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Updated May 12, 2015 3:29 pm

Scholar of the First Sin tasks

Pages to create:

Pages to Improve

  • Lore - Tell the Lore of each Location and Npcs
    • Fill out the tables.
    • Agility, poise, casting speed pages
    • Small details.
    • in the part that talks about the prologue lore. add that the quote "like a moth drawn to a flame" shares the same words between the prologue and Lautrec from Dark Souls 1
  • Special Armor- Needs more armor pieces, as well as verified stat bonuses, special properties and stat requirements
  • Fill in the Pharros' Contraption page, telling what each one unlocks.
  • (IMPORTANT FOR NEW PLAYERS!) Guides and Walkthroughs- Walkthrough Index- Complete the FULL game walkthrough part at bottom of Walkthrough Index
  • Improve the Fall Damage page. How much HP do you need to survive the first Majula pit drop without wearing any fall reducing items etc.

Pages to add content to:

  • NPCs
  • Merchants (on the NPCs pag, also this is everyone who sells anything at all)- Cahrillion of the Fold, Sweet Shaliquor the Cat, Blacksmith Leningrast, Licia of Lindelt, Stone Trader Chloanne, Steadyhand McDuff, Blue Sentinel Targray, Rosabeth of Melfia, Titchy Gren, The Rat King, Felkin the Outcast, Weaponsmith Ornifex, Cromwell the Pardoner, Royal Sorcerer Navlan, Head of Vengarl, Grave Warden Agdayne, Darkdiver Grandahl,
  • Top pvp weapons- finish the pvp weapons and say why it's a good pvp weapon.
  • Also possibly delete the top ten pvp weapons page and replace links with top pvp weapons as there is, in my eyes, no need to limit it to only ten seeing as it is purely opinion. The page should just be open to put up personally favoured weapons
  • Enemies- Complete the Kobold, and Undead Traveler page.


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