uses fists to attack. Retrace your steps on the path and return to the initial cave entrance. Down the hill if you hug the wall to the left, is a corpse in front of a tree with a Divine Blessing x1.

After purchasing Lenigrast's key from Melentia in the Forest of Fallen Giants, you can open the door to Lenigrast's workshop. Inside, there is a chest that contains a Short Bow. This also allows Lenigrast inside where his tools are. Lenigrast will now upgrade and repair equipment as well as become available as a merchant. Killing Lenigrast yields 1350 souls. He drops the Blacksmith's Hammer (which is not crap like the first game).

After talking with Cale the Cartographer in the Forest of Fallen Giants, he will provide you with a key to the Mansion in Majula. NEED EXACT ITEM LOCATION CONFIRMATION FOR MOST THINGS. Entering the mansion there are paths straight back and to the right. Heading straight back leads to a small library where a Pharros' Lockstone can be found. Heading to the right leads around the mansion and to another split. The player can choose to go upstairs or further back into the mansion. Heading up the stairs leads to a small second floor room and a balcony like area outside. Titanite shard x3 can be found on ???. Torch x3 can be found in ???. Heading back downstairs and toward the back of the mansion, the player enters a large chamber with what appears to be a map carved into the floor. A single small flame appears on the map at this time. A short staircase leads to another chamber where a single skeleton awaits. The skeleton does not revive and drops an Estus Flask Shard (NEEDS CONFIRMATION) when killed. A smaller chamber inside this area has a chest that contains the Soul Vessel.

Buying the Silvercat Ring from Shalquoir (13,400 souls) allows you to drop to the first board walkway in the pit without dying. It will still cause MAJOR damage. This is a straightforward area where falling to the next set of boards is the only viable option in most cases. Note that small beams can be landed on but they will break, likely meaning you will die. The first set of boards has a corpse with a Radiant Lifegem. The second has a corpse with a Pharros' Lockstone. The third has Poison Moss x3. At this point you can jump to a small ledge with torches that leads directly to the Grave of Saints area or continue down to another ledge with a ladder. The ladder leads to a locked door (ADD LOCATION ONCE FOUND). More jumping from board to board will lead to a corpse with a Ring of the Evil Eye +1 and another ledge lined with torches. This marks the bottom of the pit that can be explored and leads to a tunnel. A crystal lizard will run off a bridge with a gap in the middle so be fast. There are no enemies to thwart you here. Jumping across the gap leads to a chest with the Ash Knuckle Ring. A corpse with treasure is visible to the left but is inaccessible for now (it carries the Disc Chime, see area information for Grave of Saints for instructions on getting this). The pit below you can be jumped into but with extreme caution. There is water that will slow your movement so attempt to gain land as soon as you can. A group of exploding Small Mummies will rush you. They have low health but try to trigger an Area of Effect explosion when nearby. Unlike the ones in the Lost Bastille, these mummies die upon exploding. There are two tunnels from which the Mummies came from. One has water covering the floor while the other does not. The watery path leads to a skeleton who holds Great Heal. The other leads to scaffolding. Be careful here as once you go down the first ladder, you cannot go back up it (due to it being incomplete). Looking toward the ladder you fell down, move left to a series of two ladders. A corpse with a Human Effigy waits for you there. Climb back up and move to the right which begins a series of ladders down. Look for another corpse holding a Radiant Lifegem near the bottom. Once you use the last ladder, there is no way back up again. A chest at the base holds a Token of Spite. Following the tunnel out leads to The Gutter.

The Forest of Fallen Giants


1 As you walk in there are 2 hollows immediately ahead and another 2 beyond that which will swarm. To the right, across the stream at the base of a tree is a corpse with a Lifegem x1. Just ahead of the tree is a clearing with a bonfire. Moving ahead across a plank bridge there is a hollow archer and 2 more hollow soldiers. Dropping down and following the stream below the plank bridge brings you to a corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead x1. Across the planks and up the hill brings you to a ladder. Going up the ladder leads into an open area with several hollow soldiers on the ground, an archer hollow above and a Heide Knight sitting at the base of a tree. There are two corpses on the ground where there is a Human Effigy x1 and a Lifegem x1. Near the Knight, is a corpse with a Broken Straight Sword. Killing the Heide Knight drops the Heide Knight Sword.

2 To the right is an opening to a cliff and to the left a ladder up a moss covered tower. There are two hollows on the stairs up. Cross the the planks at the top of the tower and go up to the right to a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1. Dropping down to the ledge below, leads to the hollow archer and a hollow soldier. Jumping across the gap to the next ledge brings you to a corpse with a Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead x1.

3 To the left of the clearing with the Heide Knight is a mist, which leads through a wooded tunnel and into ruins. Going straight into the broken wall, drops into a room with 2 hollow soldiers. Going left is a hallway where a hollow solider waits around the corner. To the right is the doorway to the aforementioned room with the two soldiers. Continuing down the hallway, there is a hollow soldier and stairs beyond with a hollow archer at the top who fires down at you. As you ascend another hollow soldier from a ledge throws firebombs at you. A third hollow soldier moves to ambush you as you reach the top of the stairs. A hollow infantry hides by rubble, and near him is a corpse with a Buckler.

4 Along the wall to the left of the staircase is a ladder. At the top, straight ahead is a corpse with Witching Urn x5 and a hollow soldier with a halberd who rises when you get near. Behind is a door which opens to a room with another bonfire and nearby, you meet the merchant Melentia. After speaking with her and getting some backstory, she will move to Majula. Going up the stairs in the room leads to a locked door. Once you obtain the Soldier Key, it opens to a room with a chest that contains a Small Leather Shield and Repair Powder x1. In the same room, hidden by a cart and several barrels is a corpse with a Hand Axe and Radiant Lifegem x1. Opening the door leads to another room with an iron chest holding an Estus Flask Shard x1 and a Small White Sign Soapstone. You can drop down here back to the bonfire carefully and get the Divine Blessing on the tree branch, or retrace your steps back to the bonfire.

5 Outside of the bonfire room you can drop down to wooden planks where there are two hollow soldiers. Proceeding down the plank, there is a hole in the wall on the left which leads you back to the staircase in section 4. Jumping to the next plank ledge brings you to a corpse with a Human Effigy x1. Drop down to the wooden platform and kill the hollow. Go down the ramp and walk carefully down the tree trunk, where you come across a corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead x1 and Torch x1. On the ground, several hollow infantry patrol. To the left, a cave opens to a tunnel lined with petrified people. Flames tinge the air and you can hear explosions. Progressing down the tunnel reveals a fire breathing lizard who fires explosive molten balls. A corpse on the floor carries a Soul of a Proud Knight, and behind you hollow infantry ambush you. Deeper into the tunnel, a grated door is on the left, and timing the explosions allows you to enter the door, where there is a chest with a Fire Longsword. Going back out the tunnel and into the clearing, there is a ladder near the corpse that had the human effigy. Taking the ladder up brings you back to the plank near the hole in the wall mentioned earlier in this section.

6 In the bonfire room is a ladder down into a large room with columns. There are two hollow soldiers here waiting to attack, one sits feigning death and one comes from the bridge. Down at the bottom of the room, giant fire lizards are visible and can be sniped (which does only slight damage to them). Down one way is a closed door that does not open from that side (later on this will be opened from the other side creating a shortcut). Going across the bridge leads to a locked door on the right. Going back and past the ladder to the open archway to the left leads to a room with a locked door on the right and a mist straight ahead. Another hollow soldier is laying on the ground faking death.

7 Going through the mist leads to an open area with structures and plank ledges with a large tree branch directly ahead which leads up. Following the tree up brings you to the top of a wall where two hollow soldiers stand near wooden protective covers. You can drop down the tree trunk to explore the rooftops, and also access a cave where you meet Cale the Cartographer NEED TO COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH FOR THIS PORTION. Past them a hollow soldier stands on the wall to the right, throwing firebombs. A ladder on the right brings you up to a rooftop platform and triggers an in-game appearance of an eagle who drops the Pursuer mini boss.

8 Around the corner two more hollows await, and straight past is a ladder which leads down to a short stone staircase. .In the corner by the stairs is a corpse with Green Blossom x1.

9 Moving forward, to the right is a knocked in wall which opens to a room with ballistas that fire arrows when triggered by close proximity to the room. Inside the room you are swarmed by several hollow soldiers so it is best to trigger the trap and walk out, letting the arrows kill one of the enemies. There are two corpses on the ground with Great Soul Arrow and a Large Soul of a Lost Undead. Inside this room, in the back, there is a ladder. Opening the chest in the lower room triggers a poison trap, roll backwards. Then collect Titanite Shard. Bring a Pharro's Lockstone and insert it into the mouth in the wall. A nearby wall will shine, indicating you should attack it. Upon attack, it will reveal a hidden room with two chests containing the Cloranthy Ring and a Titanite Slab

10 Beyond that room along the same wall, you encounter the NPC Pate who warns you about a trap. Walking through the adjacent archway leads to two hollow soldiers who swarm you and one who attacks from range. The gate in the archway is lowered (trigger?), preventing you from returning back through. Several hollow infantry and soldiers attack here. Walking straight on to the open doorway brings you inside the fort. In the corner of a hallway liked a corpse with Aromatic Ooze x3. At the bottom of the staircase are three hollow soldiers. Another two soldiers are up the stairs further. Once up the stairs, a single hollow stands in front of the open doorway. Past the cart which blocks the path, going left takes you to the top of the wall with the gate that dropped after crossing into the courtyard. You can drop down either side from here. Returning to Pate continues his dialogue tree and earns you White Sign Soapstone

11 Going directly opposite of the ballista room brings you to a courtyard with an armored turtle dead ahead and open doorway to the right. Going to the right brings you to another area. A hollow soldier slumped along the wall to the left reanimates and attacks. Through the archway into the next area, a large tree is on the right. Behind that tree is a corpse with a Large Soul of a Lost Undead x1. Returning back through the doorway, there is a ladder up the wall. Going up the ladder brings you to the top of the wall where you first encountered the cart. Going to the right leads to a corpse with a Light Crossbow. Through the doorway past the corpse and into the fort leads inside another section of the fort. Inside drop down to the room and defeat the three hollow soldiers. Open the iron chest to obtain Mail Breaker x1 and Infantry Helm x1.

12 You can drop down from here to return to the portion of the courtyard where the armored turtle stands in the doorway. Kill the hollow soldier and armored turtle and go through the doorway. and into a large room. To the right and up the stairs is a corpse with a Lifegem x1 and Homeward Bone x1. Back down the stairs and to the right is a locked door. Straight down the room are two hollow soldiers. Right past the ruins of the giant stone sword a hollow soldier lies in feint. In the corner nearby is a corpse with Amber Herb x2. Going up the blade of the stone sword, you encounter two hollow soldiers. Behind them find a corpse with a Halberd x1 and Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1. Go back down the sword and enter the mist.

13 Going into the next large open room, to the right is a broken wall which leads into a room with a crystal lizard and a seated hollow soldier. The staircase in the room leads down to a boarded up door. A corpse at the base has a Large Leather Shield x1 and Lifegem x1.

14 Return back into the room you first entered and continue straight. On the right is a corpse with Fire Arrow x10. Just beyond, open the door which opens a shortcut to down the ladder from the bonfire.

15 Step on the pressure plate elevator and descend. Go down the hallway where a hollow soldier waits in the doorway on the left. The door is locked for the time being. Continue straight into the tunnel and enter the mist to confront The Last Giant.

BOSS: The Last Giant

The Last Giant is a large and ancient giant and is a formidable early boss. The arena is somewhat cramped and the boss will pursue you with moderate speed and the ability to give itself spacing with a back step if you attack its ankles up close. Each of its legs and torso can be targeted. The key to this fight is staying out of reach of its arm sweep when using ranged/magic and when engaging it up close, keeping clear of its foot smash while convserving stamina for dodging and blocking. The foot stamps are particulary powerful and can make very quick death for a new character with low HP. It is possible to knock the giant down by attacking its ankles which opens an opportunity for further damage dealing. When the giant reaches 50% remaining HP, it removes its left arm and uses it to increase the reach of its arm sweep. Pate can be summoned for this fight if the player is in Human Form and can reduce the difficulty significantly. Pate will be able to occupy the Last Giant for much of the fight and soaks a large amount of damage.


Soul of the Last Giant
Soldier Key


Arm Sweep
Back step
Single Foot stamp
Multiple Foot stamp
When reaches 50% hp removes left arm and uses it to increase the reach of its armp sweep.

16 After obtaining the Soldier Key return to the room in Section 6 of this walkthrough which had the mist and sleeping hollow. The Soldier Key unlocks the door in this room and opens to the top of a staircase. Descending leads to a fairly dark, long rectangular room. A hollow pretending to be asleep is on the left. Another hollow and two Turtle Knights guard the room. Sconces are scattered about the room and, when lit, illuminate the entire area nicely. A corpse in the corner by the sleeping hollow has a Black Firebomb x3 and Homeward Bone. A door guarded by a hollow soldier exits to an outside area where the remnants of several buildings are found. Turtle Knights are the main enemy here, but a hollow archer will immediately become a nuisance. Hollows are present in a small building directly across from where you come into this section. The Bastard Sword can also be found in this building. Ladders outside and inside this building lead to the roof where the player will be greeted by large hammers from Two Turtle Knights. On this rooftop is a corpse holding a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Cracked Red Eye Orb x3. Heading back down you'll find a small clearing and a corpse by a gate (the other side is the area in which the ambush Pate warns about is found). The corpse holds an Amber Herb x1 and Green Blossom x1. A broken down building creates a path over a chasm leading to the rest of the area. A Turtle Knight protects a small room where there appears to be a tree. Examining the tree reveals it is a Resting Giant. Another small room next to it holds a bonfire. A chest can be found up above a small elevated area at the end of this section and hold the Hunter/Leather set and a Large Soul of a Proud Knight. This area can also serve as a sniper spot for the two rooftop Turtle Knights.

Heide's Tower of Flame


1 As you enter through the waterway from Majula, you are greeted with a beautiful vista of the flooded towers and sprawling walkways. Straight ahead is a round platform with a large sentinel wielding a large greatsword. Just before the sentinel, there is a staircase to the right which leads down to a bonfire. Going straight up the stairs you encounter a mace wielding sentinel. Killing him drops Sublime Bone Dust x1 (NEEDS CONFIRMATION) and he does not respawn. Behind, draped along the railing is a corpse with a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Human Effigy x1.

2 Proceeding upstairs bring you through an archway another platform with a sentinel who wields a greatsword and shield. Killing him drops a Cracked Blue Eye Orb x1 (needs confirmed if this is same for everyone on first kill). Approaching the contraption in the ground raises a post with a lever. Pulling the lever raises the outer ring of the platform on the tower directly across from the lever. Laying in front of one of the columns of the arch is a corpse with Lloyd's Talisman x1. Going left from the lever leads across a long walkway and into a tower where three sentinels wait.

3 Going to the left from the tower with the three sentinels brings to you to facing another two sentinels. A broken and dead end staircase leads down close to the water and at the bottom of the stairs is a corpse with NEED TO CONFIRM LOOT Straight ahead of where you entered is a stairway up to another level and into a railing-less platform with a single sentinel who wields a sword and shield. On the platform is another contraption which raises when you approach. Pulling the lever lowers the gate allowing the player access to the Cathedral of Blue.

4 Returning to the tower where the three sentinels where, going to the right leads to a walkway and a staircase down to another platform and a sentinel. Nearby is a chest with Green Blossom x3. Going through the mist takes you to the boss fight with Dragonrider.

Boss: Dragonrider

Wields a halberd and greatshield. Dragonrider is not particularly fast and becomes a timing pattern easily dispatched. Circling around to his back will keep you safe from his sweep attacks and leaves him open for attack. He can be staggered after several hits.
Dragonrider Soul

Sweep Attack
Overhead Smash

5 After killing Dragonrider, proceed through the doorway and up the stairs. You come to a platform inside the tower with a bonfire. Nearby is the merchant NPC Licia of Lindeldt who sells miracles. She later moves to Majula, in the room with the mysterious contraption, and can open the path to Huntsman's Copse.

6 From the tower, exit straight onto a walkway and into another tower with a spiral staircase. Descend down and hidden behind the staircase is a corpse with a Monastery Charm x1. Go through the doorway and down the hall.

7 On your right the hallway opens up and you meet a sentinel guarding a doorway. Another sentinel stands straight ahead. Kill both sentinels and continue straight to the end of the hall where you find a corpse hanging over the railing with a Human Effigy x1 and Dark Troches x1. Close by are two corpses with Soul of a Proud Knight x1 and an Old Knight Halberd. Go back down the hall and into the doorway the sentinel had been guarding.

8 Down the flights of stairs brings you to the next level down where you encounter a sentinel. Going left leads to a dead end. To the right is a sentinel and beyond a hallway which leads to a round room with a pressure plate elevator in the center. Stand on the plate and descend to the next level down.

9 At the bottom, go through the doorway into the hall. A sentinel will stand in a flooded room in front of a doorway. Through the doorway and up the stairs, going left leads to a dead end at an iron door. Going right to the end of the hallway brings you to an iron chest in the alcove to the right which contains the Knight Set of armor. Go back down the stairs and return to the lowest level. Go left and at the end of the hallway, a knocked out hole in the wall leads to path and a bonfire where the NPC Lucatiel of Mirrah stands in rest against a stone spire. Continuing on past the bonfire will bring you to the location No Man's Wharf.

Cathedral of Blue

Your first step into the Cathedral of Blue begins with a boss fight. Right before the mist is a corpse with an Old Radiant Lifegem x1 and an iron chest with NEED LOOT CONFIRM Step through the mist to take on a familiar foe, the Old Dragonslayer.

Boss: Old Dragonslayer

Welcome back! Wielding armor and a spear very similar to Ornstein's Dragonslayer Spear from the original Dark Souls, the Old Dragonslayer has some new additions to his moves, including what appears to be dark damage in addtion to the lightning fans are used to. He leads with his spear and has a variety of moves. He is very aggressive and requires vigilant dodging from the player.


Old Dragonslayer Soul
Old Leo Ring

Spear Sweep
Jump Attack
Spear Thrust
Sliding Spear Thrust
Aerial power slam with an AOE and homing projectile

Killing him allows you to go to the balcony ahead. A wooden chest to the left holds Cracked Blue Eye Orb x3 and an iron chest to the right contains a Heide Knight Iron Mask and a Tower Shield. An NPC Knight of the Blue looks over the balcony. NEED CONFIRMATION ON WHAT TRIGGERS HIS FURTHER DIALOGUE AND HIS NAME On the right before the balcony is a staircase down which leads to a bonfire.



  1. The Far Fire

Things Betwixt

  1. Fire Keepers' Dwelling

Forest of Fallen Giants

  1. The Crestfallen's Retreat
  2. Cardinal Tower
  3. Soldier's Rest

Heide's Tower of Flame

  1. Heide's Ruin
  2. Tower of Flame

Cathedral of Blue

  1. The Blue Cathedral

No Man's Wharf

  1. Unseen Path to Heide

The Lost Bastille

  1. Exile Holding Cells
  2. Servants' Quarters

Sinners' Rise

  1. The Saltfort

Huntsman's Copse

  1. Undead Refuge
  2. Bridge Approach

maughlin from volgen sells armour
things betwixt
forest of fallen giants last giant boss
heide's tower of flame: dragonrider boss
cathedral of blue adjacent to heide's old dragonslayer boss
no man's wharf below heide's flexile sentry boss
Pilgrim Bellclaire White Phantom for the lost Bastille
Can equip two different bolts at once: fire 1 with r1 and other with r2

Things Betwixt

  • Milibeth NPC
  • Firekeepers NPC
  • Human Effigy upstairs in house

Following healing items are part of starting gift:
  • Lifegem: Slightly restores HP. “Small stone made up of crystallized souls. Graudally restores a small amount of HP. Often found near abandoned corpses, as if it were what remains of the soul.”
  • Radiant Lifegem: “Stone made up of crystallized souls. Gradually restores HP. The dull glimmer of these mysterious stones brightens with the passage of time.”
  • Old Radiant Lifegem: “Stone made up of crystallized souls. Gradually restores a large amount of HP. A rare stone with so brilliant a shine would fetch a handsome price. But what value could it really have, without knowing who died to leave it behind?”
  • Poison Moss: Reduces poison build up and cures poison. “A faintly poisonous clump of moss. When ingested, it counteracts poison and cleanses one's insides. If enough poisons builds up in the body to break out and cause poisoning, your HP will start to decrease. If you wish to stay alive, you would do well to keep a supply close at hand.”


  • Darksign: Lose souls, and return to last bonfire used. “An accursed mark. The Darksign induces death, returning the player to the last bonfire rested at, at the cost of all souls held. / Do what you must to gather the pieces, scraping them into some semblance of a whole, before the will to do so fades.”
  • Soul of a Lost Undead: Use to acqure souls. “Souls of a lost Undead who has long ago gone Hollow. / Use to acquire souls. / The soul is the source of all life, and even in undeath, or hollowing, the mind seeks souls.”
  • Black Separation Crystal: Banishes phantoms, return to your world. “A symbol of farewells that has been passed down since time immemorial. The crystal sends phantoms back to their homes, or sends you back to yours. Whether ending in hope or despair, encounters are valuable experiences. Beware fickle use of this item.”
  • Bone of Order: Restores the link to other worlds. “Online Play item. You will be punished for fleeing from other worlds by disconnecting unjustly. However, this charm will disperse the ire directed at you. But sins are not easily buried, and there's no telling if you will be let off so easily next time. Each encounter in life is a precious turn of fate, and fate will not be cheated.”
  • Cleric's Sacred Chime: “Most clerics receive this as their first sacred chime. A catalyst for miracles and hexes. To use miracles, equip a sacred chime and attune a miracle at a bonfire. The strenght of most miracles is affected by the caster's faith.”
  • Human Effigy: Reverses hollowing. “A warm, soft shadow-like effigy. Use this item to reverse Hollowing. It also weakens the links to other worlds preventing invasions and most cooperation. Peer closely at an effigy, and one begins to perceive a human form, but whose form it takes depends on the person looking.”
  • Amber Herb: Slightly restores spell uses. “An annual herb with an amber color so deep, it gives the impression of luminescence. Restores a small number of spell uses. It is the mistaken belief of many that the flowers of this herb do not blossom. However, small, white flowers do blossom during dusk when the moon is visible.”
  • Monastery Charm: Cures poison and restores HP. “A blessed charm. Cures poison and restores HP. Many such charms were blessed in reconstructed ancient ceremonies, carried out in the monastery of Lindelt, now known as the new home of miracles.”
  • Green Blossom: Temporarily boost stamina recovery speed. “Green weed shaped like a leafy flower. Temporarily boosts stamina recovery speed. At one point, this herb was avoided due to its unusually bitter taste, but once its effects became known, it was harvested to near extinction by merchants. Now, only exceptionally rare, wild specimens of this plant are left.”
  • Homeward Bone: Return to last bonfire rested at. “A white-ashen bone. Return to last bonfire rested at. Bonfires burn on the bones of Undead. And this bone, belonging to one whose journey was cut short, has the power to travel to bonfires. As if it yearns to resume its futile quest.”
  • Throwing Knife: Throw at enemies to inflict damage. “Throwing knife. Used as a projectile. This simple weapon is easily utilized. Its range is limited, and it deals very little damage, but even still, it is a valuable tool in the absence of other ranged weapons.”
  • Dark Troches: Temporarily boosts dark DEF. “Troches with an inexplicably pungent odor. Temporarily boosts dark defense. Verbal histories often mention Saint Elizabeth; her uniquely conconcted medicines and potions are still widely used today.”
  • Dark Pine Resin: Apply dark to right-hand weapon. “Hexed pine resin. Applies dark flame to right-hand weapon. The affected weapon inflicts dark damage for a short time. Particularly effective against enemies that fear dark, such as clerics and magical creatures.”
  • Repair Powder: Restore equipment durability. “Enchanted metal rendered into powder. Repairs equipment. Weapons and armor wear down with use. Allow too much wear, and you won't be able to use them. You have only yourself to blame if you find yourself in crisis with no power to spare.


  • Mace used X titanite shards to get to +3. 1 Large titanite shard to go to +4. Needs 2 large to get to 5

NPC and Dialogue and Wares

  • Milibeth at Things Betwixt
  • 3 Firekeepers at Things Betwixt
  • Blacksmith Lenigrast at Majula
  • Melentia at Forest and Majula
  • Emerald Herald at Majula
  • Sweet Shalquoir at Majula
  • Maughlin the Armourer at Majula
  • Crestfallen Saulden at Majula
  • Guy with moonlight sword at Majula
  • Miracle Lady at Heide's
  • Knight at Cathedral of Blue
    • “Transient being, nothing has changed. You would never make a Knight of the Blue, and I have nothing more to say. Be gone. You are not needed.”
  • Glaven at No Man's Wharf
  • Cale at Forest: gives House Key to mansion at Majula

  • Downstairs
  • Estus flask shard on corpse
  • soul vessel in chest

Moveset Vid Order: R1 R2 Fwd R1 Fwd R2 2HR1 2HR2
  • Bastard Sword
  • Dagger
  • Bandit's Knife
  • Broken Thief Sword

I've seen a bit of confusion about this so here it is, I've also included rewards if they have any:

Maughlin The Armorer:

Located in: Majula

Spend 1000 souls: Royal Solider Armor and Elite Armor Spend 16000 souls: Alva's Armor

After spending 16000 souls if you talk to him with zero souls in your inventory and you are undead he will give you Armor of Aurous

Boss armor: Defeat these bosses and he will have them in the inventory:

Spoiler: Smelter Demon Armor

Spoiler: Looking Glass Knight Armor

Spoiler: Lost Sinner Armor

Spoiler: Throne Defender Armor

Spoiler: Throne Watcher Armor

Lastly he sells the Moon Butterfly armor set if you defeat all the bosses in New game +1 and New game +2

Blacksmith Lenigrast:

Located in: Majula

Doesn't update like most of the others but will give you a hammer if you spend 8000 souls on him.

Sweet Shalquoir:

Located in: Majula

Flying Feline Boots: clear Brighstone Cove Tseldora

Unlimited: Prism Stones, Alluring Skulls, Llyod's Talisman's, and Homeward Bones after opening The Shrine of Winter

Stone Trader Chloanne:

Located in: Harvest Valley, exhaust all conversation options and she will move to Majula.

Unlimited Titanite Shard: Clear Iron Keep

Unlimited Large Titanite Shard: Clear Spoiler: Drangleic Castle

Unlimited Titanite Chunks: Added to inventory after clearing The Undead Crypt, infinite after defeating the final boss.

Steady Hand McDuff

Located in: The Lost Bastille, this is a permanent location. You have to blow up the wall near him (Near where the guy rolls the barrel down. Use Firebombs

All weapons and shields he sells become unlimited in New Game +

Merchant Hag Melentia:

Located in: The Forest of Fallen Giants, exhaust all conversation options and she will move to Majula.

Agdayne's Armor: Kill Warden Agdayne

Creighton's Armor: Kill Creighton

Benhart's Armor: Kill Benhart

Pate's Armor and Weapons: Kill Pate

Cales Armor: Kill Cale

Lucatiel's Armor and Weapons: Kill Lucatiel

Black Armor Set: Kill Straid of Olaphis

Saints Armor: Kill Licia of Lindeelt

Hexer armor: Kill Felkin The Hexer

Chaos Set: Kill Navlaan

Targray's Armor: Kill Blue Sentienl Targray

Unlimited Life Gems: Exhaust her dialouge opitions in the forest of the giants and she will move to Majula.

Radiant Lifegem: Added to inventory after clearing The Lost Bastile, not infinite.

Gives: Coveteous Silver Servant Ring +1: Spend 10,000 Souls on her then talk to her.

Lonesome Gavlan:

Located in: Talk to him in no-mans wharf, harvest valley and he will permanently move to The Doors Of Pharros he then sells unlimited Poison Moss, Rotten Pine resin, poison throwing knives, and poison arrows.

Carhillion Of The Fold: Located in: No Man's Wharf, after talking to him and killing the Flexile Sentry he will move to Majula.

Spells: Sells unlimited spells after passing through the Shrine of Winter

Gives: Northern Ritual Band +1 if your intelligence is 30 or more.

Laddersmith Gilligan:

Located in: Earthen Peak, buy his ladder or defeat the Boss and he will move to Majula.

Sells unlimited Stock by default

Straid of Olaphis:

Located in: The Lost Bastille near the belfry bonfire (servants one) you need a Fragrant Branch of Yore to un-petrify him.

Great Lightning spear and Sunlight blade are sold after clearing the Undead Crypt

Trade Boss souls to him to unlock unique weapons, the boss souls he takes are:

Spoiler: The Last Giant

Spoiler: The Pursuer

Spoiler: Dragonrider

Spoiler: Flexile Sentry

Spoiler: Executioner Chariot

Spoiler: Skeleton Lord's Soul

Spoiler: Covetous Demon

Spoiler: Mytha, The Baneful Queen

Spoiler: Smelter Demon's Soul

Spoiler: Demon of Song

Spoiler: Belfry Gargoyle

Spoiler: Ruin Sentinel Soul

Spoiler: Scorpioness Najka

Spoiler: Royal Rat Vanguard and Authority

Spoiler: Soul of Velstadt

Spoiler: Giant Lord Soul

Spoiler: Darklurker Soul

Spoiler: Old Withc, Old King, Old Dead One, Old Paledrake only in NG+

Gives: His armor after trading him four boss souls.

Licia of Lindelt

Located in: Heide's Tower of Flame, then after exhausting all her dialogue moves in the area connecting Majula and Heide's Tower.

Unlimited Spells after passing through The Shrine of Winter (So pass through it lol)

Felkin The Outcast:

Located in: Huntsman's Copse sitting in a chair near the very beginning.

Gives: His Hex Set when your Intelligence and Faith is 20 or higher

Royal Sorcerer Vavlaan:

Located in: Aldia's keep. Talk to him while hollowed and human for different responses. Only talking to him hallowed sets up the assassination quests though.

Sells unlimited Greatarrows off the bat:

Gives: dispelling ring, simpleton's Spice, Forbidden Sun, Unleash Magic and finally gives his armor set after completing all of his assassination requests.

Weaponsmith Ornifex:

Located in: Shaded Ruins, you have to un petrify the lion solider near the acid cave to get the Fang Key. Use it on the locked door AND DO NOT ATTACK HER SHE LOOKS LIKE THE CROW DEMON FROM THE LAST GAME. She then after talking to her moves to her permanent location in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

Sells unlimited Items except for amber Herbs and Green blossoms that become unlimited after defeating Spoiler: Nashandra

Trading these boss souls will give you weapons:

Spoiler: Old Dragonslayer

Spoiler: Lost Sinner

Spoiler: Old King

Spoiler: Duke's Dear Freja

Spoiler: Looking Glass Knight

Spoiler: Velstadt

Spoiler: Soul of the King

Spoiler: Guardian Dragon Soul

Spoiler: Ancient Dragon Soul

Spoiler: Throne Defender and Throne Watcher Soul

Spoiler: Old Witch, Old Kind, Old Dead One, Old Paledrake

Chancellor Wellager:

Located in: Drangleic Castle, this is a permanent location.

Sells unlimited right off the bat, but expands upon beating the Looking Glass Knight. And expands again with new spells after you beat the Looking Glass Knight and the final boss in new Game +++

Gives: Royal Dirk, Espada Ropera after defeating the Giant Lord. You have to talk to him.

Cromwell The Pardoner:

Located in: Located in Brightstone Cove Tseldora in the Chapel. Their is a ladder to the right of the exit of the building it's well hidden.

Sells everything right off the bat and does not expand.

Gives: Ring of Resistance if your Faith is 35 or Higher.

Grave Warden Agdayne:

Located in: Undead Crypt, does not move.

Sells everything off the bat, does not expand.

Gives: his armor set after talking to him after obtaining the King's Ring.

Vengarl of Forossa:

Shaded Woods, very easy to miss his as he only has his head. In the woods if you hang to left in the big fogged area you'll enter an area with a stack of stones. In the rubble his head is there.

Expands his ware to include his Red Rust Items after you defeat his body. Thanks to /u/Skopji for the correction.

Gives: His helmet after exhausting all conversation with him.
After seeing countless topics regarding this, it's time to clear the air once and for all regarding the "finite" about of upgrade materials and human effigies.

Let's start with titanite. We all know every step of titanite is farmable from enemies. "But /u/Sesstuna the enemies despawn after you kill them too much!" Yeah, we know. That's why there is a material vendor. The blacksmiths daughter, first found in Harvest Valley, moves to Majula after exhausting her dialogue options. As you reach certain milestones in the game, her stock of titanite becomes limitless, starting with Titanite after beating Iron Keep, ending with Titanite Chunks becoming limitless once the final boss is defeated. She also stocks several infusion stones/twinkling Titanites/petrified dragon bones.

Now with humanity. Outside of several mobs dropping humanity and Melentia's near constant restocking of humanity via progression, there is one last sure fire way to regain humanity. In the Shrine of Amana, above the last bonfire, there is a Shrine with a praying Milfinito. After you have "rescued" the two stray maidens (one outside the Demon of Song room, another behind the Embedded Door in Drangleic Castle) you can pray at this Shrine at any time to regain humanity. This is free of cost and can be done a limitless amount of times.
If you want to play with your stats just take a Soul Vessel to and have a go at it. Your old levels will be there in comparison and you can see your modifiers update in real time. At the end you can just cancel out of the screen without having to use your soul vessel so feel free to look at build possibilities to your heart's content!

Also during my own testing, it seems that when multiple stats increase the same modifier they may have wildly different interactions. Two Examples:

Dark Bonus seems to only increase (at least past a certain point) based on the LOWEST of your Int and Faith. i.e. If you have 40 Int and 30 Faith, your Dark Bonus will be based on the 30 Faith and will ignore the other ten levels of Int. If you specialize in dark magic it's probably best to level both stats evenly.

Agility begins it's "soft cap" behavior at 110 Agility no matter how you get there. If you get some of your Agility from Attunement you can reach the the cap with slightly less adaptability. For instance, if you have 30 Attunement and 30 Adaptability you will reach the Agility soft cap of 110 and both stats with give reduced gains to your agility from further leveling. Basically this allows casters to hit the Agility soft cap while saving a few levels from Adaptability.

Also, Agility is in fact soft capped. Adaptability has the best gains but gouging either stat can get you minor increases in Agility past the 110 cap.

Update: Various behaviors and Soft Caps!

Took some data and thought it deserved it's own post. Hybrid modifier Soft Caps and Base Stat Interactions!

If need to know more about Agility, Fire BNS, Dark BNS or Cast Speed then head on over!
Put together some of the more complicated stat interactions via Soul Vessel and thought it deserved it's own post. I invite the community to test my findings so we can be certain this stuff is accurate before it winds up in a wiki somewhere and ENB or someone has to make a video showing us how wrong we were!

Disclaimers aside, I'm actually pretty confident in the data I gathered. Using a Soul Vessel can be canceled so all you higher SL players can check out the numbers without losing anything! Hope this helps someone out with their build and Praise the Sun!

Dark Bonus

BNS is based on the highest common value of INT/FTH and increases by 4.5 per matched level in INT/FTH. Soft Caps at 30/30 INT/FTH to about .75 per matched level.

Gains: 4.5 up to 30/30, .75 above 30.

Total Dark BNS @...

20/20 = 117

30/30 = 162

40/40 = 170

50/50 = 177

60/60 = 185

Fire Bonus

BNS is based on total combined INT + FTH but increases poorly at low levels and has multiple caps. Before 20 total INT + FTH gains are at about 2.3 per two levels. From 20-40 total INT + FTH gains are 4.5 per two levels. From 40 - 60 total INT + FTH gains are 3 per two levels. Past 60 total INT + FTH gains are about .75 per two levels.


~2.3 per 2* levels up to 20

4.5 per 2* levels 20-40

3 per 2* levels 40-60

.75 per 2* levels above 60

Total Fire BNS @...

20* = 72

40* = 117

60* = 151

80* = 158

(#)* - Combined INT + FTH levels.


Gains are based on total AGL. Up to 110 AGL, ATN gives .25 AGL per level starting at 10 and ADP gives .75 AGL per level. Past 110 AGL, ATN gives ~.035 per level (1 every 28 levels) and ADP gives ~.107 per level (1 every ~9 levels).

Note: as an Explorer I start 12 ADP and 7 ATN so some lower end permutations were impossible to test. Luckily, the low end isn't that crucial to build strategy since it doesn't really affect the final numbers.)

110 AGL Example Combinations...

38 ADP, <10 ATN

30 ADP, 30 ATN

24 ADP, 50 ATN

15 ADP, 75 ATN

Cast Speed

Levels similarly to Fire BNS with an ATN bonus. Gains at 2 per two ATN levels and 2 per four combined INT + FTH levels. After 115 Cast Speed the gains drop to 1 per interval. After 126 Cast Speed the gains drop to .5 per interval, essentially doubling the amount of levels needed to gain additional Cast Speed.

115 Cast Speed Example Combinations...

40 ATN, 80* INT + FTH

50 ATN, 60* INT + FTH

60 ATN, 40* INT + FTH

125 Cast Speed Example Combinations...

60 ATN, 80* INT + FTH

70 ATN, 60* INT + FTH

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