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Developed by From Software, Dark Souls 2 is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Dark Souls, an action RPG with estimated sales of over 1.5 million units. The original game's appeal lay with its renowned difficulty and trial-and-error approach, one that Dark Souls 2 promises to sustain.
As of the 24th of March, 100 million souls have died on PS3, and 35 million souls have died on Xbox 360.

Regarding The Software

  • The game is not a direct sequel to Dark Souls.
  • As the game's protagonist, the players will embark on a journey to remove from themselves the affliction of a curse.
  • Bonfires and covenants return, as do gestures.
  • The difficulty level will remain, with the focus staying on learning from death to overcome challenges. The variety in ways to die has been prioritized but the focus is still on fairness.
  • Story is presented in the same fashion as Demon's and Dark, unobtrusive and discoverable by players who wish to dig deeper.
  • A new graphics engine was created to address frame-rate issues and give the development team an extra tool in creating atmosphere. PC will run at 60 fps and Console versions will run at 30 fps.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Jan 2020 19:53  

      What boss gave you the hardest time on your first play through and why? For me it was the Ruin Sentinels, I tried to rush to the bottom floor and I didn't think about using the Cat Ring to counter the fall damage. And when I was down there all three would gank and tare me limb from limb. It was so satisfying when I finally beat them.

      • Anonymous

        26 Jan 2020 15:11  

        Anyone else have game server issues yesterday? my region was affected and i think others might’ve had issues too

        • Anonymous

          15 Jan 2020 00:21  

          This game is fun people who complain about havent given it a fair chance when i first played the game i hated it but just like with ds1 i kept playing until i could roll sucsessfully and then i played the game for a week straight and beat it one of my favorite games now

          • Anonymous

            02 Nov 2019 20:50  

            Yo someone know how to send messages for the players in dark souls, like I m in ps4 and I want to talk with some players

            • Anonymous

              10 Sep 2019 10:18  

              Not gonna lie. This is the worst and best Dark souls game out of the three. With frustrating and annoying mechanics such as: Limited enemy respawns, human effigy mechanic with hollowing, slow combat, meh level design, and also some boring enemy designs, frustrating hit boxes, dark souls the platformer and limited I frames. However, it is one of the most intriguing dark souls game, with cool stuff like, amazing atmosphere and view, tense (although slow) battles, coolest mechanics, the ability to DUAL WIELD WEAPONS, cool and unique weapons and armour, interesting combat scenarios, super fun PVE, incredible world building, great branching pathways that encourages exploration and one of the few DS games that lets you heal infinitely (life gems). I'm In love with the game's feel and experience. Playing DS2 doesn't feel like playing a dark souls game, not even close. It feels like i'm playing dungeons and dragons the hack and slash. The combat although slow, is one of the more satisfying combat in some of the dark souls games. I love DS2, not as much as the other dark souls games. But it's definitely a good game.

              • Anonymous

                28 Aug 2019 09:59  

                Here’s the thing. I used to hate this game. I had never played it and I went off of what everyone else said about it: it’s slow, it has the most frustrating mechanics, it has the worst level design, all that*****. And after playing it, I agreed, I had a really terrible time for a while playing the game. I had just come from three, and it didn’t get a fair chance. This game is actually awesome. So much content, so much world, excellent atmosphere, well designed mechanics, and fitting themes for the franchise. I hated my first play through, but after I broke myself once, (as with any souls game) I really got into it. The hollowing mechanics were infuriating for a long time, until I both got good, and learned effigy management. I don’t feel like going on a full blown tangent now, so I’ll just say this- to the people who are obsessed with ds1, calm the ***** down. Playing through this honestly felt like a Zelda game, it was so fun.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Jul 2019 00:36  

                  hello guys, how are you? So could you help me? My boyfriend started a Twitch channel, he streams Dark Souls (all from the saga souls) and other RPGs of the same style. He is very funny, kind and intelligent (besides cute haha), and his dream is to be creator of indie style games ... We are Brazilian, but we speak in English and Spanish. Please kindly give a little force that we will thank you immensely !!! A hug, and sorry if my English is not the best. (Danny_the_Legend on twitch)

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jul 2019 18:05  

                    Do only I feel like ds2 has the worst bosses, areas, weird slow battle system and so on, but it still is more fun than the other games?

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Jun 2019 06:50  

                      Dark Souls 2 is just good. Also, Demon Soul's takes a chunk of health for getting killed, and yet no one complained about that? I call bull*****

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jun 2019 06:03  

                        Dark SOULS 2 just sucks, it makes the 1st one even more legendary than it was when it was released. It makes the 1st game in the series a lot more fun to play in other words.

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Jun 2019 17:37  

                          Dark Souls 2 is an absolute joke compared to the 1st one, because guess what happens to your health bar after you die; it decreases, giving the enemies in unfair advantage over you. That is why the 1st one is played the most, because it is so popular, it actually has some good jokes made by internet users that are actually funny.

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