Weapons in Dark Souls II are pieces of offensive equipment that are used by a player's character to deal damage agains Enemies and Bosses. The player will be encouraged to discover and deeply learn a weapon that suits their style of play and preference, with subtle parameters affecting the weapon's performance in combat. If you would like to learn more about each weapon, visit their page, or check out the Combat page for specific explanations on how to master the combat mechanics in Dark Souls II.

Useful Links

  • See Shields for all available shields in the game.
  • See Armor for all available armor in the game.
  • See Combat page to view how the combat system works in the game.
  • See Magic to view the four different types of magic classes as well as all available spells. 

What are Boss Soul Weapons in Dark Souls 2?

Boss Soul Weapons are weapons crafted from the souls dropped by bosses you've defeated throughout the game. You can trade the Boss Souls you've acquired to two different NPCs namely Straid and Ornifex. Each of them produces different types of Boss Soul Weapons often from the same Souls so it is important that you choose which NPC you'll trade in your Souls.

How to Choose a Weapon in Dark Souls 2?

Players create Builds around specific Weapons that have good movesets, deal significant damage, or are easily obtained. Some players choose weapons for their cosmetic appearance, but in most cases it is advisable to refer to the scaling and upgrading path of weapons to determine if the output is beneficial to the character in PvE, PVP or both. The following categories of weapons have details on their base damage, and all individual pages feature infusion charts, with some extending to full moveset videos.



Weapon Categories in Dark Souls 2








List of Weapons in Dark Souls 2


Daggers in Dark Souls 2






Straight Swords in Dark Souls 2






Greatswords in Dark Souls 2







Ultra Greatswords in Dark Souls 2






Curved Swords in Dark Souls 2





Curved Greatswords in Dark Souls 2




Katanas in Dark Souls 2





Piercing Swords in Dark Souls 2





Axes in Dark Souls 2





Great Axes in Dark Souls 2





Hammers in Dark Souls 2





Great Hammers in Dark Souls 2







Fist & Claws in Dark Souls 2




Spears & Pikes in Dark Souls 2






Halberds in Dark Souls 2






Lances in Dark Souls 2




Reapers in Dark Souls 2





Twinblades in Dark Souls 2




Whips in Dark Souls 2




Bows in Dark Souls 2





Greatbows in Dark Souls 2




Crossbows in Dark Souls 2




Staves in Dark Souls 2






Flames in Dark Souls 2




Chimes in Dark Souls 2



 Pre-Upgraded Weapons

Several partially upgraded weapons are placed throughout Drangleic. These are especially useful for low soul memory builds.




Partizan +6 Brume Collapsing floor area
Scythe +7 Brume Ladder near first bonfire
Caestus +8 Brume Upper Floor bonfire
Broadsword +7 Brume Near Iron Warrior door room
Alonne Greatbow +5 Brume Near Maldron
Winged Spear +7 Eleum Loyce Dog courtyard
Priests Chime +8 Eleum Loyce Near Frozen Stairs
Large Club +7 Eleum Loyce White Covetous Demon
Long Bow +7 Shulva Past 1st group of Sanctum archers
Notched Whip +7 Shulva Weird Repair Tree
Lightning Short Bow +1 Iron Keep Eygil's Idol

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