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Old Chaos Walkthrough


To access Old Chaos, you must proceed forward from the Grand Cathedral until you reach a portal. Before entering, you'll be able to see up to 4 Knights of Eleum Loyce, and a minimum of 1. The number will vary depending on how many you've encountered up to this point, and can be increased by actively looking for them (Click here and read under "Finding the Eleum Loyce Knights").

The King's Knights

Once you enter the fog gate portal, the amount of Knights of Eleum Loyce present above, will drop with you. While you're in no way obligated to recruit the help of the extra Knights, it certainly make your time in this area a lot easier. The Knights will sacrifice themselves to freeze over and block the portals that spawn their charred counterparts. After defeating a certain amount of charred Knights, or freezing over all 3 portals, a 4th portal will erupt from the lava on the far side of the area where the area boss shall walk forth from, ready for his final battle.


Boss Fight: Burnt Ivory King

By the end of the battle against the   Burnt Ivory King. After you defeat the boss, the Crown of the Ivory King will appear on the ground where the boss' portal was. Head back to where you first landed in this zone, and activate the white beam to teleport back to Old Chaos. Alsanna, Silent Oracle now has an additional line of dialogue.

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