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Old Chaos Walkthrough

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This final area of the Ivory Crown DLC can be accessed from a fog gate in Old Chaos. Once the player enters the fog gate they will fall down a hole followed by the Knights of Eleum Loyce. The number of Knights will of course depend on how many you have encountered throughout Eleum Loyce (the maximum number of Knights is 4, 1 as a default and 1 more with every encounter. While the player is in no way obligated to recruit the help of the extra Knights it will certainly make their time in this area a lot easier. The Knights will sacrifice themselves in turn to freeze over and block the portals that spawn their charred counterparts. After defeating a certain amount of charred Knights, or freezing over all 3 portals, then a 4th portal will erupt from the lava on the far side of the area where the Burnt Ivory King shall walk forth from ready for his final battle. If the player has all 4 Knights at his side then there will be one left to help you battle the Burnt Ivory King.

The Old Chaos Boss Fight - Melee / Faith Build

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